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25th Combat Aviation Brigade Care Response Team Activation Checklist As of March 6, 2012 Once Notification to NOK and SNOK is completed in accordance with DA Policy and the Brigade SOP -or- BDE is informed of a Crisis situation that has occurred with a Family in the Rear, the Brigade will prepare to stand up a Care Team for Families who reside on the island of Oahu: ____ BDE RDC informs one of the non-affected BN RDC’s to activate their BN CRT Coordinator. ____ BN CRT Coordinator determines availability of team members and puts them on standby. Coordinator reports names to the BDE/BN RDC. ____ BN RDC of the activated CRT initiates courtesy call to Senior Advisor(s). ____ Primary (BDE XO or S3) determines if the Family wishes to have a CRT, sets a time for a Care Team Briefing, and informs: ___ affected BN RDC ___ activated CRT Coordinator ___ BDE RD Chaplain ___ BDE MFLC (optional if available) ____ Care Team Members and other invited individuals meet at the BDE Headquarters for briefing at the specified time. ____ BDE RDC informs the group of the details of the casualty/injured Soldier and known details about the Family, gives overview of the CRT SOP, and explains how the team will be activated. ____ Team Members will be issued a CRT Kit, Government cell phone, and strip map to the home. Contents of the kit and the CRT Binder will be reviewed. ____ Confidentiality statements will be presented to Team Members who must sign before leaving the room. ____ Team members will be dispatched to the home with the RD Chaplain. ____ Activated CRT Coordinator will communicate with Team members once inside the home and will make arrangements for meals and other needs as requested. ____BN CRT Coordinator will activate Auxiliary CRT Members as needed. ____ Activated Auxiliary volunteers will also need to complete a confidentiality statement before providing any service for the Team/Family. ____ All questions from the Family for the Rear Detachment or Casualty Assistance Officer will be written down and notated in the CRT Binder. Urgent Questions will be communicated to the CRT Coordinator ASAP‌calls made by CRT Volunteers will occur outside the home using government cell phone.

____ Activated CRT Members in the home will provide periodic updates (minimum 1x daily) to the CRT Coordinator and will inform them if they need a replenishment of any CRT kit supplies. ____CRT Members will inform CRT Coordinator to let them know approximately when the CRT will be leaving the home. ____ CRT Coordinator will contact the BN/BDE RDC to inform them of when the Team will arrive back to the Brigade. ____ BDE RDC will coordinate a debriefing session and AAR with: ____ BDE RD Chaplain ____ BDE MFLC ____ BDE RD S1 ____ Any activated Auxiliary Members ____ If Team arrives back to the unit between hours of 2200 and 0600, the BDE RDC will coordinate with the BN RD Chaplain and the BDE MFLC to meet Team back at the Brigade to speak with them before they return home. A full debrief and AAR will be scheduled the next day. ____ Team members will return to the BDE headquarters to receive a debrief and complete an AAR. ____ BDE RD Chaplain and/or BDE MFLC will follow up with Team Members in the days after activation.

25th CAB Phone Tree Procedures for Negative Notifications As of 6 March 2012 PHONE TREE ACTIVATION TO AFFECTED COMPANY ____ BDE RDC drafts an official message to the affected unit, within one hour of verification of official notification of PNOK and SNOK. Message is approved by Forward Command and BDE/DIV PAO. ____BDE RDC sends approved message to the affected BN RDC with specific instructions for distribution. ____ Affected BN RDC courtesy calls BN Advisor and forwards email message to the Advisor and affected Company FRG Leader. BN Advisor courtesy calls the Leader to let them know that they have an important email message informing them to activate their phone tree. ____ The message will provide specific instructions, however phone trees will not be activated after 9pm in the evening or before 8am in the morning, unless specifically directed by the BDE RDC. ____ Company FRG Leader will forward email message and call all Points of Contact/Key Callers to inform them of the plan to activate the phone tree. ____ Points of Contact/Key Callers will report back to the company FRG Leader when calls have been completed or nearly complete (messages left for some Spouses but they have not yet spoken to them is acceptable). ____The Company FRG leader will inform their BN RDC when calls to the Company are nearly complete. ____ BN RDC will inform the BDE RDC when call-outs have been completed. PHONE TREE ACTIVATION TO THE UNAFFECTED UNITS ____ BN RDC will push out the negative email notification once he gets word that the call-outs have been completed. He will provide courtesy calls to the non-affected BN RDC’s to alert them to the email. ____ BN RDCs will provide courtesy calls to their BN Senior Advisor(s) and other Senior Spouses. ____ BN RDCs will distribute email message to the BN Advisor and Company FRG Leaders. ____ BN Advisor provides courtesy call to Leaders to inform them of the message. ____ The message is for the FRG Leaders information only. To avoid panic and burnout, these emails will not be forwarded out to the entire FRG unless directed by the BDE RDC. NOTES ABOUT FACEBOOK After the all clear has been given by the appropriate PAO, typically 24 hours post-notification, an official message with the details will be posted to the BDE Facebook Page. BN and Company Facebook Page administrators can share it to their BN/CO pages once posted. At no time will BN and/or Company Facebook Administrators post any casualty related messages until BDE has posted the official message. Administrators should pay special attention to posts to their pages during this time and remove any negative or derogatory remarks as soon as possible.


____ Activated Auxiliary volunteers will also need to complete a confidentiality statement before providing any service for the Team/Family....

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