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S tay Connected to Your School...

P rrepare for a Career

When you come to EHOVE, many people think you’ll never see your friends at your home school but really

I learned a lot. It’s all hands on and we learn exactly what we have to do to go to work after graduation. You get a lot of practice for what you want to do in the future.

There are Many ways To Stay Connected!

Jeremy Schafer, Electrical Tech (Monroeville HS)

Karli Anthony, Cosmetology (Norwalk HS) Is getting ready to test for her cosmetology license and Plans to work in a salon after graduation

Alison Harper, Forensic Investigations (Edison HS)

F ree College Credit & Certifications...

... and you can earn

If you come to EHOVE, HOVE, you’ll hav have a lot ot of chances to earn arn c certifica certifications. s.

Fr ee


credits if you qualify.

Russell Cromwell, Exercise Science & Rehab Therapy (Edison HS) Kailie Prater, Exercise Science & Rehab Therapy (South Central HS)

Jocelyn Didion, Visual Media Tech (Bellevue HS)

L eave School Early?

I take my academic classes first then I get to skip lab three days a week to go to work at Bellevue Manufacturing. It gives me a better understanding of electrical work and how it’s done in the real world.

P rrepare for College

If you’re serious about your career choice, you should come out here. This is an absolutely great way to start. This will give you such a head start in your field,

It’s Not Even Funny! Marcus Dean, Teacher Academy (Vermilion HS)

D’Angelo Perkins, Electrical Tech (Norwalk HS)

Charlie Collas, Industrial Tech (Edison HS)

- Dream is to get accepted to NYU, then work for Google and later teach in the technology field - Was in Computer Network Tech as a Junior and switched to Teacher Academy for Senior year

EHOVE Connect Fall 2014  

While at EHOVE, can you ... - get free college credit and certifications? - leave school early? - play sports and be in home school clubs...

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