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CHAPTER 3 It was eight o’clock on Saturday evening. Everything was ready for the party and Kate and Sarah were waiting for the guests. A car drove slowly up to the front door and stopped. A short and a bit overweight man with white hair got out. It was Tom, the husband of Kate’s sister and Sarah’s uncle. Marge, Kate’s sister, had died three years ago after a long illness. She suffered from lung cancer. Kate and Sarah went out of the room and opened the front door. Tom came in and Sarah gave him a big hug. Kate stayed behind, waiting. Then, Tom gave Kate a cold kiss on her cheek. At this moment, Mark, Sarah’s boyfriend, and Jane arrived. Mark picked Jane up at the bus station and drove her home. After the kisses and greetings, Kate said ‘Everyone is here now. Let’s go in to dinner’ Everyone went to the table. ‘The table looks nice, mum. What wonderful flowers!’ Jane said ‘I’m really hungry’ She looked nice with her long, black dress. Uncle Tom sat down next to Mark. Mark was a tall, handsome man. He lived in Cambridge in an expensive flat, as he was a successful lawyer and came from a rich family. ‘Someone called John stopped me down the road’ Tom said ‘Who’s he? He’s very angry with you, Kate’ ‘That’s John Irving. He was the boss at my office until yesterday. He called to tell me that he didn’t want to work for me anymore. He’s furious with me but I don’t know why’-Kate said quickly. ‘Everybody is here. Just aunt Jackie is missing’-said Jane. Nobody said anything. Everybody there knew that Jackie, Kate’s little sister, was living in Australia and she never came to visit them. When they were young Kate and Jackie had a terrible quarrel and they never met again.


chaptr 3 discover the murder

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