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I know there are many people interested in learning how to speak Spanish. Some may want to learn to speak Spanish for basic reasons such as conversation. Some may want to learn how to speak Spanish for more complicated reasons such as a business or job opportunity. Some may be about to travel to a Spanish speaking country. Or are studying Spanish and need better resources to make their learning task easier. Some people may want to learn to speak Spanish to earn more money at their job by being bilingual. Maybe it's simply they want to learn for personal pleasure. But, how do people learn to speak Spanish if they were not taught as children. We all have been under the common misconception that learning becomes more difficult as we grow older...especially something as complicated as a foreign language. Well some may think that the goal to learn to speak Spanish is very difficult to achieve. However there are many ways that can help you in your quest on how to learn to speak Spanish. And the quest is worthwhile because if you learn to speak Spanish it will be a great resource because Spanish is becoming more popular every day. Now if you've ever heard that children can learn to speak Spanish (or any language for that matter) faster and easier than adults, don't believe it. This is a very common misconception. In fact, scientific research has proven that the most difficult learning task for children and adults alike may be the attempt to acquire second language proficiency in school environments. In fact, even more distressing is that research has shown that less than 5% of students who learn to speak Spanish are able to endure the stressful nature of formal school training to continue studying the language more than two years (Asher, 1982). It is simply not true that young children who learn to speak Spanish, learn to speak Spanish more easily and quickly than adults. The only difference is that children are exposed to a more brain-compatible learning environment for learning to speak Spanish than adults are in schools. This is the reason why they learn to speak Spanish faster. Research has shown that it typically takes approximately 3 months of study at a foreign service institute for an adult to become proficient in a foreign language. Knowing that this is possible sparked me and a few of my coworkers to seek out a resource that would help us learn to speak Spanish rapidly and easily, just like a child in school. We wanted to learn to speak Spanish in less than 3 months. I know from the Spanish courses that I have taught, that many foreign language students have difficulty learning, especially with textbooks that are monotonous and repetitious, overblown with grammar rules and lists of meaningless words. That's why I went out and found Rocket Spanish: The Ultimate Learn-Spanish Kit. It's simple to understand, clear and easy to use. After researching the many ways in which to learn to speak Spanish this was by far the easiest, most cost effective way. I suggest it to all my students and to anyone else who wants to learn to speak Spanish. If you are considering learning the Spanish language then I suggest you try it for

yourself. It's less expensive and less time consuming to learn to speak Spanish with Rocket Spanish than it is with a traditional school and it's less expensive than most other online products (you can even try it for free for 6 days!).

Bill Allen is a college professor who lives in Dayton, Ohio. He teaches foreign language and recommends that his students and others take the free 6 day Rocket Spanish course if they want to learn the Spanish language easily and with little expense. Click here [] to llearn more about Rocket Spanish.

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==== ==== If you are looking for a quick and easy way to learn spanish, then please visit the link below to take a look at the amazing Rocket Spanish Program! ==== ====

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