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The Ocean in My Ears Meagan Macvie

“A strong debut novel featuring memorable, relatable characters making adult decisions at the edge of high school in a fantastically drawn Alaskan setting.”

—School Library Journal

PORTLAND, OR—Meagan Macvie, native Alaskan and author of Ooligan Press’s latest title, The Ocean in My Ears, will be going on tour through Southcentral Alaska this December. The tour, hosted by 49 Writers and supported in part by the Alaska Humanities Forum, will take her through Palmer, Anchorage, Cooper Landing, Seward, and Soldotna from December 15–22. Friday, December 15, 2017 | Palmer 4 PM: Fireside Books; in-store book signing; FREE 6:45 PM: Turkey Red Restaurant; author dinner; $30 per ticket Saturday, December 16, 2017 | Anchorage 3-5 PM: Alaska Humanities Forum; workshop: “I’m Just Being Myselfie: How Young Narrators Come Alive on the Page (Without Coming Off Like Posers); $45-55 per ticket 7 PM: Indigo Tea Lounge; reading, author craft talk, Q&A, and book signing; FREE Sunday, December 17, 2017 | Cooper Landing 2 PM: Cooper Landing Community Library; reading, Q&A, and book signing; FREE Sunday, December 17, 2017 | Seward Time TBA: Resurrect Art Coffee House; reading, Q&A, and book signing; FREE Friday, December 22, 2017 | Soldotna 4:30 PM: Soldotna Public Library; reading, Q&A, and book signing; FREE

Author: Meagan Macvie Format: Paperback Pages: 300 Price: $16.00 ISBN: 978-1-932010-94-7 Pub Date: November 7, 2017 Contact: Emily HagenBurger emily.hagenburger@

We would love to see these events publicized in local media, and Meagan may be available for an interview or feature. The Ocean in My Ears is a young adult book set in Soldotna in the early 1990s. It has received a starred Kirkus review as well as positive reviews in Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and School Library Journal. It was also listed as a must-read November publication by Barnes and Noble, Bustle, and BookRiot.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Meagan Macvie was born and raised in Alaska. She received her MFA in fiction from Pacific Lutheran University. Her work has appeared in Narrative, Fugue, and Barrelhouse, as well as the short story anthology Timberland Writes Together. Meagan lives with her husband and daughter in Washington State. Visit her website at

Dear Cristina Arreola,  

My name is Emily HagenBurger, and I'm writing to you on behalf of Ooligan Press, an independent publishing house based in Portland, OR. We are thrilled to announce our forthcoming young adult novel T ​ he Ocean in My Ears​ from  debut Alaskan author Meagan Macvie. The novel follows Meri Miller, a teenage girl struggling with budding  sensuality, healthy relationships, and strict parents—all while trying to escape sleepy Soldotna, AK for an uncertain  future in the lower forty-eight. We are reaching out to your publication to discuss the possibility of featuring Meagan  or her novel, since Bustle's book reviews and features fit in with the fun, feminist, girl-power messages and themes of  The Ocean in My Ears​.   

The Ocean in My Ears​ is perfect for those seeking a YA novel with feminist themes. In one important scene, Meri discovers the pleasures of masturbation, and throughout the story she learns self-respect and how to focus on what s​ he  wants from a relationship, which can be difficult as a teenager growing up in a small town in the 1990s. She even  makes the life-changing decision to attend university in Idaho on her own, leaving her small-town lifestyle and love  interest behind. Meri's story is truly about self-growth and discovering what she needs to be happy.    

Bustle​ i​ s a wonderful publication for women and the social issues we face. Ooligan would be honored if you shared the positive messages of ​The Ocean in My Ears t​ hrough a review or a feature. This could include an interview from  Meagan, who is prepared to answer your questions, or our formulated Q&A style interview.​The Ocean in My Ears  would also be a great title in a list-style collection of feminist YA books, books about the 90s, or books that provide  insight into small-town life.   

We aren’t the only ones excited about ​The Ocean in My Ears; ​here’s what others are saying about it:   “An honest, stark coming-of-age journey so intimate you breathe it, with salty, flawed characters and a true romance  that will leave you aching with the best kind of hurt."  —​Estelle Laure, author of ​This Raging Light     "What makes Meagan Macvie’s The Ocean in My Ears so compelling is the way it lands us in the sweet spot between  the unique and the universal. Meri’s uneasy coming of age mirrors that of girls all over America, but it’s also, richly and  beautifully, hers alone."  —Scott Nadelson, author of ​Between You and Me     "Riding the swells of desire and faith, ambition and heartache, T ​ he Ocean in My Ears​ roars with yearning and beauty."  —Alexis M. Smith, author of ​Glaciers   

We greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.    Sincerely,     

Emily HagenBurger Ooligan Press  To learn more please visit our ​website​ at or Meagan Macvie's w ​ ebsite​ at

Dear Ms. Paul, When ​Ricochet River​ was first published in 1992, The New York Times called it "a story of unusual wisdom and grace." This new 25th Anniversary Edition presents a unique opportunity to reintroduce your discerning readers to a book that is not only a timeless story for young adults, but also a culturally relevant educational tool that will foster discussion and understanding. Chosen as one of the Oregon State Library's "150 Books for the Oregon Sesquicentennial," and named one of the best "100 Oregon Books" of all time, Robin Cody’s ​Ricochet River ​is an unsentimental look at the simple freedoms often lost as we struggle to form identities and fit into an increasingly complicated world. In honor of the book’s 25th anniversary, this new edition brings a fresh perspective to this timeless narrative.Contributions from celebrated authors like Brian Doyle and Molly Gloss provide new lenses through which to view the story, while an essay from Lisa King, PhD, a leading scholar in the field, helps to contextualize the Native characters within the canon of Native depictions in Western literature. A new preface from the author and an in-depth interview provide a fascinating glimpse into the book’s evolution and its censorship by local school boards.

Ooligan Press would be deeply honored to have you review ​Ricochet River​, or to write a feature on Robin Cody’s quest to ensure his book remained available to students despite attempts by religious factions to have the book banned in schools. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider our request. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Emily HagenBurger Ooligan Press To learn more about the press, the novel, and the author, visit our website​. Pub Date: April 2017 ISBN: 978-1-932010-90-9 $15.95 US; $17.95 CAN Available through IPS

December 31, 2015

Name Publication Address Dear <<>>, I am pleased to share with you the enclosed advance copy of A Tour of Mont Blanc: And Other Circuitous Adventures in Italy, France and Switzerland (Summersdale; January 1, 2016) by David Le Vay.

After a respite of a few years from a grueling but enlightening 58-day coast-to-cast trek along the French Pyrenees and after reflecting upon his daughter’s recent departure for university and his own upcoming, inescapable 50 th birthday, David Le Vay made a pact with his friend Rupert to embark on the Tour du Mont Blanc or TMB, a 105mile circuit around Mont Blanc in the French Alps. A Tour of Mont Blanc narrates his adventures on the nine-day hike through France, Switzerland and Italy, the many acquaintances they met on the trail, the psychical challenges and the mental benefits that come from long-distance hikes and how it allowed him to move past some lingering issues with his deceased father.

Funny, enlightening and contemplative, A Tour of Mont Blanc will instill in its readers a sense of wonder for the mighty Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the French Alps, and rouse in others a desire to see the majesty of its landscape for themselves. I hope you’ll consider assigning A Tour of Mont Blanc for review. If you’d like additional information about the book, such as a digital cover image, please contact me at (312) 337-0747 ext. 293 or e-mail I look forward to hearing from you.


Emily HagenBurger Publicity Intern

814 North Franklin Street Chicago, Illinois, 60610 USA T 312.337.0747 X 312.337.5985

For Release: December 1, 2015 Contact: Emily HagenBurger Publicity Intern Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group (312) 337-0747 ext. 293 **digital cover image available**

The second in a treasure-hunting, post-apocalyptic adventure series for young readers, Bloodstone takes tech hunters India and Verity on an exciting journey to forgotten lands CHICAGO: India Bentley, apprentice to the notorious tech hunter Verity Brown, has spent the past few years travelling the world, seeking out hidden pieces of technology from the old world before the Great Rains came and selling them on the black market. While trading in the dangerous Sing City, ruled over by mafia boss Lady Fang, India is accused of an assassination attempt and thrown in jail. When a mysterious man rescues her, he recruits her for a journey to a land straight out of legend. The second book in the thrilling middle school adventure series the Legend of Ironheart, Bloodstone (Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan; December 1, 2015; ages 12 and up) by Allan Boroughs takes India, Verity, her rescuer Professor Moon and some friends new and old on a journey from the dangerous southern seas to a dormant volcano in the Antarctic in search of the Lost

to reunite the three pieces of the mythical Bloodstone that serves as a key to unlock

  

an unlimited energy source hidden in Atlantis, and now that he has finally found all

of the pieces of the Bloodstone he leads a dangerous mission into forgotten lands.

But others also want the power of the Bloodstone, and India and her group are being

  

City of Atlantis. Professor Moon is obsessed with continuing his grandfather’s work

hunted by Lady Fang’s men and her bionic Hellhound, as well as an order of monks tasked with protecting the a piece of the sacred stone. A fast-paced action-adventure with compelling characters and heinous villains, Bloodstone is an edge-of-your-seat read as they battle over the Bloodstone in their Indiana Jones-like quest to find Atlantis and the ancient treasures it hides.

    

Book Details: Title: Bloodstone Author: Allan Boroughs Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing from IPG Publication: December 1, 2015 Price: $9.99 US Type: Trade Paper ISBN-10: 1447236009; ISBN13: 9781447236009 Category: Children’s Fiction Ages: 12 and up Page Count: 400 Trim Size: 5 x 8 Agency: None

Also Available in the Legend of Ironheart Series: Ironheart (9781447235996)

Allan Boroughs is a business adviser and writer with a passion for classic adventure stories. His debut novel, Ironheart, was inspired by his travels in Siberia.

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group, 814 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL 60610. Toll-free number for orders only: 1-800-888-4741. Visit us online at

For Release: December 1, 2015 Contact: Emily HagenBurger Publicity Intern Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group (312) 337-0747 ext. 293 **digital cover image available**

Heirloom Vegetables tells the overlooked stories of how modern vegetables came to be, the resurgence of heirloom varieties and the importance of open source gardening CHICAGO: Thanks to the agribusiness and mass production that started in the 1950s, the traditional, hand-me-down strains of heirloom vegetables almost became extinct. However, heirloom vegetables are now celebrating a resurgence in popularity as people discover the rich flavors, quirky names and interesting histories behind these amazing plants. Heirloom Vegetables: A Guide to their History and Varieties (Lantern AU, an imprint of Penguin Books Australia; December 1, 2015) by Simon Rickard gives a comprehensive history of heirloom vegetables, from “Part 1: About Heirlooms” to “Part 2: Family Portraits,” which goes through the different families of vegetables—from the pea family to the gourds, grass, carrot, cabbage, nightshade,  amaranth, daisy and amaryllis families—and ends with “Part 3: Growing Your Own” to introduce a new generation of gardeners to the unique and fascinating history of  heirloom vegetables. Heirloom varieties are highly customized plants that, through

decades of human intervention, have grown into the vegetables that are recognizable to  people today. Inside, readers will learn about the etymology of eggplant, how carrots  changed from purple and yellow to orange, the variety of vegetables native to the  Americas and will discover that garlic is over 6,000 years old, as well as gain insights   into the importance of maintaining heirloom varieties and learn great gardening tips. How these plants relate to one another and to the history of humankind—such as  

how the potato found its way from the Incan Empire of South America to become a  staple in Europe by the time of the 1845 famine—is the focus of Heirloom Vegetables,

Book Details: Title: Heirloom Vegetables: A Guide to their History and Varieties Author: Simon Rickard Lantern AU, an imprint of Penguin Books Australia Distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing from IPG Publication: December 1, 2015 Price: $39.95 US; $47.95 CAN Type: Cloth ISBN-10: 1921383062; ISBN-13: 9781921383069 Category: Cooking Page Count: 352 Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.5 Agency: None

a unique combination of a gardening, history and cookbook that will engage readers in the charming story of heirloom vegetables. Simon Rickard has been head gardener at several historical gardens in Australia. He is now a writer and leads tours to beautiful gardens around the world.

Available at bookstores everywhere and through Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group, 814 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL 60610. Toll-free number for orders only: 1-800-888-4741. Visit us online at

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