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The consistent growth rate of Ghana’s economy is a solid foundation for social stability and international credibility. Inhabited by one of the friendliest people on earth, Ghana is situated in a unique and picturesque coastal location with 560 kilometers of quality sandy beaches. Ghana has always been a special Africa for both first time and frequent visitors.With a wide range of attractions and facilities, Ghana, which dazzles and charms visitors with its history and natural beauty all year round, is only 6 hours of direct flights from Amsterdam or London. And 9 hours from New York.

SURROUNDED BY TROPICAL BEAUTY AND FRIENDLINESS It's a privilege to be in a position to realize a project on this wonderful spot in such marvelous surroundings, especially for a Ghanaian who lives in Holland.When I set foot on the land which used to be part of the Ghanaian and European history I felt the uniqueness of this spot at once. I was impressed by the rustic atmosphere, the natural beauty and the location at the beautiful beach near Saltpond. At once I was convinced that we had to preserve this uniqueness. And we have succeeded in doing just so.The fine natural villas of Kuntu Palm Beach fit in with the surroundings wonderfully well. Or rather, they really blend into the surroundings. First and foremost the credit for this must go to the architect and other people who have embedded the character of the rich local architecture in the design. Kuntu Palm Beach is a Villa Park intended for recreational use. Purchasers of a Villa may choose from a wide range of options to mould the standard floor plan in accordance with their own wishes. In this manner a villa truly becomes a second home. Our Social Mission This project will create social and economic development in the Cape Coast area. It will facilitate our objective of achieving a sustainable self-reinforcing economic cycle. Ghana Green Coast Company will support education, sanitation, hygiene and youth development.We believe strongly that The people, planet, profit=prosperity concept encourages hard work and entrepreneurial activities and eventually will create durable development and meaningful independence for the people of Ghana.

Ben Gagba, Managing Director. Ghana Green Coast Company Nederland B.V. Zeist The Netherlands, 2012

KUNTU PALM BEACH, A BREATH TAKING LOCATION Visitors to Kuntu Palm Beach do not only fall for its natural beauty and the historic nearby town, Saltpond, with its old English Church and colonial houses, but above all the authentic landscape of this coastal paradise. It is more Ghanaian than Ghana. Foreign visitors especially will find here an amazing scenery adorned by a peaceful oasis and nature’s gift of beauty spanning the picturesque towns and villages characteristic of Ghana’s culture and its ancient history. The Saltpond area makes you feel more than welcome and offers a wide variety of activities and sites - the famous Castles of Elmina and Cape Coast and Fort Amsterdam among others.The Kakum National park where with courage you can take that memorable adventurous canopy walk.Visit the colorful Mankessim market and the friendly local fisherman who will be happy to show you the catch of the day.

PARK MANAGEMENT AND SERVICE The management package of the Kuntu Palm Beach Villa Park is very comprehensive. It includes minor maintenance and surveillance of your Villa and the Park, bookings and sales operations for rental and even all the administrative concerns regarding Ghanaian income tax and VAT refunds. The Kuntu Palm Beach Villa Park offers a high level of service. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in the restaurant and poolbar. Service provided is at the level of a four-star hotel, which means Grand Comfort.

We firmly believe that when you join us at Kuntu Palm Beach, the villa will: Improve your living enjoyment On this heavenly spot you can enjoy an oasis of tranquility and the beauty of nature. Enjoy the spacious and comfortable villa and all the facilities that the park and its surroundings have to offer. Improve your capital Attractive rental proceeds to yield a return on your investment by renting your villa out. Our professional park management will take care of everything, from marketing and maintenance to administrative burden. Improve the living environment The project will encourage and create durable development and independence for the people of the Saltpond community. Improve the planet More than 70% energy reduction by using proven sustainable techniques Geothermal floor cooling provides also a healthy and comfortable indoor climate The use of sustainable construction materials The use of a grey water system The use of solarsystems

A PARK WITH A MAGNIFICENT LAY-OUT The villas will be situated on a site of 25 ha along the sandy Palm Beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Its access by car is easy and situated along the motorway with Accra almost around the corner. The Kuntu Palm Beach Villa Park will have a wonderfully laid landscape.The existing structure of the park will be preserved, if necessary plants and trees will be added. Vegetation varies from strictly regional to very tropical. Several footpaths in addition to the planned road system will create a special experience walking through the Herb, Palm and Bougainvillea gardens. On this heavenly spot 100 luxurious villas will be realized, each villa having its private garden with its own parking. A private swimming pool is a very attractive and affordable option. Central amenities will be provided, including a reception, restaurant and pool bar. In addition a beach volleyball, tennis courts and a safe children's swimming pool will be offered.

THE VILLAS The villas may be called “green� because of the unique cooling system that uses environmental sources for cooling in a very comfortable way. No more noisy air conditioners that are extremely energy consuming. We use solar energy for hot water. We only use proven technology that can easily be maintained by our own trained technical staff. The architects designed a single floor plan which can be easily adjusted. Rural saddle roofs, a variety of materials, partly inspired by the local houses and large windows offering views of the sea, all in balance with the traditions of the Saltpond area. We offer three types of villas with 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and innumerable options.The basic concept allows you to create your own villa with a unique identity. It is possible to combine two bedrooms into one large bedroom.The choice of the kitchen and sanitary fittings enables you to follow your own taste, from very modern to romantic.The villas will have TV and Internet connection and mobile phone coverage throughout the park.The spacious villas offer a sizable living room with an open kitchen, dining area, entrance hall and toilet. There are large bedrooms and a luxurious Moonlight bathroom and in- and outhouse store rooms. Plot sizes from 700m2 to 1200 m2.

AN INTERIOR THAT FITS IN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE Our interior designers composed two furnishing packages for the management and rental organization. Purchasers who participate in the rental scheme, are obliged to select from these packages.

ATTRACTIVE RENTAL PROCEEDS Owners can, if they wish, have their villa yield a return by renting it out. A special program has been developed for this purpose. Our European management and rental organization will represent your interests by arranging rental through leading tour operators and a central internet based booking system.

MORE ABOUT US Ghana Green Coast Company, founded in 2003, has a clear vision: providing alternative and renewable energy to hotel projects and second home beach villas. GGCC has therefore acquired scenic beach view properties at strategic locations in Ghana. Only proven sustainable concepts will be implemented in order to achieve massive energy reductions upto 70% With our projects we strive to be the environmental leader in Ghana.

Mr. Ben Gagba has an educational background in engineering and is a professional in ecological building techniques and real estate property developments. For 22 years he held corporate and multiproperty positions in companies such as Volker Wessel Stevin, Kuijpers and Strukton in the field of sustainable energy design, installation and maintenance, covering the whole value chain of sustainable energy in real estate development.

Ben Gagba

Mrs. Ingrid Brouwer is responsible for Financial & Accounts Control . Mrs Brouwer is professionally occupied as an accountant and tax specialist. She has over 16 years of experience in international tax law, accountancy, project finance and administration.

Ingrid Brouwer

Mr. John Esiape is a partner on administration and regulatory requirements and has over 24 years’ experience in administration (people & financial management) and sales. He held several positions in corporate sales and administration in multinational companies and holds a postgraduate degree. He also is a professional Mediator & Arbitrator. Mr. Esiape lives in Ghana and supports Kuntu Palm Beach Villa Park in all its Operational aspects.

Mr. Eric Constant is a specialist in the field of Facility- and Hospitality management. He has 34 years of international experience in this field. He held corporate positions in companies such as Kempinski Hotels, Dorint Hotels and Golden Tulip Hotels. Mr. Constant also worked for the Hague University, Academy of Facility management, as lecturer and head of program.

Eric Constant

John Esiape


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