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TV Sivakumar, CEO, AmbalSoft InfoTech Private Ltd, shares his experience of medical imaging industry Tell us about your journey. What made you venture into this field?? I have been associated with medical ICT from 1995 onwards. I worked for Abbott Labs and Carl Zeiss Meditec in the USA and contributed to many projects. I came back to India and setup a consulting company in 2000 and ran it successfully till 2008. In 2009, I decided to pursue my dream of starting a medical software product company and started AmbalSoft. India’s healthcare industry is in rapid transformation adopting ICT and we want to be part of this growth.

Give us an overview on the Capture IT Pro series. Which are the hospitals who have deployed your technologies? Capture IT Pro is a medical imaging and documenting software useful to record medical procedures and surgeries. It can interface with medical instruments like; HD/SD Endoscopes, Microscopes Analog

TV Sivakumar devices etc and record video, take images pertinent to medical procedure. Recorded video can be played back to patient to make them understand more about their problem or the treatment planned/ given for them. This helps in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) practice. Document-

‘India, the global knowledge hub, needs a solid regulatory body like FDA / EC and must put quality healthcare as top priority reform to win global reputation. International standards like IHE must be customised to Indian subcontinent for easy adoption. We are part of a group of companies working towards forming IHE-India’

ing the procedure is also useful for Insurance Claiming and presentation purposes. Capture IT Pro can connect with all types of HD Endocsopes and can record video in 1080 pixle High Definition quality. It can also convert images to DICOM format and send to PACS for centralised storage. Capture IT Pro bridges the gap between analog medical devices and PACS / DICOM server. We also have ColpoITPro for Colposcopic procedure documenting software and OptoITPro software for ophthalmic microscopic surgery documentation. We have more than 850+ installations all over the world. All major hospitals in our country are using our product.

How do you think ICT can revolutionise healthcare especially in India? ICT is the answer to revolutionise healthcare demands in India. Like how Banking and Railways advanced by ICT, days are not far for Healthcare domain to realise full power of ICT and transform to next level. ICT can greatly improve quality of medical care by providing critical information at right time at right place, centralised healthcare management systems, EMR systems, Telemedicine support and increased interoperability between medical systems. When put to effective use, ICT can decrease treatment cost and save lives.

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