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EWYAS HAROLD ARCHAEOLOGY & HISTORY GROUP DATE: 7 November 2011 at Castle Lands, Ewyas Harold PRESENT: Kim Mather, Peter and Margaret Woodward, Amanda Huntley, Mike Kimber, Hilary & Robert Trapp & Esther de Waal APOLOGIES: Richard Andrews, Helen Waites, Graham Sprackling, Peter Overstall Matters Arising: Esther checked with Mike, he had received her submission. agreed to send him the references directly.


Mike then presented his report - Dulas means dark stream and Llanvihangel means St Michael’s. Mike was asked about the carbon dating and he said that the uncalibrated date of the charcoal from Mailes' field was 975. The calibrated date was 1014 and 1155. So the more definite date was 1020-1121. Mailes’ field revealed an early settlement pre-conquest showing activity of villagers not necessarily priors. The bank/rampart was not part of the original castle more likely early 1400C, may be refortified in Owain Glyndwr’s attacks. It will include a history of a later priory according to Sue Hubbard’ s research including narrative and technical illustrations. He will reproduce the plans for the Castle, tithe and resistivity surveys and the theories of the foundations of the buildings. On the Dulas site he will reproduce the Hopkins sister drawings, the water colour of a buttress leaning up against the wall was found in the dig. Different suggestions for the title of the booklet eg Castle and Priories of the Dulas Valley and various other suggestions. Peter Woodward has arranged the end of the project for the beginning of December he is speaking to the Printers tomorrow and the technical report needs to be printed. Information for the panels can be taken from the booklet. Peter presented quotes from the interpretation boards from the common. One was £1577 and another £1850. Mike thinks that we would need planning permission, Peter would check this out with the Hereford Council. The cost will be covered by the amount Mike has got left. and we would ask English Heritage to contribute. We would need the art work prepared by Headland. It was suggested that a castle tour and a time line and may be a schematic drawing of the Dulas valley. Peter Overstall is involved with the footpath leaflet of local walks including one from Ewyas Harold to Dulas. English Heritage consent form will be completed by Margaret, Peter and Amanda and it will be sent off. AGM: The last AGM was 17th March 2011 and we are considering Thursday 1st March 2012 to have our AGM and open meeting. We have asked Mike to present a final report. Amanda suggested Sue Hubbards had forwarded her vinyls previously and Margaret mentioned Graham’s comments of the survey report. John Meacham had been working with Sue Hubbard and Peter had invited him to submit anything to Mike if wished. We then considered the survey of the Church. Amanda felt that it was too generalised rather than an anaylitic study. Mike said that he and the Author had been out to take more pictures and we felt that may be we should have asked for a level three standard report. Amanda would like her opinions to go back to Headland. We wanted more

thoughts on the relationship to the Priory. There was minimum evidence of the text being referenced by photographs and the heart tomb of Sybylla/Clarissa Tregoz is an important feature in St Michael’s church. The resistivity survey of the playing field shows very little, only the fish pond and the old river meander show up. The iron work that was sent to Edinburgh were of little interest. Peter gave Mike a cheque for £5275.52 invoice no 6126 and a cheque for £4140 invoice no. 6149 that leaves us with money for printing booklets and display panels, artwork included. Mike suggested that as a Group we could write a report for English Heritage on the experience of digging an ancient monument and just ask Headland to oversee it. Date of next Meeting 19.1.12 Everyone on the Committee are invited to a Christmas meal at the Bridge Inn, Kentchurch on Tuesday December 20th at 7.30. Please let Margaret or Hilary know if you are coming. There is a Christmas menu or an ordinary menu to choose from.

Minutes 7 Nov 2011  

Minutes of Commitee Meeting

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