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For Release: December 1, 2015 Contact: Emily HagenBurger Publicity Intern Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group (312) 337-0747 ext. 293 **digital cover image available**

The second in a treasure-hunting, post-apocalyptic adventure series for young readers, Bloodstone takes tech hunters India and Verity on an exciting journey to forgotten lands CHICAGO: India Bentley, apprentice to the notorious tech hunter Verity Brown, has spent the past few years travelling the world, seeking out hidden pieces of technology from the old world before the Great Rains came and selling them on the black market. While trading in the dangerous Sing City, ruled over by mafia boss Lady Fang, India is accused of an assassination attempt and thrown in jail. When a mysterious man rescues her, he recruits her for a journey to a land straight out of legend. The second book in the thrilling middle school adventure series the Legend of Ironheart, Bloodstone (Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan; December 1, 2015; ages 12 and up) by Allan Boroughs takes India, Verity, her rescuer Professor Moon and some friends new and old on a journey from the dangerous southern seas to a dormant volcano in the Antarctic in search of the Lost

to reunite the three pieces of the mythical Bloodstone that serves as a key to unlock

  

an unlimited energy source hidden in Atlantis, and now that he has finally found all

of the pieces of the Bloodstone he leads a dangerous mission into forgotten lands.

But others also want the power of the Bloodstone, and India and her group are being

  

City of Atlantis. Professor Moon is obsessed with continuing his grandfather’s work

hunted by Lady Fang’s men and her bionic Hellhound, as well as an order of monks tasked with protecting the a piece of the sacred stone. A fast-paced action-adventure with compelling characters and heinous villains, Bloodstone is an edge-of-your-seat read as they battle over the Bloodstone in their Indiana Jones-like quest to find Atlantis and the ancient treasures it hides.

    

Book Details: Title: Bloodstone Author: Allan Boroughs Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing from IPG Publication: December 1, 2015 Price: $9.99 US Type: Trade Paper ISBN-10: 1447236009; ISBN13: 9781447236009 Category: Children’s Fiction Ages: 12 and up Page Count: 400 Trim Size: 5 x 8 Agency: None

Also Available in the Legend of Ironheart Series: Ironheart (9781447235996)

Allan Boroughs is a business adviser and writer with a passion for classic adventure stories. His debut novel, Ironheart, was inspired by his travels in Siberia.

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