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MALAYSIA Restoring the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers ELIJAH HOUSE MALAYSIA BHD is a non-profitable Christian organization. It was started by Rev Nancy Quay in 2001 to provide a safe place for individuals and students to experience personal healing through small group ministry. In 2003, Nancy and Mei Lin went to Elijah House USA to do their Internship in Prayer Ministry. To date, they have trained over 22 facilitators, conducted training seminars and ministered in different parts of Malaysia i.e. Penang, Ipoh, Sabah and in countries such as China and Singapore.

Our Mission

To call God’s people to “restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” (Malachi 4:5-6) and to come alongside pastors and leaders as they minister to their congregations, supporting and serving them in whatever ways we can.

Theological Perspective Interdenominational and Evangelical.


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A Short Note from Rev Nancy and Mei Lin

“Congratulations from Elijah House USA�

Thank you for partnering with us to make Elijah House Malaysia what it is today and for bringing this magazine to fruition. As we look back at the 10 years that God has taken us through in this ministry, it has been a very fulfilling and enriching journey indeed. We have made a lot of friends and seen many lives being touched and healed. Elijah House USA congratulates you on your 10th anniversary!

We want to give God the Glory. Nancy and Mei Lin Co-Founders of Elijah House Malaysia.

Great work, Elijah House (EH) Malaysia team! We are so blessed by you and all that you do for your nation and the region. God is clearly present in EH Malaysia. We have heard your heart for the nations and we pray for a great increase in every way for your ministry. We look forward to fellowship with you and hear more about your exciting vision at our EH World Leaders Conference in Brisbane next year. Blessings, Robert and Kathie Fetveit Elijah House USA


“Congratulations from John Sandford”

“Congratulations from Mark Sandford

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!

When I think of EH Malaysia, I think of St. Paul. Others may be contented to stay home, but his father’s heart told him he must go to distant nations, as far as his little feet, and the wind of the Spirit, would carry him. May God bless your high-spirited passion to heal hurting souls near and far, your simple faith that sets your feet running, and the wisdom that makes your mission as deep as it is farflung.

Thank you, for the sake of our Lord, for your faithful service. You are good partners in the gospel of the inner man. May the day hasten, in which you will see the wondrous fruits of your labour. Many years ago, the Lord said to me, ‘I won’t yet let you see the magnitude of the fruits of your labour. They are vast and beautiful, but if I allow you to see them, you’ll get the big head.’ For those who are not familiar with that bit of American slang, it just means you will get filled with pride (I think God sometimes enjoys speaking in slang!). Although you are presently unable to see the full measure of the fruit of your labour, know and believe that the Lord does see, and is grateful. Keep up the good work for another ten years, at least and maybe, the Lord would have returned by then. Continue with perseverance and the joy of being found serving Him whenever He does come. We, at the home base Elijah House, are proud of you! Love, John Loren Sandford Co-Founder Elijah House USA


Many blessings on your ministry, EH Malaysia. We believe you have the stuff it takes to do it. Mark Sandford Spiritual Director Elijah House, USA

“Congratulations from Sandra Sellmer Kersten”

Congratulations Elijah House Malaysia (EHM), Rev. Nancy, Mei Lin, EHM Board and Facilitators on your 10th anniversary! It has been an honour to walk alongside you as your teacher, mentor and most of all, friend and fellow servant of Christ.

Indeed, you carry the anointing of Nehemiah as well as the heart of Caleb, who stood at the border of the Promised Land in the face of the giants and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” And then after 40 years of struggle and fighting in the wilderness, Caleb cried out, “I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then. Now give me this hill country that the Lord promised me that day. You yourself heard then that the Anakites were there and their cities were large and fortified, but, the Lord helping me, I will drive them out just as he said.”

Thank you for your years of sowing patiently into the hearts of many in Malaysia and for carrying the love of Christ and the life-changing message of sanctification and transformation! I want to commend you on your faithfulness to the Lord, His Word and to His Body. You have maintained a level of integrity and purity in your personal lives and ministry that is a shining example to each of us.

May the Lord’s strength and vigour sustain you as you step forth into His promises and fulfil the “Elijah Task”! May the fruit of your life and ministry flourish and create an even more farreaching impact than ever before, in the years ahead! You are “well able” dear friends—take the mountain!

You carry an anointing that is similar to what I see in Nehemiah; a servant who mourned the devastation, disgrace and vulnerability of his people, prayed fervently, obeyed the call of God and against all odds, helped to restore lives and rekindle honour and obedience to the Word of God. Nehemiah called the people to purity and righteousness, and gathered the people together with one heart and purpose to work together to rebuild.


“Congratulations from Thea Loughery”

“Congratulations from Dell Hamilton”

Director, Transformed Hearts Ministries/ Elijah House USA

Greetings, in the name of the Lord, to my dear friends at Elijah House Malaysia! It is with great joy that I congratulate and bless each of you, for your steadfast love for the Lord and for His people, in responding to the call of the Most High to be His messengers of Hope. I remember that day in 2002, when Sandra and I were riding in the car with Nancy and Mei Lin, and they shared their passion to heal hearts and to carry the mission of Elijah House to Malaysia. Sandra and I determined to help in whatever way we could, and we prayed that God would accomplish what He wants to fulfill in Malaysia. I remember seeing a vision a few days later, as we drove up to Klang, of “springs bursting forth” (Isaiah 35) all over the nation, and I heard the Lord said, “and the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk). At that moment, I sensed the assurance in my spirit that this would surely be accomplished by the fulfillment of the mandate of Malachi 4:5-6, when hearts turn back to love

and relationships are being restored. I was filled with hope of what He was about to do in Malaysia! And today, God has raised an Army of Healers in Malaysia and He is pleased. You have partnered with Him to effect what is on His heart! As you carry His passion for Sanctification and Transformation, may His passion for healing and restoration continue to burn and increase in your hearts. You are the “Burning Ones” as Jesus said in Luke 17, “I have come to set fire on the earth, and Oh! How I wish it were ablaze now!” You carry the fire of His Love and His passion for the lost and the hurting. You are a Mighty Army of healers, prepared and sent out for a time like this, to usher in His Kingdom. It is my honor to bless and congratulate Elijah House Malaysia on this 10th Anniversary, and to continue to partner with you in the mission of Elijah House, that God may be glorified throughout the earth!


For 14 years from 1994 - 2008 Jim was Chairman of the Board of Elijah House Ministries in Australia. He died early in 2009.

Early Memories of EH in Malaysia It is ten years since my husband, Jim, and I connected with Elijah House Ministry in Malaysia. Even in those very early days, the Spirit of God was alive in the hearts of those who loved the ministry. The desire of Nancy and her co-workers to establish Elijah House in Malaysia was passionate and God-driven. She was passionate to see people healed. I pray that the wind of the Spirit will continue to fan the flame that is set, to become a mighty fire for the healing of many.

Seminar “Free From Shame” on 3 - 4 June 2011 Venue: SIBKL By Ps Goh Poh Gaik THE name of the Seminar sets it apart from other seminars. Shame, with its pain, is usually kept closeted in long forgotten memories; this Seminar offers freedom! I found the Seminar material helpful. This, to me, is a key statement that kept our focus on the Lord Jesus throughout the Seminar: “The Cross of Christ provided the way for true restoration, including freedom from shame. Jesus endured the shame of the cross, so that we can be free from shame and its effects.” (Hebrews 12:2) I wrote down these personally meaningful statements as Sandra was teaching: i. In every hard place God wants us to know that He’s there. ii. If my treasure chest is full, it’s OK if I can’t get what I want; if my treasure chest is empty, I’ll make demands. iii. Honour covers, shame uncovers. iv. When we are shamed, we shame others. The Lord ministered to me at the Seminar. It wasn’t anything loud or dramatic. In the peace that pervaded the hall, the Lord instructed, corrected and gave further insight into some of the things that had happened in my life. The teaching on ‘dismantling strongholds and structures’ and ‘lies that silence our song’ were particularly helpful. The Lord reminded me of an incident that had occurred decades ago and I discovered a foundational lie that needed to be broken. Repentance, renunciation and receiving the truth of Christ ensued. As I listened and responded, the Lord further deepened His work of healing and restored honour into my life. I appreciate the way participants were encouraged to remain in their seats if they needed prayer. There was no emotional fanfare and no one felt coerced or pressured or shamed. The demonstration and teaching sessions were outstandingly effective. Sandra taught and counselled competently under the leading of the Holy Spirit and as our tears flowed freely, we experienced the power of the Cross and the love of the Lord Jesus. All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus!

About Elijah House Elijah House prayer ministry was founded through the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford and committed to the principles of Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11 to call God’s people to “restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” and to “restore all things.” It is primarily pastoral in nature, based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit. Prayer ministry at Elijah House will always include looking for the root causes that lie beneath the surface of most problems. “Bitter roots,” as we call them, feed patterns in us that lead to broken relationships, habitual sin, and many other kinds of “bad fruit.” Once roots are discovered, the prayer minister leads the person in prayer at the foot of the Cross, to forgive those who wounded him/her, as well as to receive forgiveness for judgments and other strongholds his heart has formed. Each year, many individuals and families come to our prayer house to receive prayer ministry. Training is offered via a variety of teaching by DVDs which feature John and Paula Sandford and other Elijah House trained leaders and facilitators. John and Paula Sandford are co-founders of Elijah House, Inc., an international ministry established in 1975 in response to the Lord’s calling in Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11 5

Mission Trips to China

God opened the door this year, for me to go to China with Elijah House Malaysia. It was a trip well worth the many days and nights of anxious preparations. Throughout the trip, I clearly saw the demonstration of God’s love and care for His children. I saw an amazing display of God’s power especially in the small group sessions. The Live Prayer Ministry Demonstration facilitated by Rev Nancy was particularly significant. There were no dry eyes in the room as the people present, cried tears of compassion, relief and joy, together with the person receiving ministry. In keeping with the EH tradition, we also played hard and I enjoyed the shopping, outings, food and also the lovely local weather and the warm hospitality of the people we met. But the bonding and fellowship within the team topped it all. I am grateful to God for using me as I am, in the way that He has created me. Valeri


Interview with Founders A moment with Nancy and Mei Lin 1. How and when did you first get to know about Elijah House (EH)? NQ: I first heard about Elijah House while I was studying in YWAM, Australia, for my degree in Family Therapy. During our practicum in counselling, we were introduced to various types of training. When I heard about the counselling model of EH, I wanted to find out more. ML: John and Paula Sandford (founders of EH USA) were two of my lecturers in the Methods and Modules of Biblical Counselling School at YWAM, Hawaii, in 1994. I discovered EH ministry to be different from other counselling models. Elijah House Ministry is not about inner healing. It is a powerful prayer counselling tool as it focuses on the absoluteness of God’s Word (which is the Sword of the Holy Spirit) and Spirit-led prayer ministry to uncover the dark areas of one’s heart that had produced the bitter fruits in one’s life. In the process, the ministry also empowers one to embrace Sanctification (dying to flesh daily) and to live the resurrected life in Christ that leads to Transformation. A natural by-product of this process will be inner healing of the heart. But the focus is on Sanctification and Transformation, which are essentially 2 sides of the same coin; neither is complete without the other. In order to be changed from the inside out, both Sanctification and Transformation need to be at work simultaneously. 2. Tell us about your call to this ministry. NQ: It was more of an accident rather than a call. I was invited to do counselling training for a group of leaders in a Church and I was wondering how to train people with limited preparation time. I was thinking to myself, “Since EH is a Video Facilitated Training, why not use it?” I then proceeded to conduct the EH Basic School and found it to be an effective discipleship and mentoring tool to help Christians progress in their journey and growth in the Lord. The EH teaching and ministry focuses on sanctification and transformation in the life of believers and I had personally benefited as it revealed some of the dark areas in my own life. I became convinced that this was a ministry that I would like to be involved in, to bring healing into the lives of Christians. This became the call and in the following year, 2002, together with Mei Lin, we started to connect with EH USA to explore the possibility of establishing EH in Malaysia. ML: In 1994, God spoke to me when I was reading the book of Ezra. Ezra was able to overcome overwhelming odds to return to Jerusalem to restore and cleanse the ‘temple’ because ‘the gracious or good hand of the Lord was upon him.’ This key phrase was repeated 5 times. Then God showed me that there are many ruined temples in the body of Christ and that I am to be a channel for Him to cleanse and rebuild ruined temples (hearts). At that time I was suffering from near burn out due to my performance orientation lifestyle. Naturally I contended with God as my own temple was not healthy. But I kept hearing this promise, “that the same gracious hand will be upon me for this task.” Since then, it has been a challenging and exciting journey, filled with tears and laughter. He started by tearing down and clearing my own ruins and rebuilding healthy structures. 3. How did the churches in Malaysia initially respond to the ministry of prayer counselling? It is natural that they were initially cautious as many church leaders were not familiar with Elijah House teaching and ministry. 7

Interview with Founders A moment with Nancy and Mei Lin 4. What were some of the challenges that EH Malaysia faced in the early years? NQ: There are some Christians who do not believe in counselling. They question the need for inner healing because ‘if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things passed away: behold new things have come.’ There was also a concern that the EH way of processing is too time consuming. Many desire ‘quick fix’sanctification. ML: We did not have our own premises and had to use different venues (churches) to conduct our Schools. It was very unsettling but we are immensely grateful to the churches that opened their doors to us. 5. How has that changed through the years? The people who came and benefited from the EH Schools then ‘promoted’ the ministry by word of mouth. Some pastors who have been to our training are encouraging their leaders and members to attend as well. A few churches are now supportive of our ministry. We praise God for the way He has moved. 6. How is EHM financed? We charge minimum fees for our Schools, and we trust the Lord to meet the rest of our needs. In our 10 years of ministry, the Lord has always been faithful. In 2003, when we were doing our internship in EH USA, the Lord told us that He would give us a house and we are to call it Prayer House. This became a reality in 2007! 7. How many facilitators have you trained? What is their role in the EH ministry? Facilitators are actually prayer ministers in the small groups. In our EH Schools, small groups play a key role as students receive prayer ministry in these groups. We have trained 29 facilitators, from different denominations. During the EH Schools, we identify students that have the maturity, the gifting and the heart for people. It is a 3 years training program. EH Malaysia was the first International Elijah House (IEH) Centre to see the need to train facilitators. 8. To which other states in Malaysia and countries have you brought the EH Schools? In Malaysia, we have conducted EH Basic Schools and Seminars in Ipoh, Penang and Sabah. We have also been to China and Singapore and have received invitations from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and other parts of China. 9. What direction and vision is the Lord giving you for the ministry of Elijah House Malaysia (EHM)? We would like to see EHM become the hub for South East Asia (SEA), as the training and sending centre for Asian nations. We would also like to see EH centres established in the different states of Malaysia. Our ministry is growing and we are praying for more fulltime staff.


Photo Gallery

Basic 2 School - 2005

Basic 2 School - 2007

Basic 1 - 2008

Basic 2 - 2008

Highlights School 08

Facilitator’s Training with Sandra

Residential Keys - 2008

Penang Basic School 1, Part 1 - 2011 9

Photo Gallery

The first EH School was held at DUMC Taman Megah.

1st couple to host Elijah House Basic School 2002. Fan, Sian Li with Nancy

Elijah House Malaysia Office

Live Demostration

Sandra Sellmer

Shame seminar at SIBKL


Photo Gallery

Residential Small group ministry

Yin Ching sharing - Heart of Stone

Lunch time at Residential School

Singapore 2010

2011 Residential Basic 1 School

Skit from students

Roy and Yuk Lynn from Hong Kong

Facilitators Training

Chinese Keys To Transformation at Ara Prayer House.

Residential Basic 1 School.

Students from Hong Kong K.O and Anita


Sabah 2011

Our Facilitator Wing Cheong from Singapore leaving us for England.

Elijah House Malaysia 10 Annivesary at Ara Damansara Prayer House

10th Anniversary

Anniversary dinner

New extension

Mei Lin charing the meeting

Nancy’s sharing

Timothy worship leading

Jin Huat




Testimonies “In the twinkling of an eye, we have been with Elijah House Malaysia (EHM) for 10 years. One day, while meditating on the last two verses of the Old Testament (Mal 4:5-6); we realized what God will fulfill in the New Testament. We were awestruck by how this is happening at EHM, where we have witnessed God’s very special favour with breakthroughs, healing, restoration and transformation. Then, the Lord reminded us of what Jesus said, “The Son can do nothing by Himself, He can only do what He sees His Father doing”. We are excited to see how the hand of God will continue to move at EHM in the next ten years and beyond!” Choow Huat & Chu May

For the longest time, I had been directing church friends to Elijah House but I myself could not pluck up enough courage to attend the courses, for fear that I would not be able to bear to see the ugliness and rottenness inside of me. It was not until January 2011 that I decided to find out for myself what Elijah House is all about. By God’s grace, despite the overwhelming response in registrations, I was given a place at Keys to Transformation in February 2011. My breakthrough-healing moment came during the session on “Honouring Father and Mother”. We were asked to close our eyes, to pause and think about our parents and see the faces that were reflected back to us. With my eyes closed, I saw my father’s face and the word “LOVE”. And the face that was reflected back to me was one of love! It was very different from the needy image that I had of him. What a wonderful revelation! I was a joy to my father! This revelation changed my personal relationship with God. Where I used to see God as needy, I am now getting to know Him as a loving God. Where I used to flee when He drew near me, I am now able to sit and allow myself to be embraced by His presence. After that, I went on to attend the Basic 1 Residential Seminar but this time with my husband. We both learned and gained so much from the teaching as well as the small group ministry sessions. God revealed to me about my inability to receive love from those closest to me, that is, my husband and my children. It was so bad that I was unable to receive or believe the compliments my husband gave me; neither could I respond appropriately to my children’s show of love for me. In so doing, I unknowingly grieved them. But when I learn to receive God’s love, I am able to deeply receive love and affection from the people around me, especially that of my family, much to their joy and delight. Since returning from the seminar, I have been thinking and reflecting much on the many things learned about myself, God, and the process of inner healing. I am making some changes to my life— positive ones, I believe —but I can already feel that I am much calmer and the sound of my voice at home has already come down by many decibels! Mee Yuen


Testimonies I attended Keys to Transformation in 2011 and was blessed. Following that, on a Sunday morning, I shared with my mother what I had learned about bitter-root judgements and bitter-root expectancies. She was immediately receptive to the teaching but said that she would do the “work” later because she had to leave for her church service. While driving to church, she became overwhelmed by God’s love and started to forgive her mother and sisters and all the women that had hurt her in the past. Then she went on to confess all her sinful responses and judgements. She experienced a major breakthrough on issues that have been plaguing her for more than 50 years! Praise be to God! And it all happened in the car, on the way to church. When she arrived at church, God asked her to gather all the women of the church together, and to confess to them on her hardness of heart towards them. She approached the pastor regarding this and he immediately gathered all the women together, so that they could pray for my mom (I am guessing about 20 to 25 women came forward). Once she started confessing to them, they all broke down and started confessing and asking for forgiveness as well! They had a mini-revival right there! Isn’t that amazing and so powerful?! Glory to God! Thank you, Elijah House, for your ministry of His Word. MA

The last 2 years are very significant to me. God ushered me into Elijah House so that He could give me specific keys to deal with the struggles I had encountered for many years including several years of depression. During those struggling years, God revealed many things and I saw my deceitful heart but I had no means of overcoming them and could only feel shame and remorse. But through the EH teaching and ministry, I have enjoyed breakthroughs in many areas of my life, such as anger and rage, deception and lies. While I continue to be work in progress, I can already see and taste the good fruits of my healing. My striving is waning and I am getting more and more in touch with my true self; this taste of freedom is sweet. I have also grasped a major difference between managing situations with good coping skills and being naturally not “hooked” into action because my God has set me free! I received a double blessing this year, when I was invited to be a facilitator at EH as I am enjoying this journey and a sense of being ‘home’. Though I do not know what the future holds for me, I know my future is good for the Lord is with me and He is good. Siang Chye

Elijah House has been the signpost in my journey with God, to remind and point me back to God and His Word, in times of self-sufficiency or helplessness, self-confidence or hopelessness, self-righteousness or condemnation, success or failure. God is the plumb line that brings me back to Jesus, the centre of it all. In this journey, I am finding God’s grace and mercies to be very real. “For my God is a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness.” (Exodus 34:6) Mei Fong


Testimonies Elijah House Malaysia (EHM) celebrates its 10th anniversary this month and for me personally, it marks almost a year in the ministry as a trainee facilitator. I first heard about EHM back in 2008 and in the following year, I attended the Keys to Transformation Seminar. Through God’s grace (which really is a separate testimony on its own!), I completed both the Basic 1 & 2 Schools in the same year and was tremendously blessed. As a facilitator in training, the testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness has been no different to the time when I was a student at EHM. I saw God’s love and His relentless pursuit of those who walked through the door into this ministry. He desires for us to have an abundant life (John 10:10) and freedom so that we can step into the calling He has for our lives. Getting a glimpse of God’s heart for His people has to be the one thing that has impacted me the most throughout my time at EHM thus far. It has also been a great year in terms of being trained in the area of prayer ministry. I have learned a lot from the experienced facilitators and have enjoyed journeying together with them. One of the highlights this year is the Facilitators Training when Sandra was with us. Not only was it a good time of learning, it was also a great time of receiving as the Holy Spirit led us into times of repentance, prayer and ministry. It was indeed a blessed few days with each other – sharing both laughter and tears in all that we did. Talking about EHM will never be complete without talking about food. I cannot remember a time, whether as a student or facilitator, that I was not fed with good food at each event that we had. Thank God for His providence, feeding us both spiritually and physically! And not forgetting the special few in the kitchen who are always making sure we are well fed. Finally, it has been a real privilege and blessing to be part of the EHM family. I am thankful for every one that I have met and gotten to know better here. I am also constantly encouraged to see what God is doing in and through this ministry. I write this with a sense of excitement and look forward to more of God’s purposes to be unveiled so that ultimately, He is glorified above all! Stefanie

Dear Nancy and Mei Lin, Just want to share my joy with you! I recently spoke at a retreat sharing my struggles with sexuality and the great healing God has done in my life. Afterwards, we broke up into small groups to share and pray for one another. I was so overjoyed that I was able to minister! I had brought all my EH notes with me and they ended up being so useful: breaking inner vows, dealing with pre-natal issues, homosexuality, pornography addiction, heart of stone... I was so well equipped! I have been burning to help people my whole life but I have never had the tools until now. When people would share with me in the past, I would just end up soaking in all of their pain and getting overwhelmed. I don’t think they were ever helped very much by it, though they did feel cared for. I, however, would end up oppressed! But this time, I didn’t “feel” any of their pain, but I could still empathize and I could be strong and effective in my prayers. I am so unbelievably grateful for this gift of knowledge and understanding and for the Spirit’s power. Thank you for your part in teaching me and training me. :-) And thank you for loving me and not giving up on me!! Student of EHM

GOD IS LOVE. That is the message that was implanted deeply in my heart throughout my time at Elijah House. I used to be so fearful of Jesus’ words in Luke 8:17, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Imagine everyone knowing your secret sins! But through the ministry at Elijah House, all my dark secrets were brought into His light, and wonder of wonders – there was no condemnation, only tenderness, compassion, understanding, and loads of love. I know now that we should rejoice when God exposes our sins to us because His only motive is to love us into wholeness and freedom, and to restore us to our rightful dignity as His sons and daughters. Thanks to all at Elijah House for being Jesus to me! Catherine Francis

My involvement with EH has, and continues to be, a delightful experience for me. Through this ministry, I have experienced what it means to walk in the “good works that He has prepared beforehand” for me and how, in so doing, His burden is indeed light and His yoke easy! To add to this delight is the Body life we enjoy at EH. We work, pray, cry, laugh, talk, and of course, eat in such a spirit of togetherness, love and with such zest (especially the eating!) that I thank the Lord for blessing me with this ministry and community! Florence


Testimonies Next to my salvation in Jesus Christ, the most significant and crucial event in my life is the time at Elijah House (EH). Due to the shame of not being wanted, compounded repeatedly by life experiences, I built a strong structure to protect myself; a structure held in place by denial, pride, rebellion and deception. God brought me to EH, which became my safe refuge, so that He can deal with my root problems and dismantle the structure that had remained literally untouched although I had gone through many healing ministries. I can now see God’s heart that He is more concerned for me as a person (my character) than what I can do for Him. He is restoring my relationship with Him and with people. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life. I am forever grateful to God for His loving father heart and to Elijah House. Hannah I am grateful to the EH Ministry. The teaching and principles taught here are not only Biblical, but real and practical. They have reached my heart and I have received much healing. Thank you EH. Janet Ng I learned that making vows is very serious, it really affects my life. The Elijah House ministry has helped me to see the truth and it has changed my life. I also learned to think before I speak especially when I am angry. Praise the Lord! Jacqueline To me, Elijah House is a place where I have the privilege of journeying with members of the Body of the Christ. It is a home where we are being nourished and supported by a dependable and caring spiritual family. Shirley While serving at EH, I discovered I had a shame issue. After learning how to deal with it, I was set free from the shame I had carried for 40 years!

My perception of some difficult childhood experiences had hardened my heart. At Elijah House, I discovered these “unevangelized” parts of my heart. As I learn and understand God’s ways with the help of the facilitators, I have received healing, forgiveness and restoration. A “far-away” God is now nearer to me; this healing process is on-going till the day I meet Jesus. Valerie Lim

In the pastoral ministry, I often meet people in crisis situations who need counselling and I have found the Elijah House (EH) prayer ministry to be an effective counselling model. As I facilitate at the small groups at EH, I have not failed to see that I have benefited much while others are being helped. I continue to marvel at the way God works through EH to bring healing and resolution in personal and relational difficulties. King Shen

My original idea of attending Elijah House (EH) seminars was to learn how to counsel people. I was surprised when God revealed to me the lies I had believed about myself and the wounds that had contributed to my negative relationship patterns, particularly those with my family. Thanks to the EH ministry, I have learned to walk in repentance and receive healing. Today, I am enjoying improved relationships with my family. I am grateful that God fixed me first; otherwise, I cannot imagine how, in my wounded condition, I might harm those who I am trying to help. Wing Cheong

My journey in Elijah House (EH) has been an enriching and life-changing experience. God’s truth has restored my identity as His child, bringing me into a deeper relationship with Him. I am grateful to Rev Nancy and Mei Lin for their exemplary leadership of kingdom servant-hood. Glory to God for all that He has done through EH Malaysia! Lai Keen

Celia 18

Why do we need to evangelize the heart of a believer who is already saved? Mark Sandford Some object to this idea because they misunderstand the word, “believer.” Today’s culture regards belief as merely giving mental assent to factual data. This is not how ancient Hebrews viewed belief! Romans 10:10 (NAS) says, “For with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness.” Notice it does not say, “For with the mind a person believes,” but we tend to automatically take it that way! Many think that they fully believe because they have mentally accepted what Christ has done for them. But the Hebrew worldview held that belief is not only what our head thinks. It is what our heart invests itself in, as evidenced by our works. James reflects this worldview: “show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works” (James 2:18, NAS). John affirms that no Christian is without sinful works: “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us” (1John 1:18, NAS). It follows that every Christian’s sin reveals some degree of unbelief in the heart. Some Christians worry that this might deny the efficacy of their born again experience. Not so, for 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NAS) says, “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature.” If sin (and the unbelief it reveals) caused us to cease to be new creations, no one would remain one for long! Verse 18 goes on to say, “All these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ” (emphasis added). Note the past tense of “reconciled.” Christ’s work has been accomplished once and for all. God has reconciled with us; nothing can undo that. But some readers neglect to study these verses in their context, which goes on to say, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were entreating through us: we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (vs. 20, emphasis added). God had reconciled with the Corinthians, but they had not yet fully reconciled themselves to God. God had done His part, but they had not fully done theirs. Therefore, they needed an “ambassador for Christ” like Paul, to entreat them to do so. It is not only the unsaved who are in need of such an appeal. Thus, Scripture describes sanctification as not only accomplished, but also ongoing. But our skewed way of thinking can obscure this truth. For instance, we often acknowledge the first half of Hebrews 10:14 (NIV): “By one sacrifice he has made perfect forever…” while glossing over the second half of that same verse: “…those who are being made holy.” Today’s false worldview has caused us to take so many Scriptural truths out of context! A wrongful understanding of belief has limited our view of what it means to evangelize. We are used to thinking of it only in terms of our initial conversion. But the word, “evangelist,” in Greek, euangelistes (Ephesians 4:11), literally means, “a messenger of good.” Are only those who have not yet accepted Christ called to repent? Is this good message only for those who have already received Christ? Is not every writer of the New Testament epistles “a messenger of good” who entreats believers to reconcile their hearts to God? Hebrews 3:12 (NIV) warns, “See to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God” (emphasis added). Paul, that “ambassador for Christ,” addressed this to born-again Christians! Evangelism is the call we have answered to allow Christ to reconcile us to the Father by paying for our sins. “Evangelism to the heart” is the call we must answer daily to turn our hearts toward the One who has, once and for all, provided us with such a blessed gift.



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Room - RM570 (Couple Sharing)

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Room – RM510 (3 Sharing)

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Dormitory - RM450 (Very Spacious)

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Elijah House 10th Anniversary Magazine  

Elijah House 10th Anniversary Magazine

Elijah House 10th Anniversary Magazine  

Elijah House 10th Anniversary Magazine