EHEDG Connects - edition 3

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EHEDG Guideline Documents

New publications, developed by experts, setting new standards for all New publications The final publication of a new EHEDG Guideline Document is always a special occasion, which deserves our full attention. That’s why EHEDG Connects provides you with an overview of all the new EHEDG Guideline Documents that were published after the previous edition of this magazine. You are cordially invited to benefit from the wealth of expertise that these guidelines contain, to optimise the designs of your process equipment and by doing so, to improve the food safety, productivity and sustainability of your and/or your customer’s food processes. Developed by experts Each year, hundreds of engineers, scientists and food safety experts contribute their valuable time to EHEDG by developing new EHEDG Guideline Documents. They meet up with their fellow EHEDG Working Group members to discuss practical industry needs, the latest developments in hygienic design and what to include in the new guideline updates.


Setting new standards EHEDG Guideline Documents are also the basis for the EHEDG Certification and EHEDG Training services. Since every single EHEDG Guideline Document needs to be scrutinised in a thorough peer review phase, it’s not surprising that the EHEDG Working Group Members have a lot to discuss, check and double check before submitting their new EHEDG Guideline for publication. For all One of the great benefits of being an EHEDG member is to have free access to the fruits of all these continuous efforts and hard work, that can be found in a growing number of EHEDG Guideline Documents (55 in 2020, and counting) to help food industry companies and their suppliers to innovate, integrate and apply hygienic engineering and design equipment, for the benefit of food safety, productivity and sustainability.