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STaIRwell Project

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class Brief Ewa Wojciak Instructor for Advanced Special Topics in Design

Gary Wexler Instructor for Annenberg School of Communications Graduate Marketing Class The three stairwells in Ronald Tudor Campus Center offer possibility for showcasing Roski School of Fine Arts, USC, and/or culture. The stairwells not only could be used in exchanging information between students and departments, but also a place to educate health and welfare. The staircases can act as an escape from everyday campus life. The stairwells embrace a large amount of space that is like an empty canvas, but they are currently underused, unattractive, and uninviting. The Special Projects Class decided to transform the stairs into a destination. Through collaboration between Advanced Special Projects in Design and Annenberg Graduate Marketing Class, we will offer solutions.

Key Objectives / Criteria: • Make the stairs more inviting • Promote students/faculty to take the stairs over using the elevator • Showcases Roski and represents USC • Have a practical design • Interactive • Showcase USC schools/ community

typographic animals Designer: Mychal Bailey

Utilizing large-scale wall graphics, these vinyl animals will serve to create an environment for visitors will appreciate as artistic intervention. Using my Typographic animals I want to highlight both the typographic elements and natural qualities these animals represent. I will employ gradient changes transitioning between floors in order to complement each animal in its own way. I would also like to incorporate the sounds of animals hidden throughout the stairwell, mirroring the sound of the movement of each animal (bird wings flapping, elephant footsteps, whale/ dolphin swimming).

Stairwell Project: Typographic Animal

Stairwell Project: Typographic Animal


Designer: Allie Nakamura USC enrolls more international students than any other U.S. university and offers extensive opportunities for internships and study abroad.

USC lies in the heart of Los Angeles, the melting pot of the world’s diverse cultures. Murals have been a part of Los Angeles culture and history, reflecting the life of its neighborhoods and people. Turning the stairwells into a public art space for local mural artists would allow the school to showcase its diverse student population and progressive international opportunities. “Culture is what makes USC what it is, a snapshot of Los Angeles or Los Angeles’. . . multiculturalism; our school is a diverse community of brilliant individuals coming to learn, grow and achieve — the gateway to the real world, be it for a student from Sri Lanka or a student from Pasadena.” — The Daily Trojan

Stairwell Project: Mural

Rube Goldberg Machine Designer: Christina Ellis, Amber Pietrzyk, kelsey Iwaoka, Melissa Portillo Every 3 hours, this machine will be set off, starting a series of chain reactions and activating the space. The structure of the machine will incorporate aspects of USC culture such as miniature buildings, mock-ups of Tommy and Traveler, street signs, sports, etc. This machine will be shown on USC tours and will blend seamlessly with USC culture.

Stairwell Project: Rube goldberg Machine

Main mechanical structure The actual machine will only really be visible between floors 1 and 3. It will start from the top and have a mechanical elevator of sorts to bring the ball back up after each turn.

Solid base support The base will support the machine from the bottom and rise from the basement level to just below the first floor.

Trojan Studio Designer: Shelley Xia

This particular design embraces artistic achievements of USC students from majors across the board. It also serves to depict USC as digitally savvy and attractive to prospective students not only for academic-based majors, but also those interested in art and creative technology.

Stairwell Project: Trojan studio

Stairwell Project: Trojan studio

Each floor (4 floors total) features a unique theme that relates the arts (i.e. “art and technology”, “art is a form of self expression”, “art and concept”, “art for good”) and will display a variety of different fine art and media that relates to each theme. Students from all schools at USC are welcome to submit and display work, and this exhibition space is meant for highlighting the work of students from schools such as USC Roski School of Fine Art (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, photography), USC School of Cinematic Arts (animation and film), USC Thornton School of Music (music

and performance pieces), and IML (new media and intermedia pieces). The design of each floor considers the typography and wall graphics as it relates to students work, while accentuating the screen and print displays of the pieces. The tone of the overall exhibit is clean, modern, and simple. Defined by bold typography, patterns and bright colors, all graphic elements will be tied thematically together to highlight the theme on each level and draw attention to the students’ works.

Wish Tree Designer: Aislinn Pallera

Located in Tudor Campus Stairwell #3, the Wish Tree would be a reinterpretation of the Japanese practice of using a tree as the object of a community’s wishes and offerings. The stairwell interior would serve as the object of the university community’s wishes and confessions. Each landing would provide a different textual prompt for participants to respond to. Participants would be able to record their responses on Polaroids or paper tags. These responses would then be tied to the “tree,” comprised of lengths of string running top to bottom through the open gap between the handrails.

Stairwell Project: Wish Tree

Stairwell Project: Wish Tree

A different reflection at every landing:


1. I’m sorry that. . . 2. I would like to thank. . . for. . . 3. I’m happy that. . . 4. I wish. . .

1. There are hidden parts of USC. 2. Take a moment for yourself. 3. Positive thinking makes for a more positive mindset and student body. 4. You can be involved in the creation of a piece of art.

Stairwell Project: Wish Tree

take the stairs Designer: Lauren Kao

Take The Stairs campaign will be an experience for you walking up and down the stairs. The stairs will incorporate health and fitness information every time you take the staircases. Typography will be used to display different activities that will equate to how many calories were burned while using the stairs. The objective of the campaign is to create a space that encourages students to live a healthier lifestyle by using the staircase instead of the elevator. By transforming the space into scenic landscapes that will make using the stairs more pleasurable.

Stairwell Project: Take the Stairs

Stairwell Project: Take the Stairs

Stair copy These activities will be placed on the step and show how many calories are burned while using the stairs. Number of the Step - Activity 5 - Writing for 5 mintues 10 - Ironing for 5 mintues 15 - Playing croquet for 5 minutes 20 - Bowling for 5 mintues 25 - Washing car for 5 mintues 30 - Jumping jacks for 10 minutes 35 - Playing guitar for 10 minutes 40 - Weight lifting for 10 minutes 45 - Washing dishes for 15 mintues 50 - Moderate jumping jacks for 10 minutes 55 - Showering for 10 minutes 60 - Garden for 10 minutes 140 - Water aerobics for 30 minutes 260 - Studying for 2 hours 300 - Unltimate Frisbee for 30 minutes 420 - Hiking for 1 hour 495 - Hot yoga for 1 hour 560 - Zumba for 1 hour

Photo collage Designer: Joanne Chen

This idea combines student/department interactions with a bigger picture—all these students from different parts of campus are what make USC, USC. This idea offers unity among the variety of student on campus. It showcases who they are as individuals and how they interact with their friends, while the placement shows the campus diversity. By placing photos adjacent to one another to create a larger picture, it represents how such a diverse group of people can come together and call themselves members of the Trojan Family.

Stairwell Project: Photo Collage

Materials: • Projector • Photo booths • A wiring system that connects the photos and generates collages representing USC as the bigger picture Procedure: • Set up photo booths in different parts of USC campus that will allow students to just take photos for fun. • The photos will be compiled into a large mosaic. • That large mosaic made up of students’ photos from all across campus will make up a larger photo that represents USC as a school. • The projected mural/photo mosaic will be projected onto the wall of Ronald Tudor Campus Center.

Stairwell Project: Photo Collage

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