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Why you need a good quality watch. If you work, train, or play hard, it may be more important than you think. Does it seem like you go through watches like you go through underwear? Do you buy cheap watches because you know that you tend to break them in a rather short time? Then, you justify buying another cheap watch to replace the one you broke, just because you believe that it will be less expensive to replace the new one when you eventually break it? If you do, your not alone. I was of the same mind set at one time. Fortunately, I was rescued from this vicious circle. Because that is what it is. A vicious circle. Being the owner of a lawn care business in Florida is hard, hot, and heavy work. From mowing to pulling weeds, I do it all. When something breaks, it is my job to fix it. Be it an edger, trimmer, mower, or blower. If it can be fixed in my garage, it will be. From sun up to sun down, I am working. Not only am I working, but so is my equipment, my clothing, and my watch. I would not dream of buying a low quality mower to do the job that I do. Nor would I wear low quality clothing. If I did, I know that it would not last very long and I would be out looking for replacements for them in no time. Unfortunately, this same philosophy did not apply to the watches that I bought. To give you some idea of how hard my job is on a watch, in the first three years, five watches bit the dust. In shopping for a watch, I lived by the rule, the cheaper the better. Odds are, it was going to break, and I was not going to waste good money on something that I knew was not going to last. Not to mention, the thought of wearing a nice watch to do the type of work that I do, seemed ludicrous. At least, that is what I thought. Then came the day when I broke the unbreakable. I can deal with a scratched up window. I can handle a broken pin. I will even replace a band if needed. But to break the unbreakable, really ticked me off. I will not mention the name brand of the watch that I broke, because it was a very nice watch, but I will tell you that the company that makes it promotes it as a very tough watch. It wasn't tough enough. It didn't even last three months. Fortunately, it broke when it did. This forced me to go watch shopping. That is when I found the best watch that I have ever owned. A Swiss Army Officer's watch. Granted, a Swiss Army watch is not a high dollar watch, but, I can tell you, they make very good, quality watches. For two years, 24 hours a day, this watch, the Swiss Army Officer, has been on my wrist, and it has not even

suffered a hick-up. A few scuffs on the case, but not one scratch on the window. Never again will I buy a "cheap" watch. My philosophy on watch buying has changed from "The cheaper the better," to, "Quality first." If you are like I was, you may wish to rethink your ways. Those first three years, I spent an average of $60.00 a watch, on five watches. That comes out to $300.00 and a great deal of disappointment. The Swiss Army Officer watch was only $375.00, has lasted 2 years so far, with no end in sight. Not to mention, it looks good. The funny thing is, I no longer worry about breaking watches. No, it is not an unbreakable watch. It is a good quality watch, which is now the only type of watch I will ever buy.

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==== ==== If you are looking for a very high quality watch that will provide you with both looks and performance, then please visit, and check out the fine line of Breil watches! ==== ====

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