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December 31, 2015

Name Publication Address Dear <<>>, I am pleased to share with you the enclosed advance copy of A Tour of Mont Blanc: And Other Circuitous Adventures in Italy, France and Switzerland (Summersdale; January 1, 2016) by David Le Vay.

After a respite of a few years from a grueling but enlightening 58-day coast-to-cast trek along the French Pyrenees and after reflecting upon his daughter’s recent departure for university and his own upcoming, inescapable 50 th birthday, David Le Vay made a pact with his friend Rupert to embark on the Tour du Mont Blanc or TMB, a 105mile circuit around Mont Blanc in the French Alps. A Tour of Mont Blanc narrates his adventures on the nine-day hike through France, Switzerland and Italy, the many acquaintances they met on the trail, the psychical challenges and the mental benefits that come from long-distance hikes and how it allowed him to move past some lingering issues with his deceased father.

Funny, enlightening and contemplative, A Tour of Mont Blanc will instill in its readers a sense of wonder for the mighty Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the French Alps, and rouse in others a desire to see the majesty of its landscape for themselves. I hope you’ll consider assigning A Tour of Mont Blanc for review. If you’d like additional information about the book, such as a digital cover image, please contact me at (312) 337-0747 ext. 293 or e-mail I look forward to hearing from you.


Emily HagenBurger Publicity Intern

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