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EHOVE Helped Me Choose... COLLEGE CLICK HERE for our college credit video

College Credits While at EHOVE By Christina Miller Cosmetology • New London HS

EHOVE Helped Me Choose... CAREER

By Kala Shingledecker

By Bradley Griffin

Health Tech • Bellevue High School

Auto Tech • Margaretta High School

My choice of coming to EHOVE was one of the best decisions I ever made. It not only enhanced my knowledge in the medical field and terminology, but also prepared me for college by helping me get a headstart on my future. Struggles that many college students face are normal. But at EHOVE, the support of the teachers, students and counselors helps you succeed and give the best you have to offer.

When I was in 10th grade, EHOVE came to my partner school. I was interested in all of the different trades it had to offer. I grew up around cars, so Auto Tech was a good choice for me. I can now say I’ve learned a lot more about them since coming here. I’m a Senior, and now know most of the basics of any car you see on the road, but I’m still learning. So, why not come to EHOVE? It’s a great experience.

with Mike Verbiar Diesel Tech • Vermilion HS

& Shelby Baker

CLICK HERE for my video about the EHOVE College Path

CLICK HERE for my video about the EHOVE Career Path

Forensic Science • Huron HS I was hesitant at first about coming to EHOVE, because I had worked so hard at my partner school to get good grades and be in advanced classes. My parents and I were afraid that would all be lost. By talking to my guidance counselor, I realized that wasn’t a problem at all. In fact, there’s more than I ever imagined possible. Now, because I chose EHOVE, I am able to work on completing all of my high school credits in my junior year. Next year, I will be taking free college classes. By the time I graduate, I will be licensed in my field and have a year of college done. I can’t explain how happy I am that I have the chance to receive this much of a headstart. You won’t regret coming to EHOVE. I already know I don’t.

Making Friends & Staying Connected to My Partner School By Cheerleaders Jessica Talbott & Sierra Holliday with Courtney Miszczak, Amy Britt, Emily Woodruff & Mikayla Taggart Forensic Science, Health Tech, Cosmetology & Exercise Science New London HS, Perkins HS & St. Mary HS I didn’t realize how easy it was going to be to make friends. You quickly meet people with the same interests as you, but at the same time, you stay in touch with your old friends. I still get to see my old friends almost every day, and we always pick up where we left off. I wouldn’t change a thing. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a ton of new people from different schools. It is the perfect chance to make new friends. I was scared to come to EHOVE. I kept an open mind, and ended up making a lot of new friends!

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You CAN still play sports, be in band, etc. at your partner school! By Kevin Robinson (Computer Network Tech • South Central HS), with Justin Hopkins (Exercise Science • Western Reserve HS), Reid Stieber (Industrial Tech • Monroeville HS), Shannon Ebert (Visual Media Tech • Perkins HS), & Kristin Albright (Exercise Science • Norwalk HS)

CLICK HERE for our playing sports video

Participating in a sport or other activity while at EHOVE is no different than when you’re at your partner school. If you’re worried about missing out on these things in your junior or senior year, you can stop worrying right now! Watch our video and we’ll explain.

Get out of school early every day? By TessAnn Brewster (Visual Media Tech • Huron High School), with Madison Torres (Cosmetology • Perkins HS), Ryan Reed (Construction Tech • Western Reserve HS), Jacob Howard (Industrial Tech • Margaretta HS) WANT MORE? Click here to meet the EHOVE bloggers. They’re sharing their senior year through video blogs.

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Look inside! 316 West Mason Road Milan, Ohio 44846

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I’m really glad that I can still participate in activities and sports at my partner school while I’m at EHOVE. I can get out of school early on days that I have obligations at my partner school for sports, pep rallies, meetings, etc. Some of my classmates have jobs in their field, so they can also leave early. These great accommodations that EHOVE makes allow for job experiences and to let you stay connected with your partner school and friends.

EHOVE Student Flyer - Fall 2012  

Have questions about what it's like to be a high school students at EHOVE? Through their videos, see what the students have to say about...

EHOVE Student Flyer - Fall 2012  

Have questions about what it's like to be a high school students at EHOVE? Through their videos, see what the students have to say about...