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Spanish Three is a course that will build upon concepts and vocabulary learned in Spanish One and Spanish Two, with a continued focus on the five themes of Spanish: places, history, people, diversity and language.

Grading Procedures Calculations and Extra Credit Opportunities

Calculation: (Change from the 2009-2010 School Year) All grades will be based on a points system. Each assignment, test, quiz, classroom participation task and project will be worth a different amount of points. All points will be combined to calculate the final grade. Extra Credit: Extra points (or extra credit) will be given to any project or assignment that goes above and beyond the requirements or suggestions. Creativity and a demonstration of detail, care and time will be rewarded. In addition to extra points for assignments and projects, several extra credit projects are available throughout each quarter at the Extra Credit page on our Classroom Website. Students may complete 1 extra credit project per quarter.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as the use of someone else's work without giving credit. In written works, five common words within a sentence, without crediting the author or publication is plagiarism. Submitting a plagiarized work will result in disciplinary consequences and a zero for that assignment. A second offense of plagiarism in any class that semester will result in a two day suspension from school. This includes taking 5 words or more from an internet translator. Cheating: Copying answers of any kind and submitting someone else's work with the name changed is cheating. Be careful not to flirt with the lines of cheating because if Mrs. Huff suspects any academic dishonesty, the student will be punished: 1st OFFENSE: Zero credit (but with projects, students will be given 24-hours to complete the project again for reduced credit) and parental notification. 2nd OFFENSE: Zero credit, parent notification and report to administration 3rd OFFENSE: Zero credit, parental notification and referral for administrative action (i.e. suspension). Make-Up Work: It is 100% the student's responsibility to come and make-up any quizzes within 5 days of an absence. Failure to do so will result in a zero.

Quarterly Assignments Due at the End of Every Quarter

Each quarter, all Spanish students will be required to complete 2 assignments. Each assignment is worth 25 points and is due on the last official day of the school quarter. 1st Quarter Due Date: October 19 2nd Quarter Due Date: December 22 3rd Quarter Due Date: March 10 4th Quarter Due Date: May 20

Blog Submissions: Students must share a piece of work from Spanish class or a personal reflection on Spanish class themes (places, history, people, diversity and language). The students may choose to submit anything of their liking. These items will be submitted and uploaded to an online classroom blog. Each student has a log-in name and password for the blog and can submit their work at anytime. Please visit the Class Website for more information. Current Events: Students should find and read a current news story using any news source available. The current event news story must be related to our Spanish class themes. After reading the article, students should complete the article review found on the Class Website along with more information.


Classroom Blogs


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Classroom Website

Classroom Blogs

I have expanded the classroom website so that it serves as an open window into our classroom. This website includes: assignment information, grading announcements, extra credit opportunities, quarterly assignment directions, helpful links and an updated classroom calendar with due dates. Please familiarize yourself with this site and bookmark it for easy, future use. *TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD FOR 5$ TO 90$ To access directly: To access indirectly: Go to the Denver Schools Website --> Schools -> 9-12 --> Click "Website" under Mrs. Huff


Each quarter students are required to share their work on our classroom blog. Each student has a log-in name and password for the blog and can submit their work at anytime. To log-in to classroom blog: Go to and login. For the most part, your log-in name is your first name and last name with NO SPACE. Example: PabloOrtega or BrettFavre. (First time users will have the password of "password" but will be urged to change this during class). To view the blog directly:

Parents be sure to check in for updated information.

Edmodo Edmodo

Please email for any questions about this Spanish Two course.

Edmodo is an online classroom module we will use to distribute information and turn in online assignments. Any important handouts, such as vocabulary sheets, are available through Edmodo. Students are urged to check Edmodo regularly since it will be used for assignments and announcements. For direct student access: Log-in with username and password (first time users: the Group Code is pti2f0) For direct parent access: For indirect parent access: See the Homework Assignments page at the Class Website.

Spanish 3 Syllabus  

2010-2011 School Year Syllabus