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Responding to Feedback Expanding and refining original design

Further development

Expanding an idea Wyndham City Gateway

Expanding on feedback gained in the crit we concluded that the design needed to become more monumental through creating a less specific form. Given the large size of the site, there is considerable scope for either repetition or extrusion of the existing design. Other adjustments under consideration are that of developing an experience that is more than fleeting. There is the possibility of creating multiple experiences or an elongated feedback from the structure. ●○

>> “Growing” the structure to reach over the road was one of the first steps taken in creating a continued experience and fully utilizing the site. ●○

New Elements

Combining concepts Sketch ideas

After repeating this new form, we adjusted alignment and width of the bands to create a more dynamic structure. Interested in the idea of creating an element of continuity, we explored extrusions and perforations throughout the panels. Placed at the eye height of passers by, these elements will provide a separate experience from that of the monumental sculpture seen on approach. With ideas of natural growth such as veins or tree roots, continuous extruded lines would multiply as the car passes. â—?â—‹




>> Different possibilities of how these options would be fabricated.

>> Number of curves and “charge” points can be adjusted as an input to this component. ●○

New Elements

Flow Lines Plugin Utilizing Grasshopper

In order to acheive the growth in irregulaity of our form, we implemented the use of a Grasshopper plugin FLOWLINES. This component provides a simulation of magnetically “charged” points and adjusts the surrounding curves accordingly. By increasing the charge of these points with a number slider, this example also displays a link with growth as the progressive arrangement of curves can be interpereted as cells multiplying. ●○

>> A sketch of a more refined idea and the detail of ribs to be viewed at eye height. ●○

New Elements

Developing the form Animorphic

Curves created with Flow Lines were baked and size was inverted to achieve desired appearance of “Growth”. Once adjusted to sizes consistent with our design they were then spaced and re-scaled according to projected lines form a point. In simulating the viewpoint of approach on the road, we created a form that appeared as one mass but infact is broken into parts ●○

Three panels were fabricated in order to “prove” the success of the animorphic form. Ways in which this could be improved is eliminating the any non-morphing panels and ensuring that the expanding arches do not move too far from the side of the road. We must ensure the height allows for safe passage of trucks as well providing a continued experience for commuters. ●○

Development model  

Expanding on ideas gained through feedback

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