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WELCOME Dear Students, The summer holidays are in full swing and the beginning of the new Academic Year at EHL may seem far away. However, with the goal of improving our services and helping you with your finances when you return and throughout your studies at EHL, you will find information in this document that you will be able to refer to throughout your entire academic career. We do hope that you will find the following information helpful and I would like to wish you all the best for your success during the coming Academic Year.

Christian Michelet, Director of Finance

changes / academic year 2011-2012 In order to provide better service and meet your expectations, the whole Finance team is pleased to announce the following changes for the upcoming Academic Year: • The unification on the same IT portal of your invoices and your statements of account (; • A strengthened collaboration with the Service Centre to provide you with longer opening times and to improve the timeframe for answering your requests; • Enhanced contact thanks to the exchange and working meetings held between the Student Council and our Department. We are looking forward to seeing you back on campus, and we hope you have a great time during your summer holidays. Maïté Decrevel

Your EHL Finance Team

Maxime Kursner

UndErsTandIng My EhL InVOIcE


Bobby FREGOLLE 5520 East Galbraith Rd Cincinnati Ohio 45236 États­Unis

Invoice No.....................: ARF­005391 Page .............................: 1 of 2


Invoice No.

Date .............................: 13.07.2010 Our ref..........................: Denduyver Céline Your EHL contact Currency .......................: CHF Description


Parking P­I (interior)


Tuition : Module(s)




Sales order

Session ................: 2010­2011 Program ...............: BSC ­ 1 Customer number Customer number..: ..: 11003 Unit

Your current programme Your client No. Unit price












Tuition : Elective(s)







Facilities and Services






Prepaid account EHL outlets (restaurants and bars)







Amount origin

8.00 0.00

6'912.05 28'655.00






VAT Amount Currency 552.95 CHF 0.00 CHF



Details of your invoice The quantity and unit of measurement will provide you with the timeframe of the service invoiced. Studios and parking spaces are calculated on a weekly basis.

Following payment schedule has been agreed Due date Invoice amount Currency 12.08.2010 10.12.2010

18060.00 CHF 18060.00 CHF

Henceforth, the due dates stipulated will be shown in this space. The amounts correspond (in this case) to 50% of the invoice that is due in august and 50% of the invoice that is due in December.

“The 2nd page of the invoice contains information on payment methods and some details pertaining to invoicing”. Le Chalet­à­Gobet 1000 Lausanne 25, Switzerland

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne I Finance department

Tel. +41(0)21 785 11 11 Fax. +41(0)21 785 11 21 TVA CHE­107.035.299 TVA


accEss TO My FInancIaL dOcUMEnTs hOW can I accEss My FInancIaL dOcUMEnTs? When you come back to School you will be able to access your invoices and statements of account on a single portal: just go to the myEHL portal 1. 2.

Go to the myEHL portal >, Install the applications “Account statement” and “Invoices” that you will find on the upper right hand of the screen; “Add Portlet”



your myEhL account will provide you with up-to-date information on the balance of your student account. It will reflect all the entries such as invoices, amounts paid/ credited and the balance remaining. Furthermore, you will be able to upload your invoices and any reminders that you may receive. The Finance Department does not send any of these documents via the postal service and therefore we request that you check this section often and upload your invoices as soon as they become available. It then becomes your responsibility to inform your parents, or the person managing your finances, of the invoice.

“When a new document becomes available, you will immediately be advised by e-mail. Therefore, please make sure that your e-mail inbox has enough space available, even if you are away or on an internship.” Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne I Finance department




The compulsory expenses apply to all the students and cover the following services: • •

Fees for tuition Infrastructure and expenses relating to the programme. This point includes in particular • The teaching material (equipment and scholastic supplies, etc.); • The service and kitchen uniforms (1st year); • The insurance package: including third-party insurance, all-inclusive accident insurance, theft and damage to your computer; • Access to the databases; • Use of the sports facilities and material, including various sports courses; • The contribution to the student Fund for extracurricular activities; • The teaching material for practical and theoretical activities and copyright costs.

normally the basic compulsory expenses will be invoiced in a single invoice in July and the total amount will be split between the due dates that appear on the invoice.


These are supplementary costs and will be invoiced upon registration for the service in question. Following are several examples: • • • •

Accommodation on campus ; Interior or exterior parking space, the cost of which will vary depending on its location; The Alumni network (AEHL); Health insurance (for students not resident in Switzerland only). The optional expenses will be invoiced separately and may be sent at any time throughout the year. Payment of these invoices must be made at 30 days from the date of the invoice.


These expenses are invoiced to EhL by external organizations such as the swiss authorities and are necessary in the framework of your studies. These amounts are invoiced to the students on an additional invoice and may cover the following: • • •

residence taxes Visas or other administrative expenses … The outside EhL expenses will be invoiced separately and may be sent at any time throughout the year. Payment of these invoices must be made at 30 days from the date of the invoice.

“The Finance Department establishes e-invoices. These are available in electronic form only; no hardcopies will be sent. However, you will be notified of the arrival of an invoice by e-mail.” Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne I Finance department


rEMIndErs and dEPOsIT

rEMIndErs AND rEMIndEr cOsTs

The tuition fees must be paid in their entirety according to the due dates shown on the invoice. Should payment be delayed, you will be invoiced for the cost of reminders and interest on arrears: 1st reminder 2nd reminder 3rd reminder 4th reminder

chF 50.chF 150.chF 200.chF 400.-

Should the due dates for payment not be met, you may not be allowed to begin the new semester and your participation may be suspended. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to take part in the final evaluations.

FOR SWISS STUDENTS ONLY should you abandon your studies before 15 October, the hEs-sO participation will no longer be valid and you will be liable for the full amount of your tuition fees. should you abandon your studies between 15 October and 14 april, you will be liable for your tuition fees for the second part of the academic year. Should you abandon your studies after 15 april, all your fees will be paid by the hEs-sO.


The deposit is destined to cover all the extraordinary expenses that you may incur during your studies at EHL. When you have completed each academic session, interest will be applied to the deposit account at the annual rate of interest applied by the bank we work with, plus an additional 0.25% granted by EhL. The deposit, including the interest, is credited to your Student Account. Should you abandon your studies during an academic session, all or part of your deposit may be reimbursed to you, but only if notification of your decision is provided at least one month before the beginning of the academic session.

Ecole h么teli猫re de Lausanne I Finance department


InsUrancE For all questions concerning your insurance you may go to the insurance specialists, gest-Union sa, either at their office at EhL or their offices in Ecublens.

gEsT-UnIOn sa

Service Centre At EHL Opening times Monday - Friday 8:30 - 11:30 / 12:00 -14:00

Example questions: • Is my health insurance policy from germany valid in switzerland? • I have had a car accident, what should I do? • What is the European health Insurance card? • What am I covered for under the css health insurance policy? • What health insurance policy is valid world-wide? • am I covered by insurance for accidents? • What is the third-party insurance? • am I covered if someone steals from me?


Your contact person

Telephone +41 21 785 13 41 Offices in Ecublens route de Vallaire 149 Opening times Lundi au jeudi 8:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 -17:00 Vendredi 8:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 -16:30

Wilhelm Kaiser

Email Telephone +41 21 695 69 05

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne I Finance department


cOnTacTs For all general questions related to your invoices and your finances at EHL:


The Service Centre is at your disposal in Building M. Once you have made your request to the service centre, they will either answer your question or send you to the person who can best do so.

sErVIcE cEnTrE

Opening times Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 18:30 Friday 7:30 - 17:30 Email Telephone +41 21 785 16 66


For example: • I do not understand my invoice. • What is the remaining balance I must pay? • I cannot access my financial portal. • On the financial portal it shows “amount in your favour” and the amount is negative; does that make it a debit or a credit? • Where can I reach my financial portal from? • What must I do to be able to see/open my invoice? • What login must I use? • I have not been invoiced for the right modules, what should I do? • I have not been in voiced for the right electives, what should I do? • I am swiss and I have not passed my elective; do I have to pay for the next one? • has the reimbursement for my Mobilis been deducted? • how many invoices are we going to receive during the year? What are their due dates? • What are the conditions for obtaining hEs-sO participation? • …

The Finance Department is at your disposal on the 1st floor of Building O.

FInancE dEParTMEnT

Your contacts Maïté Decrevel + 41 21 785 11 35

Maxime Kursner +41 21 785 15 38

Opening times Lundi - Thursday 9:30 - 12:00 / 15:30 - 17:00

For any questions addressed to the Service Centre and/or the Finance Department, you can: > call or go to the desk during opening hours; > request an appointment or send an eTicket via the myEHL portal at any time

PayMEnT METhOds and BanKIng InFOrMaTIOn your invoices must be paid by bank transfer or through the Post Office to the EhL account, as per the following information: Bank: SWIFT: Clearing: IBAN:

Banque cantonale Vaudoise, case Postale, 1002 LaUsannE BVcVLch2LXXX 767 ch90 0076 7000 E030 2181 0

It is essential that you indicate your name, first name and your Student Number on each payment. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne I Finance department


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Dear EHL Students, The summer holidays are in full swing and the beginning of the new Academic Year at EHL may seem far away. However, with...

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