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Through Every Home for Christ we aim to put a gospel leaflet in every home in the world with national workers systematically going door-todoor until every home in their nation has been visited. Home to home, country by

country, until every home in the world has gospel literature to read. But we also have a Global Concern for the poor and needy, resulting in programs in developing countries to give men, women and children the skills they need for sustainable development of themselves and their communities. Community development is the goal, with programs that target real needs .

It looks different in each country— in Africa its emphasis is on making communities food secure through training and equipping subsistence farmers, in Bangladesh and India the focus is on educating children and providing vocational opportunities for the parents so they can increase their income, in Togo the emphasis is on primary health care ‌. whatever the need! By this and emergency relief in times of crisis, we hope to alleviate poverty and suffering.

to reach every home and help the poor 2


everyhome Every one needs to hear the good news!

No house should be missed. As of today Every Home for Christ is at work in 90 countries. In 2009 more than 35 million homes have been visited with an EHC worker/evangelist sharing a personal testimony where possible and leaving at the home a gospel booklet. 5 million (5,357,625) people have received Jesus Christ as their Saviour or have requested more information this year, that is 14,678 people every day.

Every Home for Christ P.O. Box 391, Winchester S023 0XZ Phone: 01794 388088 E-Mail: Web Site: Registered Charity No. 286042

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malawi&zambia Photos: Kristy-Lee Simmons


It is hard to find a more needy and underprivileged place in the world than Africa. The problems of extreme poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, gender inequality, HIV aids, malaria and other diseases are ravaging African communities to a degree it is difficult to comprehend in the West. In order to address these challenges, Every Home for Christ conducts food security projects in Malawi and Zambia training villagers in how to grow enough food to feed their entire family throughout the year. These projects are established in line with the old adage, ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.’ Over the past year Every Home

for Christ provided seed and fertiliser to over 369 women and 337 men in Malawi and Zambia, but more importantly, provided training to each of these individuals, along with around 1,000 other indirect beneficiaries, with tools and skills for farming so they can provide for their families for the rest of their lives. In Zambia, conservation farming techniques have both protected the environment and increased harvests. HIV support groups have strengthened community connections in hard times and nutrition classes have opened mothers up to new sources of food such as soya for their children. Some have even gone on to cook and sell their wares to

Water wells for clean water & a “pass-on” chicken farming program have helped these poor families become selfsufficient.

bring in extra income for the family. In Malawi, villagers were bringing in harvests over one thousand percent greater than before the project began, malaria cases had dropped by 30 percent, diarrhoea cases by 65 percent and cases of malnourished children by 90 percent. Every Home for Christ is not only having a great impact on small and underprivileged African communities, but also a lasting one!



Indra Orie (pictured above) volunteered with Love Anuppampattu School in India in September 2008 and began fundraising to make the dream of a library a reality. She continued her work as a social worker in Holland, saving her own money and accepting donations from friends who supported the vision. Within a year she had collected enough money to buy 500 books and begin Love Anuppampattu ’s first ever library collection. In September 2009, Indra returned to India and painstakingly travelled throughout Chennai’s bookstores scouring them for the best quality English books she could buy. The result is remarkable! The new library contains books for all ages from Kindergarten through to Year 5. Simple stories with glossy pages filled with bright colours through to informative books on the human body or the world, children’s picture Bibles, and wonderful novel’s like “The Secret Garden”.

Rickshaws, sewing machines and training are helping these poor families become selfsufficient.

Our special thanks to Indra who is making a wonderful contribution to the education of these children. In both India and Bangladesh extremely poor families are being given a chance to improve their lives, with basic education for 1400 children in 5 schools, tailoring training for the women and opportunity to be trained for employment for both men and women, the whole community benefiting from this program. Clean water, toilets and health education help to prevent disease, physical education and nutritious lunches help to improve the health and stamina of the children, and free education, uniforms and educational materials …all funded by sponsorship … give these children self–esteem and the opportunity to develop and progress with the hope that they will not have to live in poverty in the future.


Our special thanks to the many child sponsors who are making a wonderful contribution to the education and lives of these children and their communities.

Many thanks for the sponsors of children in Nepal. Many of these children have now completed school and are progressing well in tertiary education or in jobs.



humanitarianemergencies Burma was the centre of attention last year when Cyclone Nargis roared through this small country, leaving a trail of death and destruction. As Every Home for Christ has a national office there, aid was quickly given in the form of food, clothing and shelter. In the months following, with funding from the United Kingdom, communities in the worst-hit Ayeyarwady Division who had lost everything were targeted and a program of house reconstruction commenced. Hundreds of houses, community halls, jetties and water pumps were built, bringing relief and hope to Burmese men, women and children.

thank you for your help

The Tsunami of 2000 has almost been forgotten by the world but, for one fishing village in India, the long wait for life to return to normality is finally over. The Indian government is just completing new housing and Every Home for Christ in India has officially opened the longawaited community hall. At the opening the excited villagers celebrated with a feast on the roof of the new community hall.

thank you for your help

Bible Readings: This month the daily text will be taken from Zechariah to Matthew. For those wanting to do the one-year Bible reading programme these chapters are in brackets.

January, 2010


KENYA - Pop 37,900,000 – Map 27. By the grace of God workers are seeing thousands giving their lives to Jesus, and many homes are being reached with the Good News. Pray for the soccer ball project that many lives will be impacted by the Good News. Amos 7 (Luke 24) BRAZIL - Pop-186,000,000 Map 216.Pray God will help us complete the purchase of boats in the Amazon soon. It’s not a quick job to build four boats, big and small. Pray God will “show us how best” to do this work. It’s an important mission field! Zechariah 8 (I Corinthians11:2 to 14:40) CREATIVE ACCESS – Praise the Lord that the workers are now fully able to distribute literature in this nation as well as share the gospel message with prisoners and with hospital patients. Pray for those who make decisions for the Lord that there would be suitable follow-up materials for them. Zechariah 9. (I Corinthians 15) MADAGASCAR – Pop 17,800,000 Map 4 Pray for wisdom and guidance as EHC workers prepare for the Christmas outreach project. Pray that the Lord will provide the volunteers needed to work together to reach men, women and children for Christ. To date, more than 370,000 homes have been visited and 154,207 responses have been received. Zechariah 10 (I Corinthians 16) ARMENIA– 3,000,000 Map 102 Reaching Kapan was difficult because people often thought EHC workers were Jehovah’s Witnesses, but through the power of prayer the workers reached this city with the Gospel. Pray that there would be many who accept the Lord and would respond asking for follow-up materials. Zechariah 11 (2 Corinthians 1 to 7) ROMANIA – Pop21,100,000 Map 76 Praise God for all of the churches that are involved in spreading the Gospel in Romania. Pray for protection for the many volunteers that are going home to home share gospel booklets as well as talk with people about Jesus and His gift of salvation. Zechariah 12 (2 Corinthians 8 to 9) ZIMBABAWE– Pop 13,300,000 Map 9 Over 1000 people responded to the Good News in one month as a result of the ‘summer blitz campaign.’ Pray that these new converts through disciple- ship would grow in the Lord. To date, more than 9.6 million gospel booklets have been shared in Zimbabwe. Zecharia 13) INDONESIA– Pop 229,200,000 Map 141 An EHC team has introduced the Train & Multiply materials to several theological schools for it to become part of the curriculum. Pray for the participants of the Train & Multiply seminars that they would have the opportunity to reach many people and form Christ

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Groups. Zechariah 14 (Acts 18:12 to 20:1) NIGER– Pray for the village of Bawada Daji. The people received the Gospel some decades ago but never been rooted in the faith. Pray that God’s Spirit will empower them to grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord. Ask God for a wave of spiritual revival among the believers. Malachi 1 (Ephesians 1 to 3) ARGENTINA – Pop 38,800,000 Map 221 Praise God for the great results from the distribution that took place in the special summer outreach project. Pray for a rich harvest of souls from the home to home distribution efforts in the countries of Malvinas Argentinas, Hurlingham and San Miguel. Malachi 2 (Ephesians 4 to 6) TANZANIA – Pop 40,600,000 Map 16 Continue to pray for needed transportation and laptops to support EHC’s Mobile Training Centre program. Also pray for the provision of materials in Swahili, a language spoken by the majority of the people. Praise the Lord that the Mobile Training Centre has been well received in Ndanda and Kimamba. Malachi 3 (Romans 1:1 to 3:20) BANGLADESH – Pop 152,40 0,000 Map 130 During a recent month over 167,000 gospel booklets were distributed and 7,200 response cards were received. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak to the hearts of all who have received the message of God’s gift of salvation and that they will grow in the Lord. Malachi 4 (Romans 3:21 to 7:25) CZECH REPUBLIC – Pop 10,200,000 Map 80 Praise God for great impact of the prison outreach as prisoners are asking for Bible courses and pastoral help. Pray for EHC workers who have reinstated intensive correspondence with many prisoners and are helping them to find new life and hope in Jesus. Matthew 1 (Romans 8)


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NEPAL – Pop 28,500,000 Map 131 Pray for the many homes and schools that are visited in Ovamboland where thousands of pieces of literature were distributed and face-to-face evangelism encounters were made. Pray that more pastors would desire to see men, women and children come to faith in Christ. Matthew 2 (Romans 9 to 11) NICARAGUA – Pop 5,600,000 Map 181 Praise the Lord that the EHC van has been repaired and is back in the Lord’s service. Pray for God’s hand of protection on the EHC team as they visit ultra-Sandinista universities. Also pray that more Christian’s teachers will develop a willingness to reach non- believing teachers for Christ. Matthew 3 (Romans 12 to 13)



CAMEROON –Pop 18,900,000 Map 24 Pray that God will grant favour, wisdom, and courage to Christ Group leader Gildas Diderot Tchinda. Pray that God will provide resources for Elder Hyacinthe Balep as he wants to build a church in his village. To date, 1,929 Christ Groups have been planted in Cameroon. Matthew 4 (Romans 14:1 to 15:13) CREATIVE ACCESS – There is a need of large quantity of Bible after attacks on several communities. Pray that provision of these Bibles would be met. Continue to pray for the safety and protection of the EHC team and volunteers as they share the gospel in dangerous areas of the country. Matthew 5 (Romans 15:14 to 16:27) PHILIPPINES – Pop 87,500,000 Map 167 Praise the Lord for the workers participating in the feeding programs as part of Operation Jericho’s specialized ministry. Pray for the EHC outreach in Muslim communities that the love of Christ would be manifested. Matthew 6 (Acts 20:2 to 21:16) SERBIA – Pop 7,800,000 Map 70 Ask the Lord to continue to bless the follow-up visits that are taking place in the south west area where a significant Bosnian Muslim community lives. Earlier this year a record number of responses were received for Bible courses. Pray that many would find the Lord through the follow-up courses. Matthew 7 (Acts 21:17 to 26:32) UKRAINE –Pop-44,700,000 Map 99 Ten churches were involved in a home-to-home distribution effort in Zhitomir City and the surrounding region. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts of those who were presented the Gospel message. Matthew 8 (Acts 27 to 28) SPAIN – Pop-43,900,000 Map 59 Every month at least 100 people are discovering the Lord through the ministry of EHC. Many Christians have requested National Director José` Seisdedos for personal evangelism training. Pray that José would be able to effectively share the EHC vision. Matthew 9 (Colossians 1:1 to 3:4) BENIN – Pop-9,200,000 Map 36 Pray for the spiritual growth of Christ Groups asking God to provide faithful leaders. May God fill those leaders with his Spirit so that the strongholds of the devil would be destroyed and the Lord would deliver those who are under demonic influences. Matthew 10 (Colossians 3:5 to 4:18) CHILE - Pop- 16,7000,000 Map 218 Followup is being provided by many faithful volunteers committed to providing discipleship to new believers after the evangelistic outreaches in Santiago. Pray for the 2,600 Christ Groups have been planted in the past year in the Santiago metropolitan area. Matthew 11 (Hebrews 1 to 2) GHANA – Pop-23,000,000 Map 38 EHC lost one of its most reliable and committed field representatives when Pastor Oscar Arthur (56) died peacefully in his sleep. He worked very hard

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establishing 17 churches in difficult areas of the region. Pray for his wife and five children that God would provide for them as well as the ministry. Matthew 12 (Hebrews 3:1 to 4: 13) HUNGARY -Pop-9,900,000 Map 77 Since coal mines closed in 1992 unemployment has become a social scourge. EHC Director Peter Sztano reports, “When crossing thresholds of homes, we meet a lot of misery.” Pray for the 600 families who have opened their doors to EHC and who are starting to attend evangelistic meetings. Matthew 13 (Hebrews 4:14 to 7:28) LESOTHO – Pop-2,000,000 Map 2 Pray for more community leaders and village chiefs to grant EHC workers a “welcome” into their villages. Formal welcomes such as these open many doors to reach the villages. Thank the Lord for the dedicated team of workers and continue to pray for them as they labur in the harvest fields. Matthew 14 (Hebrews 8:1 to 10:18) FRANCE – Pop-61,800,000 Map 87 Through “Operation Villages” several thousand Gospel booklets made their way into 20 rural regions where the Gospel had not yet penetrated. Pray for several volunteers who are continuing with the home-to-home outreach in the Doubs Department where 27 Districts will be reached. Matthew 15 (Hebrews 10:19 to 12: 29) COTE D’IVOIRE –Pop-19,300,000 Map 40 The showings for the Jesus film among the Yahoure people group in Bouafle has been effective in drawing people to Christ. Although the Yahoure have previously been closed to the Gospel, pray that the message of the film will speak to the village chief and all the Yahoure people. Matthew 16 (Hebrews 13) SINGAPORE – Pop-4,400,000 Map 139 Prayer is the foundation of EHC’s Global ministry. Village churches throughout East Asia regularly have overnight prayer watches each week. Pray that many attendees would be called into ministry. Pray also for EHC workers as they faithfully distribute literature in very hot and humid weather. Matthew 17 (Titus1 to 3) SLOVAKIA – Pop- 5,300,000 Map 79 The new Bible correspondence course is seeing excellent results. Drawing on the problems of relational difficulties, a gospel booklet is first shared and then the follow-up course opens up the Scriptures. Pray that those who have responded would find a lasting relationship with the Lord. Matthew 18 (Philemon) MONGOLIA – Pop-2,600,000 Map 173 Pray for EHC Director Bassandorj Algaa’s four-year-old son who is undergoing noncancerous brain tumor treatment. The first treatment was unsuccessful, and doctors are discussing possible surgery to remove the tumor. Pray for a complete healing from this condition. Matthew 19 (1 Timothy 1 to 3)

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2009 Annual Report Uk  

2009 Annual Report Uk

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