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Whiteboard Made Portable – Looks Great White board is an important creative office tool which is also used in many places other than the office to serve various purposes. White boards are used mostly in offices, schools, even cafeterias and homes. Offices use whiteboards to for their group sessions and team meetings. Cafeterias use whiteboards for highlighting deal of the day, any announcement or changes in the prices. Some smaller cafeterias would use whiteboards to mention the prices so that they can change them any time they want. Schools use whiteboards for multiple reasons. One, it is easily erasable and can be made clean as new with cleaning sprays and hand cloth. Even if they do get a permanent mark, special removers are available that can cleanse the surface of the board without damaging its shine. Second, they are safer health wise than the black chalk boards and maintenance is easier as well. Chalkboards release harmful chalk dust which can cause choking hazards. For these reasons and more, the graph of whiteboard popularity has increased tremendously high with time. Much advancement has been done to the traditional classic whiteboard to make it more interactive and technology friendly. The simpler changes would include the portability factor. Portable whiteboards are created to help professionals do their piece of thinking regardless of whether they are in office or not. These whiteboards have been designed to fit the size of your lap top bag or to be carried around like a portfolio case. More technical changes include the addition of infra-red, touch sensitivity and remote controlling a computer form the whiteboard screen.

These erasable marker boards are very good for kids to experiment with their learning process. They can draw, write and erase and you can also teach various shapes and letters on them. This method gets a better response from the kids as compared to showing them things in a book or a chart. This gives the kids a sense of more personal involvement of the parent or the teacher and hence helps them learn more quickly. They even come in tiny models which are the size of a small notebook. These toy whiteboards are great fun for kids. There are several options available in the market if you want to buy portable whiteboards, electronic whiteboards etc. Do a little research on the internet for getting more knowledge on its various models and functions before you decide the one you want to purchase. Here is the best Portable whiteboard as also known as dry erase board that could be easily carried everywhere without getting strange looks from bystanders. Check out the Dry Erase Board Reviews: Review 1 Review 2

Whiteboard Made Portable – Looks Great  

Portable whiteboard that could be easily carried around without getting strange looks from bystanders.

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