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Sustainable Products

Your material guide to energy efficient & low carbon construction

Sustainable LIVING Independent research has concluded that we are using the world’s resources at an unsustainable rate. In Europe we use three times more natural resources each year than the planet can sustain. We need to look at ways to live within our means. With the global demand for energy rising faster than ever before and energy costs rising just as fast, the argument for constructing energy efficient buildings has never been stronger. It is possible with planning and attention to detail to drastically reduce the energy consumption of our buildings, offering clear economical and environmental benefits. Legislation on sustainability is only just starting to take effect in the UK, with much more on the way. Now is the time to understand the fundamental importance of sustainable, energy efficient and low carbon construction. EH Smith have a team of specialists to assist architects, contractors, clients and self builders to achieve the aesthetic, technical and commercial elements of sustainable construction.

Walling Products POROTHERM Porotherm combines exceptionally fast, virtually dry construction with high strength and thermal efficiency. For a modern walling system, Porotherm has reassuringly traditional construction values based on a strong heritage. For over 30 years it has been widely used in Europe, for many, becoming the building system of choice. In many ways Porotherm is a natural progression from handmade bricks to engineered blocks; one which is ideal for use on both domestic and commercial projects with single or multiple-storeys.

Porotherm is the clay block brand of the Wienerberger group

Fermacell is a versatile, exceptionally strong, dry lining board that is manufactured from 100% recycled materials – 80% recycled gypsum and 20% recycled newspaper. Even the water used in the manufacturing process is recycled.

Hemcrete is a highly insulating, airtight walling product. Made using a hemp and lime mixture, both natural materials, it is uniquely a carbon negative walling system. Hemcrete can be used to create thin walls with very low U values; ideal for meeting the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Unlike other insulators, Hemcrete has thermal inertia similar to thermal mass. This means houses built of Hemcrete change temperature very slowly, significantly reducing heating loads.

EH Smith stock a wide range of sustainable walling materials, ranging from pulverised fuel ash blocks with an 80% recycled waste content, to walling finishes such as breathable lime renders and plasters. Please see our sustainable building materials website for more information or contact one of our specialists to discuss your requirements.

Roofing Products Green Roofing

A green roof not only protects the building envelope from the elements but will also: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Improve water management Reduce pressure on sewage systems Improve thermal and acoustic characteristics Lower heating / air conditioning costs Improve air quality More than double the life of the roof’s waterproofing system

Solitex - Windtight High Performance Roofing Membrane Solitex Plus is a diffusion-open vapour permeable membrane. With an impressive range of characteristics such as high vapour permeability, extreme watertightness, high nail-tear resistance and thermostability, Solitex Plus offers superior protection against condensation risk and extreme resistance against pelting rain.

Airtightness & Moisture Management Research shows that up to half of all heat loss in buildings can be attributable to air leakage and uncontrolled ventilation. While insulation levels have increased substantially over recent decades, heated air is still escaping and remains a major source of energy loss. EH Smith stock the pro clima range of intelligent membranes and tapes. As well as achieving airtightness they also regulate the moisture within the wall construction. The range is suitable for all types of construction from timber frame to traditional masonry and has been used in the first certified PassivHaus projects in the UK.

Timber EH Smith have timber fabrication mills at a number of their branches, offering an extensive cutting and milling service. In addition, any timber products sold through their CoC accredited branches are supplied by FSC, PEFC and MTCC approved partners. This means EH Smith form a certified link - from forest to customer - in the safe and responsible supply of sustainable timber.

Timber Cladding Timber cladding has become a popular choice for architects and specifiers looking for a sustainable, durable and versatile walling finish. Timber cladding comes in a range of different styles and aesthetics to suit a variety of uses.

Natural Insulation Thermafleece insulation has been the UK’s first choice of sheep’s wool insulation since it was launched in 2001. Thermafleece is a high density, wool rich insulation. It is particularly suited to projects requiring maximum thermal and acoustic performance with breathability, or in locations where space is limited.

Thermo Hemp Thermo-Hemp is a totally natural insulation product available in roll or mat form. Being 100% pollutant free, it eliminates the usual health risks associated with production and installation.

Wood Fibre Board Wood fibre b oard is an id eal choice fo both new an r insulating d existing bu ildings. Not o it surpass all nly does structural an d environme consideratio ntal ns, the wate r vapour perm design ensu eable res highly effe ctive diffusio application. n in any

Landscaping Permeable Paving The installation of permeable paving is recognised to be an effective method of managing water run-off from paved surfaces. Large volumes of urban run-off can cause serious problems. As part of a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), permeable paving manages the water run-off allowing it to permeate down to the water table. In addition, when combined with attenuation tanks or other elements, the water can be harvested for re-use. EH Smith stock a wide range of permeable paving, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Street Furniture Recycled plastic composite (RPC), is the ideal product from which to manufacture street furniture. Created from waste plastic material, RPC is an excellent alternative to wood, metal and concrete, plus it can be entirely tailored to suit the application and location of the finished product. RPC is maintenance free and non-porous, therefore not subject to rot, algae or fungal growth, lending itself for ideal use in very wet or damp conditions. As it is manufactured using an extrusion process, it is also free from cracking and splintering, improving safety in public areas. Due to high strength and robust construction, RPC furniture is highly resistant to physical vandal attacks. It has a wipe clean surface, meaning paint and marker pen can easily be removed with thinners, without damage to the product. As plastic is less susceptible to degradation over time, the whole life cost of the furniture can be a third of the cost of a traditional solution.

Drainage & Water Conservation One of the biggest issues when considering sustainable construction, especially when building to the Code For Sustainable homes, is drainage and water conservation. EH Smith have specialist civil engineering teams who can advise on the wide range of drainage and water conservation solutions and materials from leading manufacturers.


Natural Stone


Solar Lighting

Solatube® Daylighting Systems actively capture daylight from the rooftop and pipe it through highly reflective tubing to where it’s needed. Using advanced technologies, natural daylight is utilised to significantly cut daily energy consumption in enclosed or badly lit areas.

Solar Pv & Solar Thermal One of the fastest growing markets in the world is Solar Renewables. EH Smith have partnered with market leaders Schuco to provide integrated solutions for both domestic and commercial installations (BIPV). With the ‘feed-in tariff’ due to come into use in 2010, the payback period on installation will be reduced to around 8 years based on current fuel prices. The renewables revolution is only just beginning.

Ground source heat pump

Renewable Technology

GSHP’s extract heat from the soil by means of buried plastic tubing. An environment-friendly non-freezing liquid circulates in the tubing and delivers the collected heat to the heat pump. From here the heat is converted to be used for either space heating and/or hot water.

Underfloor Heating Compared to traditional heating systems, underfloor heating (UFH) is good for the environment, financially comparable to install and cost effective to run. UFH systems circulate warm water through piping embedded in the floor. Because the warmth radiates up from floor, the heat remains where is needed – at people level – rather than up at the ceiling or lost through windows and doors. It produces a comfortable, even heat where cold spots and drafts are eliminated. UFH can result in a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.

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Sustainable Products

Your material guide to energy efficient & low carbon construction

full Sustainable Products brochure Please contact us to pre-order your copy of our sustainable products guide. This guide presents nearly 100 pages of sustainable products, including design advice and ideas.

Sustainable Products Guide  

EHS Sustainable Products Guide

Sustainable Products Guide  

EHS Sustainable Products Guide