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Aquampics Challenge

For information call EDGE #808-655-0445 Register at Parent Central Services Office: Schofield-# 808-655-8380, AMR-#808-833-5393 FS-#808-438-1693


*Registration begins August 2, 2011 * Deadline to register September 18, 2011

Date: 10/19/11


Time: 1400-1700 @ Richardson Pool Shuttle service will be available for participants

$60 for the program for youth (1st-5th) Free for Teens (6th-12th ) Includes: Team color Tank Tops, Goggles, and Sunscreen When: Program begins on September 26, 2011 and ends on October 19, 2011 Location & Practice dates: AMR Pool (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 918402-09(Youth) 928402-09 (Teen) HMR Pool (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 918101-10 (Youth), 928101-10 (Teen) Richardson Pool (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 918401-09 (Youth) 928401-09 (Teen) Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Aqua Competitions:       

50 yard water dash 100 yard water dash 4x1 water relay Underwater toss Noodle race Boogie board race Free style and more

Edge Aquampics Challenge  

Schofield-# 808-655-8380, AMR-#808-833-5393 FS-#808-438-1693 918402-09(Youth) 928402-09 (Teen) HMR Pool (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Richar...

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