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IDPs of Dargai(Malakand) Facing Real difficulties Dargai.(District Malakand) 30 K.m from Mardan

At a time when optimum attention is being paid to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the down districts, those displaced within Malakand Division have been ignored completely. It is a fact that 1.5 million people have shifted to the down districts — Swabi, Mardan and others. But the total population of Malakand Division is around four million. The rest have been displaced within the region, by shifting to the relatively calm areas. They are in dire need of food and non-food items as due to the prolonged curfew, there is an acute shortage of daily-use items. I saw entirely different situation compare to the normal designated Camps in Peshawar, Mardan and Swabi. Because of the non schedule military curfew, the IDPs are facing very harsh circumstances which we can’t compare with the other IDPs camps. If the situation remains the same for few days I have no idea what will happened next.

As per statistic which I collected in Village Dargai. Total Number of IDPs

1195 families (these are registered with UNHCR)

 12 IDPs camps in School and colleges where 311 families are living.  Gul Muqam M.Raiz IDPs camp : 431 families (2535 persons) are living  The rest of IDPs are living in Hujras or with their relatives

# Of NGO’s and International Aid agencies working in Dargai Village= Red Cross Provided Tents

Now EHD working in this area Sources of ration and other facilities = Medical Facilities

with the help of local Villagers

Two LHV (Lady Health visitors) are taking care women’s and children’s health Issues. No medical Camps till today.

Urgent need for the IDPs in Dargai Village  food items ( Atta , Daal, Rice, oil, Sugar )  At least 20 Water hand pumps: 8 for the IDPs in Schools, 4 for the

IDPs in Hujras, and 8 for the IDPs in Gul Muqam Camp  Medicines and qualified Doctors : urgent need for free medical camp weekly,    

with female doctors if possible otherwise trained nurses. A large Quantity of Nimkol / ORS Pedestal Fan at least 431 for the Gul Muqam camp School Books for Grade 1-5(of Peshawar Board), Buckets, Plates, Glasses , pans

Due to the curfew in the area all markets are closed and local and public transport is not available There is huge shortage of food and daily use items, local volunteers showed me the last stock of food items which were fungus infected.

IDPs are using contaminated water.

Current water supply arranged by the local people at Gul Muqam Camp.

Some other pictures of the IDPs camps at Dargai Vilage

Toilets are not useable.

IDPs from 4 schools inquiring about ration.

16 People are staying in one Room

View of Gul Muqam Camp Dargai.

all the Schools and college become camps for IDPs..

Dargai Final IDPs  

I saw entirely different situation compare to the normal designated Camps in Peshawar, Mardan and Swabi. Because of the non schedule militar...

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