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REVERSE RAFFLE Mark your calendar for the evening of December 6th. You are correct, a chance at winning $10,000.00. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone; there will be lots of surprises this year. We can tell you later; tickets will go on sale very soon. Tickets will sell out fast; hope to see you there!

I would ask you to go back in time for just a few moments. We can all remember our childhood dreams. Some of us dreamed of becoming an astronaut or movie star and all of us lived that fantasy until we replaced it with another equally important dream that we wished for. As we became adults, our dreams became a vision and a vision is simply this: “a dream with a plan”. Most of us would like to see unemployment under 5%, thriving municipalities, low taxes with outstanding services, successful businesses and graduation percentages that exceed every county in North Carolina. How do we accomplish all those things? The answer is simple: Turn your dream into a vision and have a plan. Just like how you eat an elephant; just one bite at a time. Our role in this vision is extremely important. If you’re a carpenter; build the best building you know how. If you own a business; provide the best customer service that is humanly possible. If you are doctor; provide the best care possible to your patient. Whatever your profession; give 100% every day and never lose sight of the Vision: a dream with a plan, one step at a time, never doubting that you make a difference. The vision of the Chamber is to promote the economic prosperity of the citizens of this county and we do that by believing in you and the future; always cheerleading and encouraging you in the contributions each of you make. Our future is shaped through the actions of the present and our goal is to make for a better tomorrow. We will not dwell on what “used to be”; we engage our hopes and actions on what “can be”. Our success lies in the positive and collective steps we take that make Rutherford County the place we are proud to call home.

Clark Poole

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Rutherford Connect

Summer has come and gone. We are back in the saddle and ready for some Fall business. Be sure and mark your calendar and come to Rutherford Connect September 27th at noon. West End Grill will host our event. We will eat lunch; (dutch treat) and share with one another the services our company can provide. It may well be the first time someone has heard about you and need precisely what you can offer. We hope to see you there; so mark your calendar today it could be the best hour you have spent all month.

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce

162 N. Main Street Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Phone: 828.287.3090 Fax: 828-287-0799 Rutherford Chamber• Volume I, Issue 9 • September 2013 •


Rutherford Chamber Re

WELCOME CENTER GRAND OPENING Our county’s Welcome Center at Lake Lure officially opened July 25th. Dawn Hemmelgam, the TDA Board Chair welcomed the group that assembled to take an official tour. It is certainly an impressive expression of our historical journey and a focal point for the many opportunities available for the many visitors that only get to visit us for a little while; we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy our treasures year round. Just take the time and ride up to Lake Lure and see for yourself; our Visitors Center is a showcase collection point for the many wonders our county has to offer. Our sincere thanks to the many people, organizations and countless hours of work that made this dream a reality.

30 • Rutherford Chamber • Volume I, Issue 9 • September 2013

batch that was brought out did pass my official taste test. Also, the Brownies (I was told were sugar free) were out of this world delicious. Laura is recognized as a leading Practitioner and Instructor in her field; she is also an accomplished author and musician and has traveled all over the world teaching her profession to others. We are fortunate that she calls Rutherford County home. Laura and Champ, thanks for inviting us to your celebration. We truly appreciate your 100% commitment to everything you do; be sure to include us in your next celebration.

Rutherford Chamber


That’s correct. Laura Allen and staff celebrated with friends and clients a marvelous 10 year journey. Over these 10 years, countless numbers of folks have been helped by Thera-ssage and we sure want to encourage you to check out their services. The free chair massages were so very relaxing; we will have to schedule the full experience. Not only were their guests given free chair massages; we had refreshments galore. We had Laura’s country ham biscuits; every

The Raffle is Coming! The Raffle is Coming! The Raffle is Coming!

December 6th, 2013 The Foundation $10,000.00 Grand Prize Only 350 tickets available. Call the Chamber office 828-287-3090 for more information!



Rutherford Chamber

Employment Staffing Inc.


By Barbara Keever

Did you know that the real estate market is influenced by seasons? Fall is the busiest real estate time of the year with the exception to spring. Certainly you can buy or sell a house any time of the year, but buying in the fall season offers several benefits that you might want to consider. If you are thinking of buying a home during the fall season and don’t want to miss out on a great deal, you need to be prepared. I always recommend to buyers to get prequalified for a loan, have an idea of what type of property you are looking for and what you can realistically afford to buy. When you are prepared prior to making an offer you will be in a better position to negotiate. Enjoy home-buying advantages in the fall of the year and reap the benefits.

Employment Staffing has moved to 147 West Main Street, Forest City, N.C. Their office hours are; Monday thru Friday, 8a.m. to noon; 1p.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 828-247-1103. Employment Staffing is a full service company offering temporary, temp to hire and special project hiring. Applicants should contact Ashley Hoyle, staffing supervisor; employers may contact Katherine Potemkin, Branch manager. Employment Staffing offers the following services: • Thorough application process • Background checks and drug screening • All levels of placement, including maintenance, production and administrative • Safety training and incentive programs We celebrated the opening of their new store with a ribbon cutting, a great lunch and great attendance. They would be honored to assist you with your staffing needs; give them a call or learn more about their services at Re


32 • Rutherford Chamber • Volume I, Issue 9 • September 2013

YEAR-END TAX BREAKS FOR CLOSING A LOAN Toward the end of the year we all start wondering what kind of tax breaks we may be eligible for. Well, owning a home usually yields great tax breaks such as being able to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and even prepaid interest if a loan is acquired. PLEASANT WEATHER CONDITIONS FOR MOVING Trying to move in the heat of the summer or the low temperatures of the winter can make moving difficult. No one wants to worry about cold weather and the possibility of icy roads or the hot and humid days of summer. If you have children they will be back in school and should free up your time to look for a home without having to plan for summer activities. So enjoy pleasant weather home shopping. MORE CHOICES So as I stated earlier the kids are back in school and sellers are settling down and thinking about putting their home on the market. Now is the time buyers should start searching websites for homes for sale, looking at publications with homes for sale and of course choosing a Realtor® that the buyers feel comfortable with. There will be more homes on the market giving the buyer a wider selection of homes and on the other hand the turnaround time for homes on the market during the fall season is usually shorter. So buyers be prepared, know your financial situation and your price range and HAPPY FALL HOUSE HUNTING.


Rutherford Chamber

South Mountain Christian Camp Volleyball Court RIBBON CUTTING

By David Spillman

As the temperatures drop this fall, rodents and other pests will be seeking shelter. If you are like most home owners, you want to keep these critters out. Below is a collection of tips to help accomplish this goal:

By Steve Collins

With a quick snip of the giant scissors, one of the most underused facilities at South Mountain Christian Camp instantly became one of the most popular. Over 100 excited campers and staff members gathered around to witness the ribbon-cutting and dedication of the new sand volleyball court recently. The court is located near the camp’s swimming pool. “We’ve had a volleyball net hanging at this site for years,” executive director Steve Collins explained as the ceremony began, “but it was rarely used because it wasn’t a real court. Nobody wants to play volleyball on hard clay and rocks.” That’s all changed now, thanks to a donation by longtime camp supporter Tom Hardin. The new volleyball court features a heavy-duty net, official border lines, and, perhaps most importantly, a thick bed of soft, white sand. “This new volleyball court has been used more during the first week of summer camp than it has for the past ten years combined,” said Collins. “Everybody loves to sink their toes into this beautiful sand, and I know it will be filled with the laughter and joy of thousands of campers for years to come.” Hardin offered to fund the project in memory of his friend Gary Borders who passed away last year. “Gary was more than a friend to me. He was a spiritual mentor. He helped me in my relationship with God more than any other person,” Hardin said at the ceremony. “I want to challenge you older campers to help the younger ones in their faith, and you younger campers to spend time with older ones who you can look up to.” The Gary Borders family, including his wife Nancy, son Josh, daughter Marie, and grandson Jesse were all present at the ceremony and shared with Hardin the honor of cutting the ribbon on the court. Plaques were presented both to Hardin and to the Gary Borders family in acknowledgement of the gift and memorial. Additionally, a permanent plaque is mounted on one of the net posts. Camp founder O.A. Fish offered the prayer of dedication, and, once the ceremony was concluded, the eager campers and staff members quickly put the court to good use, starting up a volleyball game as Hardin and the Gary Borders family looked on. Re

Protect Your Home From Rodents This Fall

34 • Rutherford Chamber • Volume I, Issue 9 • September 2013

1. Seal all cracks, gaps or holes in the foundation of the house. Smaller cracks can be sealed with an appropriate silicone based caulk. Larger holes can be temporarily sealed with a combination of steel wool and expanding foam (Great Stuff!). 2. Eliminate any exposed food inside the home. You can do this by sealing stored foods in sturdy containers. Discard crumbs or scraps into a sealed trash container, keeping in mind that even food left in the trash overnight can attract pests. 3. Take extra care in keeping the kitchenware, dishes, counters, and cabinets clean. One of the most overlooked areas that crumbs accumulate is underneath the refrigerator. Make sure to pull it out periodically and vacuum up what you find. 4. Cut off any food supplies close to your home (this step may be difficult for the bird watcher enthusiast). This includes bird feeders. Mice and rats can thrive on the same food that attracts those beautiful, flying creatures. If you can’t do without feeding the birds, make sure you have rodent proof feeders and don’t let excess food accumulate under the feeder. 5. Vacuuming and sweeping are essential in preventing any type of infestation. Crumbs and other food particles can get lost in the carpet, and pests or rodents will gladly pick them up if you don’t! Plus, carpeted areas are a favorite burrowing place for pests like fleas – so clean them often. If you followed these steps and are still having unwanted invaders, it might be time to bring in a professional. Be sure that you find a company that is experienced, certified, and cost effective to take care of your needs. Go-Forth Services meets all of this criteria and will be more than happy to assist you with all your pest control needs!

Serving all of Western NC for over 50 years Rutherford County • Cleveland County • Polk County

667 North Washington Street, Rutherfordton, NC

(828) 287-3188 ·

By Tammy Martell

time to time at the VAC. Past shows have featured pottery, photography, woodwork, glass, metal and jewelry. We also hold theme-based shows such as ‘Art is Golden’ and ‘Art is for the Birds.’

The Rutherford County Visual Artists Guild is a non-profit organization of local artists and art patrons dedicated to the promotion of the arts and art education in Rutherford County. In 2009, the Guild opened the Visual Arts Center on Main Street in Rutherfordton. The Center provides a gallery for art, a gift shop, and studio spaces for classes and workshops. All art for sale is local, handmade, one-of-a-kind.

In the fall, usually the third week in September, the Guild holds the Celebration of the Arts (COTA) show and sale at The Foundation Performing Arts and Conference Center at Isothermal Community College. All local artists are invited to participate. This show is open to the public at no charge.

We offer workshops and classes in many forms of art for adults and youth. Classes have included watercolor, oil painting, knitting, weaving, drawing, and woodworking among others. Open studio sessions are available at nominal charge to non-members and free for members.

Funding for RCVAG comes from membership dues and sponsorships, gift shop sales, workshop and class fees as well as from donations. Our major annual fundraiser is The Gala at The Celebration of the Arts which includes a dinner and silent auction.

We also hold Summer Art Camp for children ages 8 to 10. Each day covers a different medium, for example, clay, painting, weaving, and mosaics. The Visual Arts Center is open from 10am-3pm Tuesday through Saturday. Tours at other times can be arranged for groups by contacting the VAC in advance Special art exhibits are held from

Spotlight on: Carolina Home Care By Allison Flynn

Carolina Home Care, a division of Rutherford Regional Health System, was founded in 1987 to provide a continuum of the care established in the hospital, outpatient area, emergency room and physician’s offices. Whether you have been hospitalized and need physical therapy or are a cancer patient who would like to complete chemotherapy in the comfort of your home, Carolina Home Care exists to provide care based upon your needs. Accredited by The Joint Commission and Medicare, Carolina Home Care provides care to all clients in need, and accepts any payer source. Carolina Home Care offers nursing and home health aide services, medical social services and physical, speech and occupational therapy. Carolina Home Care also offers alternative programs such as companion services, Personal Care Services and CAP, Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults.

Rutherford Chamber

Spotlight on: Rutherford County Visual Artists Guild

Anyone with an interest in art can join The Guild. By joining, either as an artist or an art patron, you become a supporter of the vibrant arts community in Rutherford County. We are located at 160 N. Main Street, Rutherfordton. Send us mail at P.O. Box 2015, Rutherfordton, NC 28139. Check out our website www. We are also on Facebook or you can call the Visual Arts Center during our normal business hours, 828-288-5009.

Private pay in-home aide services are available for those patients who may not be eligible for Medicaid and have the resources to pay for the services. This certified nursing assistant provides personal care and housekeeping; hours of service are flexible to meet the patient’s needs. Nursing care through Carolina Home Care includes catheterizations, IV therapy, chemotherapy and mastectomy after care. The Community Alternatives Program is a Medicaid waiver program for persons 18 and older who are at risk of nursing home placement. To take part in the program, a patient should be able to be maintained safely in the home setting with the assistance of a certified nursing assistant for several hours. Carolina Home Care services are available to patients in Rutherford, Polk, Cleveland, McDowell, Henderson and Burke counties, and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A nurse is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. For more information on services, call 828-2453575 or visit

A doctor’s order is needed to use services offered through Carolina Home Care. Typically, a plan of care is established for 60 days; after 60 days, the patient is evaluated and if more care is needed, another plan of care is established. A medical social worker is available to assist patients complete their plan, and can provide information and referral for other community services and provide patient and family counseling and consultation on planning for long-term care needs. Patients who do not require long-term care but do need assistance can benefit from having an in-home aide, who can help with personal care as well as light housekeeping. RUTHERFORDCOC.ORG | RUTHERFORDEVERYDAY.COM •


Rutherford County

Chamber of Commerce Officers

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

Jason Harrill

Helping to create and maintain a healthy business environment which will enhance prosperity and improve the quality of life in Rutherford County

President Barbara Keever First Vice President Jim Bishop


Vice President Dan Thomas

Rutherford County

Clark Poole Director


Chamber of Commerce 162 N. Main Street Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Phone: 828.287.3090 Fax: 828-287-0799

Debbie Gettys Office Manager

Cooper Flack Immediate Past President


Laura Allen Thera-ssage

Dale Hamilton Cornerstone Realty

Dr. Janet Mason

Rutherford County Schools


Fran Anderson

Jim Bishop WCAB Radio

Rutherford Regional Health System

Walter Dalton

Nichole Dubs TD Bank

Isothermal Community College

Jason Harrill BB&T

Odean Keever & Assoc.

Blanton Miller & Moore

Debbie Martin

Deborah Mauney Staff Masters Inc.

Tim Mathis

Donna McCann

Sarah MerrisonMcEntire

Everette Murray Rutherford Everyday

Isothermal Planning & Development Commission

Barbara Keever

Northland Communications

36 •Rutherford Everyday • Volume I, Issue 9 • September 2013

Carolina Chiropractic Plus

Cooper Flack

Main Street Financial Group

Joseph Maimone Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy

Dan Thomas

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce It's A New Day  

September 2013 It's A New Day, Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce

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