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First Page Google is owned and operated by Gary Harvey ( that's me in the photo) who assists small business and home business operators to get their sites on the first page of Google. The business is conducted according to the highest standards from Sydney, Australia. Nothing unethical is done, and nothing Google would disapprove of.

What You Get With Our SEO Service - Front Page of Google STEP 1. Website Review - If you want to get on the front page of Google, the correct starting place is to do a careful SEO audit of your site to identify the problems that may be keeping your website off the front page of Google. Just because you paid good money to a professional web designer, that doesn't mean he knew much about SEO. How to fix your site problems? Yes, we'll also cover this. You will get detailed instructions on what to fix and how to fix it. If you dont have a webmaster to take care of these website changes, you may wish to hire me to do it for you. It's important to eliminate these impediments that make it more difficult to get your site onto the first page Google. STEP 2. Keyword Research - After you tell me the main search terms you want to be found for, then I can go to work with my keyword tools and look for related keyword phrases with a decent volume of searches so we can get you the fastest results. Market Analysis may be used to expand your list of target-able keywords. I submit the expanded keyword list to you for your approval.

STEP 3. Backlinking Program - The goal here is to boost the number of sites "voting for" your site by linking to it. These links will come from articles and blog posts which I begin to submit through several networks I have access to, all across the internet. Including my own private blog network with over 50 sites on dozens of different IP addresses around the world. The backlinking work gets you a growing number of natural backlinks. My system and my team continue to add backlinks through a variety of approved methods until you are on the first page of Google. Get On The Google Front Page - That's Why SEO Matters To Your Business It's really quite simple. On the Google front page, they want to provide the best information to the people who use their site to find stuff on the internet. If you can help Google do that, they will list your site nearer the top of their search results. In other words... Give Google what they want, and they will give YOU what you want... traffic!

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First Page Google 50  
First Page Google 50  

How to be in the first page of google.