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HHC, 25th CAB Vol.1, Issue 1

February 2012

War Eagles

Deployment Newsletter COMMANDER’S CORNER War Eagle Families, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of your sacrifices and support. Last month was an emotional roller coaster for all with pre-deployment preparations, farewells for your Soldiers and a deployment to their home away from home, Kandahar Air Base. With over 16 hours of travel time for each of your Soldiers, I am pleased to inform you that everyone had safe travels and are doing well. The well being of your loved ones is important to myself and 1SG O’ so we personally check on your Soldiers daily. All Soldiers are adjusting well to the environment and the time zone difference which is 14 1/2 hours ahead of Hawaiian Standard Time and 9 1/2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

CPT Aaron Matthews

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Other than acclimating to the winter climate and time zone there are certain required training events that must be completed prior to taking over the mission. Our Reception Staging Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI) Training standards require each Soldier to attend mandatory briefings which included a MRAP Vehicle Roll Over Simulator and a Tactical Directives Briefing. Additionally, all of our Soldiers attended a range with their individual weapon in which they fired familiarization rounds to confirm their sights were correct. All Soldiers have completed training and are now prepared to being the Relief in Place (RIP) phase with HHC, 159th CAB. Your loved ones have been busy with their section responsibilities some of which include tracking personnel (S1), intelligence gathering (S2), tracking aviation operations and training (S3), life support and supply operations (S4) and communication management (S6). We are currently working alongside personnel from HHC, 159th learning the ins and outs of the jobs they performed over the course of the last twelve months. We have a very important mission and our success depends on the well being of all of our Soldiers and their family members. I want you all to know that I consider it a privilege to be serving along side your loved one. I could not be more proud and honored to command such a well trained unit. Until next month Aloha and Mahalo for your support.

CPT Aaron Matthews “War Eagle 6” This newsletter contains official information.

Vol.1, Issue 1

February 2012

War Eagles Promotions

P r o m o t i o n C e r e m o n y This newsletter contains official information.

SSG Blackall and SGT Kalfman prior to promotion

COL Tate, SFC Blackall and CPT Amamoo

SFC Loyd assists during SPC Waing’s promotion

SFC Snyder presents SGT Weatherspoon a plaque with the NCO Creed

SSG Gonzales, SPC Waing and SGT Weatherspoon

SFC Snyder with his newly promoted NCOs

These dedicated Soldiers continue to impress me with their sheer professionalism, hard work ethic and desire to excel. I look forward to many more of these ceremonies throughout the year. To the Soldiers in the ranks‌I challenge you all to work to the best of your abilities. Take the initiative with your careers, set and achieve your goals.

Vol.1, Issue 1

February 2012

War Eagles Valentine’s Card Reception

V a l e n t i n e ’ s

W i s h e s This newsletter contains official information.

SGT Williams

SGT Lavoie

COL Tate SGT Villegas

CPT Olson

CPT Tyacke

LTC Gordon

SPC Phillips

SSG Knight

CPT Murphy

CW2 Lopez

Many thanks to the War Eagle family members who came out to support the FRG Valentine’s Card Event…these proud Soldiers blushed just a little as they received the Valentine’s messages from their loved ones. Your Soldiers are doing a great job here in Kandahar, and the thoughtful action of taking the time to create a gift from the heart was truly appreciated.

Vol.1, Issue 1

February 2012

War Eagles Family Readiness

F a m i l y R e a d i n e s s This newsletter contains official information.


HHC Key Caller Meeting 1000 25th CAB FSC FRG Pot Luck Extravaganza 1800 25th CAB FSC w/ Financial Management Training

POC: Kimberly Matthews, HHC, 25th CAB FRG Leader Email: / Alicia Robles, HHC 25th CAB FRG Co-Leader Email:


ď ą The HHC, 25th CAB Maui / Kona Vacation Opportunity Raffle POC:SSG Ronald Harding, HHC, 25th CAB Rear Detachment NCOIC Email: / DSN: 808-656-1393 SPC Danilo Phillips, HHC 25th CAB Training Room NCO Email: DSN: 318-421-7125

Vol.1, Issue 4

April 2010

War Eagles CHAPLAIN CHAT War Eagle Families and Friends:

C h a p l a i n B i r t h d a y s

This newsletter contains official information.

It is an honor to be the Brigade Chaplain for the great Soldiers and Family members of the 25th CAB. Our Chaplains and Chaplain assistants over the past year have worked hard to prepare our Soldiers and Families for this year of deployment. I constantly thank God all for the great Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants we have in the Brigade that make a difference. The Chaplains and Assistants are now settling into the routine in Afghanistan, providing Worship services, Bible studies, counseling, and working with their commands to create the best for our deployment. The most difficult part of this was leaving our Families behind, and the quality of care that they would receive while we were deployed. Last year, I not only prayed for great Chaplains, but I began to pray for a Rear–D Chaplain that would care for our Families just like we would care for you. God answered my prayer in November when Chaplain Eric Jackson was activated to be the Rear-D chaplain. Chaplain Jackson has deployment experience, and great pastoral skills that make him the right Chaplain for the job. Our Soldiers love and miss their Families and the great Hawaii weather, and look forward to a safe return. th 25 CAB Deployment Ceremony

Chaplain Eric Jackson Rear-D

God Bless Chaplain Kent Walker Brigade Chaplain 25th CAB

War Eagle Birthdays!! February SGT Weatherspoon


CPT Mackey

SPC Swisher


MAJ Powell-Dunford 19-February

PFC Moralespolite


CPT Clark


MAJ Boles


SSG Gonzales


LTC Higgins


SPC Duysings


SPC Saintil


SPC Leary


SPC Barnes


2LT Andreassen



War Eagle Newsletter (February)  

Inside this issue: Photo Gallery 2-3 Chaplain’s Chat 5 This newsletter contains official information. We have a very important mission and o...