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Heirloom Vegetables tells the overlooked stories of how modern vegetables came to be, the resurgence of heirloom varieties and the importance of open source gardening CHICAGO: Thanks to the agribusiness and mass production that started in the 1950s, the traditional, hand-me-down strains of heirloom vegetables almost became extinct. However, heirloom vegetables are now celebrating a resurgence in popularity as people discover the rich flavors, quirky names and interesting histories behind these amazing plants. Heirloom Vegetables: A Guide to their History and Varieties (Lantern AU, an imprint of Penguin Books Australia; December 1, 2015) by Simon Rickard gives a comprehensive history of heirloom vegetables, from “Part 1: About Heirlooms” to “Part 2: Family Portraits,” which goes through the different families of vegetables—from the pea family to the gourds, grass, carrot, cabbage, nightshade,  amaranth, daisy and amaryllis families—and ends with “Part 3: Growing Your Own” to introduce a new generation of gardeners to the unique and fascinating history of  heirloom vegetables. Heirloom varieties are highly customized plants that, through

decades of human intervention, have grown into the vegetables that are recognizable to  people today. Inside, readers will learn about the etymology of eggplant, how carrots  changed from purple and yellow to orange, the variety of vegetables native to the  Americas and will discover that garlic is over 6,000 years old, as well as gain insights   into the importance of maintaining heirloom varieties and learn great gardening tips. How these plants relate to one another and to the history of humankind—such as  

how the potato found its way from the Incan Empire of South America to become a  staple in Europe by the time of the 1845 famine—is the focus of Heirloom Vegetables,

Book Details: Title: Heirloom Vegetables: A Guide to their History and Varieties Author: Simon Rickard Lantern AU, an imprint of Penguin Books Australia Distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing from IPG Publication: December 1, 2015 Price: $39.95 US; $47.95 CAN Type: Cloth ISBN-10: 1921383062; ISBN-13: 9781921383069 Category: Cooking Page Count: 352 Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.5 Agency: None

a unique combination of a gardening, history and cookbook that will engage readers in the charming story of heirloom vegetables. Simon Rickard has been head gardener at several historical gardens in Australia. He is now a writer and leads tours to beautiful gardens around the world.

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