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the brand


introduction the story of us meet our team our mission our brand indentity

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the logo


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wine labels corks company polo wine glasses

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final statement


the brand



Greenvale Vineyard’s graphic identity guidelines provide a foundation for clear and consistent communication of the institution’s identity. Adhering to common standards ensures that the Vineyard’s correct name appears on all official Greenvale Vineyard’s communications. All mediums—publications, websites, advertising, signage, letterhead, or business cards—layout, color, and typography are orchestrated to impart a unified “signature.” This publication includes a description of the new logo and guidelines for its use including official colors and typefaces, as well as the appropriate use of the logo. The official policies and standards for the design of Greenvale Vineyard stationery, publications and other applications are also available within this graphic identity manual. The accompanying guidelines note specific uses to be followed by all members of the Greenvale Vineyards community.

The Greenvale Vineyard Identity Program was launched in April 2012, with the introduction of a new Greenvale Vineyards graphic signature (logo.) The signature combines the history of the vineyard’s previous history as a horse stable, with a touch of wine. The signature forms the foundation upon which the entire Graphic Identity Program is built. It captures the Vineyard’s important history as well as our bold vision for the future. The identity program is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of a large number of audiences while creating a strong brand presence for the Vineyard in the higher wine marketplace. The Vineyard community’s use of the identity program guidelines is integral to building public awareness of the Vineyard’s prestige and support for its mission.


the story of us

One of our goals at Greenvale Farm and Vineyards is to ensure economic viability of farming. The tranquility, the topography, the rich soil, the temperate climate and the water make Aquidneck Island (Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth) a wonderful place to farm. Farms and open space preserve the quality of life and the character that makes Aquidneck Island unique. The terroir, the environment in which the grapes are grown and the wine produced, produces wonderful delicious award winning wines.You can clearly taste what makes Aquidneck Island such a supreme place to farm.

We are pleased that we have been able to identify a means by which we can take advantage of the wonderful growing conditions, to maintain the tradition of this farm in this family and to ensure its viability for generations to come. Farming in Rhode Island is dwindling but with the help of agritourism and enterprises such as Rhode Island Farm Ways, the state and federal agencies who support our efforts and the general public who recognize the value of buy local, we can keep the small farms alive.

Our hope for the future of Aquidneck Island is embedded in our vision for Greenvale Farm and Vineyards, located along the Sakonnet River in Portsmouth. Our goal is to maintain a viable future for the historic farm. When Greenvale was built during the 1860’s, it was intended to be a self sustaining 50 acre family run operation. Listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, we are pleased that Greenvale has become a resource for cultural history, as well as architectural.


meet our team

Nancy Parker Wilson

Cortlandt and Nancy Knowles Parker

General Manager for Greenvale Vineyards since she, her husband and parents embarked on this enterprise in 1992. A graduate of Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, she moved to Boston after graduation and became the Director of Public Information for the two Boston area Zoos, Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo.

A native of New York State where her grandfather grew grapes, began her newspaper career on the Washington Evening Star and then the Newark Evening News where she met her husband of 50 years, Cortlandt Parker. Together they started a chain of weekly/community newspapers in New Jersey. She then started a quarterly newspaper for the New England wine region called the New England Wine Gazette. There are now three wine newspapers, the New England Wine Gazette, the Finger Lakes Wine Gazette, the Long Island Wine Gazette and the Virginia Wine Gazette. She is publisher of the wine publication and Publisher emeritus of the community newspapers which are now run by two of her children, Elizabeth Parker and Stephen W. Parker. Another son, Cortlandt Parker is living with his wife and family in Florida and her youngest daughter Nancy is the General Manager of the winery and lives with her husband and family in Boston, MA.

Richard Carmichael Joined Greenvale Vineyards as Winemaker in 1997. Prior to Greenvale he had been the Assistant Winemaker at the Williamsburg Winery in Williamsburg Virginia. Richard graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Enology from California State University at Fresno and was a winemaker in California for a number of years before moving back East.


William F. Wilson President of Wilson Architects an architectural practice recognized for designing and building beautiful college and university buildings with a specialty in the sciences. Recently he has been traveling to Spain and Ireland to plan and design Nano Laboratories. Other clients include Vanderbilt University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and University of Chicago. Bill graduated from Harvard College and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Prior to starting his medium sized practice he was a 25 year employee and Principle at Payette Associates also of Boston. The Wilsons have lived in the south end for 25 years and have had a chance to work on two residences there. The Stable Restoration is a great example of Historic Preservation. Bill is on the board of the Preservation Society of Newport County. Though he is not able to spend much time presently at Greenvale during the week, he is at Greenvale most weekends. Bill has five children already listed above.

Hever Ortega Joined Greenvale Vineyards in 1992 as an assistant in the Vineyards. He was promoted to Vineyard Manager in 1994. In 1992, Hever had just moved from Guatamala and had been hired by Cortlandt Parker to assist in our new venture. Hever became a United States citizen in 2002. Hever, who fortunately grew up on a cattle farm is not only great with the 24000 vines planted here, but with our two Scottish highland and in overall beautification and landscaping. Hever live with his wife and son in Providence.

our mission

Greenvale’s mission is to maintain the beautiful historic farm by making world class wines and selling the wines from the restored stable turned Tasting Room as well as locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We focus on conservation of open space, preservation of beautiful buildings and provide both recreation and education to our visitors. Cortlandt Parker, the farm’s fourth generation, and his wife Nancy Parker started to grow grapes here as a hobby in the 1960’s. In the early 80’s, the Parkers realized the pressure that farm land would experience on beautiful Aquidneck Island and decided to embark on the development of a commercial vineyard to develop a viable farming operation. Greenvale started its grape growing operation as growers for Sakonnet Vineyards across the river in Little Compton.

In the early 90’s, the Parkers with the assistance of their daughter Nancy Parker Wilson and her husband William Wilson embarked on the development of Greenvale’s own wine. A consultant that they had hired from the North Fork of Rhode Island believed that their fruit was too good and should make a wine under its own Greenvale label. In 2000, under the leadership of son in law William Wilson, a Boston architect, Greenvale restored the Stable which allowed Greenvale to be open for tours and tastings and to develop a popular music series. Other special events include the annual Restoration Celebration to honor the restoration of the beautiful stable and a Harvest Festival in November.


our brand indentity


Greenvale’s mission is to maintain the beautiful historic farm by making world class wines and selling the wines from the restored stable turned Tasting Room as well as locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We focus on conservation of open space, preservation of beautiful buildings and provide both recreation and education to our visitors. We are a small scale, family oriented winery located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. passionate individuals.

We value tradition, and culture while ultivating our product. We provide the best product to our valued customers and an enriching experience when visiting our winery. We are highly educated on our craft, and We want to provide our guests with the best of the best. Our beautiful location allows us to do what we love, where we love. We are silple, fun, itelligent, caring, creative, passionate, drieven, and experienced. Our wine is of exquisite tase, and high quality.

the logo


color The logo must be ONLY used in the following colors. Exact copies for Pantone, CMYK, or RGB must be followed. The original logo must be used in the green color. Red wines shall be used in the red color on labels. White wines will be used with our purple color on all labels. Specialty wines will be used in the purple color on labels. These are the only color exceptions that will be tolerated. Please be sure to check the exact color codes before sending materials to printer.


Pantone 3308 R:0 G:72 B:58 C:90 M:45 Y:74 K:47

Pantone 209 R:134 G:0 B:56 C:0 M:100 Y:34 K:53

Pantone 2766 R:37 G:64 B:143 C:100 M:90 Y:10 K:0

Pantone 525 R:83 G:46 B:99 C:84 M:100 Y:45 K:5






Sizing Please adhere to the following size limitations. All instances where the logo is to be used must be placed in between the following sizes. The smallest the logo can appear is featured on the top. The largest the logo should be used at is on the bottom. All logos must be in between these sizes for complete brand identity. No exceptions to these size rules without further consent.

3 pixels



The importance of spacing is critical to the logo. Enough white space must be around the logo in order for it to comply with the brand. Please place the logo in a box with 3 pixels of clear space surrounding the logo. Nothing can come between the white space and the log, it must retain completely clear of any material.

perpetua titling light

perpetua titling bold

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIi JjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890w

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIi JjKkLlMmNnOoPpQq RrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890w



The use of typography is not only important for the logo, but for the identity of the brand. The type in the logo must always be Perpetua Titling Light or Bold. The Greenvale portion must always be in bold, and the vineyards portion must always be in Light. No other type faces can be used...ever. Don’t even think about it...ever. The type face for all other materials, must be Perpetua. This type face prints smaller than most, so feel free to adjust the size accordingly. If you choose not to use this typeface, you are ruining the brand identity. So don’t do it.


8.5 x 11 letterhead

#10 envelope


582 Wapping Road

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871

(401) 847-3777

standard business card Mary pecorino (401) 847-3777


582 Wapping Road Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871


stationery The Letterhead- Please use this format for all materials being sent out that are to be placed on 8.5 x 11 in letter paper. The logo should be on top, with the green and white stripe down the side, with the address on the bottom. The envelope- use this format for all envelopes. Shown is an expample of a standard letter sized envelope. A signle green stripe, with the logo on front corner. The address is to be placed on the back flap. The business cards are to be green on the front, white on back. They are each to have a stripe, and should always be laid out as shown to the left.


When using an image pertaining to the vineyard, place a logo on all images. It must appear in white, with a cleared out leaf. The leaf must show the image through it’s shape. It must also follow the size requirements. Images that are used should only be of our distinct, unique vineyard. DO NOT use stock photos, or generica vineyard/wine related photos. Please refer to the images on the right hand side of the spread for examples.




wine labels For all wine labels, refer to this page.You must be aware of colors for specific wines as well. Please present wine in these labels only. This is extremely important for brand recognition, so pay attention! White wines: Bue label, featuring white grapes. Red wines: Red label, featuring red grapes. Specialty wines: Purple label, featuring champagne grapes. Note the different botlle.



the cork The cork is one of our most important aspects. People save corks of wines they adore. We want everyone who tries our wine to save our cork. It is important for the logo to be in black ink as it is the only color which will show up during print. It must always be placed in the center. Size accordingly.


COMPANY POLO The company polo is featured to the left. It is offered in the three brand colors, except the purple. Place the logo in white on the left chest.


wine glasses Our wine glasses will be comprised only of our logo in the original green color, centered in the middle of the glass. Please serve all of our wine in these glasses during tastings, and tours.


final statment These rules are highly regarded by our company standards. Any violations of these rules are fiercely forbidden. These rules were made for complete brand recognition, and shall not be tampered with. Please double check all aspects of this identity manual before sending materials for print and production. Infractions of these rules will compromise our brand, and more importantly, your job.


Designed by Erika Hedgecock, 2012

Greenvale Vineyards: Identity Manual  

An identity manual for a winery located in Portsmout, RI.

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