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water loss management solutions Founded in 2006 WaterGroup Pty Ltd has quickly grown to > Branch Offices become one of Australia’s largest specialist corporate and utility New South Wales 15/33 Ryde Rd Pymble NSW 2073 PHONE 02 9499 8795 FAX 02 9499 4950

Queensland Suite 7 BTP, 1 Clunies Ross Crt Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113 PHONE 07 3188 9720 FAX 02 9499 4950 Victoria 18/663 Victoria St Abbotsford VIC 3067 PHONE 03 9095 6710 FAX 02 9499 4950 EMAIL TWITTER


water savings companies. We do whatever it takes to help large water users and utilities secure water and save money through cost effective and sustainable solutions.

> Detailed engineering solutions > Water use assessment > Water management > Rainwater and stormwater harvesting > Grey and black water recycling > Smart metering > Funding applications > Water audits > Water loss management > Leak detection

Our expertise will help you understand where your water goes, provide a baseline, identify cost-effective savings, streamline implementation, find solutions that make sense and work, get approval and, most of all, make sure you get value for money.

our strategy The World Bank has estimated the total cost of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to utilities worldwide at US$14 billion per year. WaterGroup has wide ranging international experience in this area. We are at the forefront of developing whole of life strategies for water utilities of any size. We help you account for water and determine real and apparent losses. Together we can secure water and save money through cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


sustainable water efficiency through application of technology

WaterGroup works with you to develop a holistic plan based upon a best practice approach to water loss management. WaterGroup can undertake an initial review to calculate current levels of non-revenue water. We can then provide you with a road map how to reduce non-revenue water and improve the overall efficiency of your water provision.

why us? WaterGroup has assembled the most experienced water loss management team in Australia. Our three primary Water Loss Management professionals have gathered over 50 years of experience working with over 200 water networks around the world. Our experience comes from working with some of the world’s largest water utilities through to regional towns and remote communities. We work with you to provide the guidance and planning tools needed to deliver sustainable water savings and increased revenue. We deliver hands on assistance and transfer knowledge to ensure project success.

Water Loss > Management How much water is being lost from your water supply system? Whether it is through bursts and leaks, inefficient treatment practices, under-registration of billing meters or plain theft, it is important to “account� for where your water is going. The specialist team at WaterGroup is able to help you analyse your water distribution system and design / implement a range of measures to sustainably reduce your non-revenue water. A Water Loss Management Plan will provide a set of steps which will lead to a full accounting of all water use and losses, as well as increased revenue and potentially extended asset life. Most nonrevenue water projects have a payback period of less than 2 years and some as little as a couple of months.

Replacement > Meter Strategies Are you losing revenue from old or inaccurate customer metering? Do you have a meter replacement strategy based upon the most economic return on investment? You may be surprised to hear that this main source of revenue for water utilities is often taken for granted. You can be sure that old meters will be under-registering and therefore not returning a true measure of customer usage. By analysing the state of your meter fleet at domestic, commercial and industrial levels, you can not only ensure that you maximise revenue, but also that you have a better knowledge of your meter accuracy for water balance purposes. Let WaterGroup help you to get a better understanding. Can you afford not to?

and knowledge

Creating Smart Water > Networks The IWA best practice technique adopted for water loss management is to establish district metered areas (DMAs). Design of sectorisation is specific for each particular utility. WaterGroup recognises that this is dictated by the characteristics of the network and local conditions. In some cases traditional sectorisation is not the preferred option. WaterGroup is developing smart water networks using real time data collection and hydraulic modelling. WaterGroup works with you to develop strategies that meet the specific constraints of your infrastructure resources and location. Using intelligent design and cutting-edge technology, where appropriate, we ensure that the solution delivers value for you and your customers.

Flow and Pressure > Monitoring One of the key factors in running your water supply system efficiently is the knowledge of flows and pressures in your pipes. Capture and management of flow and pressure data will tell you how your system is performing. This information may be used to design system improvements. Through ongoing and continuous data capture, rapid responses to resolve unexpected changes may be scheduled. WaterGroup can help you establish a continuous and ongoing data management regime to allow proactive maintenance, and sustainable water loss management. By comparing operational data used for everyday management with annual data for performance reporting you can be sure that you are on the right track.

Advanced Pressure > Management WaterGroup recognises that your water system is designed to accommodate the local geography. This means that the pressure required to deliver water to all points of the system often results in excessive pressure in some parts of the system. Yet, most water supply systems can benefit from an overall reduction in pressure. Advanced pressure management allows the optimisation of system pressures, leading to extension of asset life, less bursts and leaks to repair and a lower level of background leakage. WaterGroup can help you analyse your system to see if you can benefit from advanced pressure management and also, due to our wide experience, help you to successfully deliver your pressure management project.

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