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Welcome to the February 2014 issue of the Musselburgh Anchor ! Dear resident, Welcome to the seventh edition of the Musselburgh Anchor! We had our first delivery into east Musselburgh last month and this continues on alternate months. This means that you will receive the magazine every other month, but remember, you can pick one up from: • The Brunton Theatre - Ticket Office & Cafe • TaxAssist - High Street • The Quay Complex (restaurant reception & fitness centre) • Booker Wholesales - 55 Eastfield Inside this issue we introduce a more businesses. There’s a compelling traditional story by Morag about winter and the Cailleach Bheur. Being the month of Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t resist a romance piece! There’s our regular tax advice, gardening tips, movie review, mouth watering recipes, and some new additions to community news.

me and say hello. I am particularly interested to learn whether you’ve used a business in the magazine and if you would recommend that business. So, hop on the line or email through a few words and I will start putting some of your feedback into print. Meantime, whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, here is a Love Tree reminding us to take some time to remember those we love. Best wishes, Karolyne Ph 0131 553 5311 Email

This is a FREE publication for readers and we can only gauge its success by the feedback we receive, so please do email or telephone to let me know your thoughts about the magazine. And, if you see me around town, please stop


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Be Your Own Interior Designer Whether you’re planning a room from scratch or freshening up an existing scheme, it can be hard to know where to start. Fired Earth offers a design service for bathrooms and kitchens (0845 293 8798;

Creating a successful space involves a complex blend of practical and aesthetic considerations. As well as the nitty gritty of wiring and plumbing, there’s wallpaper, paint colours and fabric to select, window treatments to decide on, storage to incorporate, furniture to choose and finishing touches to arrange. How can you ensure that you do it correctly?

it would be helpful to move a wall, pipe or radiator, enlarge a window, hang the door the other way around or add extra plug sockets or light switches. Perhaps you can conceal wiring or pipework, or build in some extra storage? Once you have gone through all the options – consulting a structural engineer if your changes are major ones – you can draw up a final plan.

Never fear: it’s simply a question of taking things step by step, using a straightforward, logical approach. Careful planning is invaluable in helping firm up your ideas, work out your budget and timetable and, above all, avoid expensive mistakes.

Next, plan the positions of major items of furniture. On a separate sheet of graph paper, sketch the approximate shapes of your furnishings, as if you were looking at them from above, using the same scale as your room plan. Then simply cut them out, place them on your master plan and assess how well they fit in to the space, ensuring that you allow enough activity room between and around them. Think about who uses the room, when and how. Move your ‘furniture’ around as necessary and, eventually, the optimum arrangement will become apparent.

First comes space planning. Measure your room accurately and draw a plan to scale on graph paper, marking in windows, doors, fireplaces, fitted cupboards, pipes, radiators, plug sockets, light fittings and so on. Consider the room’s size and shape, and its architectural style. Will they affect the way in which you decorate? Are there special considerations, such as lack of space or light, or an important original feature? At this stage, consider whether


To complement the floorplan and ensure that all the decorative elements of a room work together, professional designers create a ‘sample board’: a visual memo of all the

By Katherine Sorrell different pieces that go towards making up the room. Before you start, you’ll need to find some images of your proposed furniture, flooring, lighting and accessories, as well as swatches of fabric, wallpaper and paint. Try to keep the samples in proportion to the size they’ll be in real life. You can also include real items (or parts of them) such as tie-backs and trims, rope or timber. Your sample board can be highly representative or more of a suggestion of general colours and styles. Then, take a large piece of neutral-coloured card as a base, and arrange the images or swatches on it. It helps if you place the samples roughly in accordance with where they will be in the room. With all the ingredients together, you’ll have a really effective overview of how colours, patterns, shapes and textures work together and can assess the overall effect. Paint swatches to the right show colours by Mylands (020 8670 9161; Top to bottom: Burlington Arcade no 216, Eaton Square no 232 and Bloomsbury no 267,

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Improving your home? We provide all joinery services including:

Traditional and Modern Upholstery Service

Are your favourite chairs or sofas in need of a makeover?



0131 662 6644 07727 224 072 Email: 50 Relugas Place, Edinburgh, EH9 2PY

• double glazing windows & doors

• kitchens supply & fit

• renovations • loft conversions • extensions

Special offers on windows & doors. See website for details. With over 25 years experience providing quality building and joinery services to domestic and commercial customers. All our work is fully insured.

For a FREE no obligation quote call today on

01875 824978

Lothian Joiner and builder

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A Winter’s Tale

and traditional Scottish story...

by Rev Morag Cameron

From the freezing north she came, the

Cailleach Bheur, Ancient Goddess of Winter, Queen of Ice, riding great drifts of snow which trail over the land behind her. From her basket she dropped the great rocks and mountains that made Scotland, and the greatest of these rocks, she formed into Ben Nevis. And there in the highest peaks she makes her winter home from Halloween in the freezing fog of November until Candlemass in the rains of February.

Skinny and lanky, with blue skin, her eyes red rimmed, her breath strips the leaves from trees and turns the earth to iron. Her cauldron is the Corryvreckan whirlpool, and when she visits it, for three days and nights a howling gale flows over land and sea until it boils, and then she throws in her great plaid and when it is clean and bleached pure white as snow she throws it over the mountain top, and sometimes over all the land. The Cailleach keeps a prisoner; the beautiful Bride, the goddess of spring, who’s breath wakens the frozen streams, and footsteps summon the green shoots. From Tír na nÓg, from the land of the ever young, the magical land beyond the West, Angus, the youngest god of all, gazes in yearning towards Scotland, towards Bride. And each night Bride, the goddess, dreams of 6

Angus, Lord of Summer, who will one day free her from the icy clutch of the Cailleach. As the days lengthen, Angus sets out, riding on a horse as white as marble. But the Cailleach senses his coming, and hurls the weather of the seven elements; the rain, and sleet, snow and hail, frost, lightning and howling winds, in the face of Angus, and he retires to Tír na nÓg, and there he rests, until from August he takes three warm days and once more rides across the ocean to free the goddess Bride. But the Cailleach takes three days from darkest coldest winter, and on the high ridges of the Cullins they meet and clash. Their battle rages, back and forth, with some times when the Cailliach gains the upper hand, and winter cold returns, other periods of golden sunlight when Angus wins. Some say the battle lasts until the Spring Equinox on 21st of March; some say until Beltaine on the 1st of May, but in the end, Angus Og defeats the Cailleach and she flees screeching to the Isle of Mull. Across the meadows of the morning walk Bride and Angus towards one another, and when their eyes meet their love warms the earth, she is free, the earth is alive again. But the Cailleach can’t die, she sleeps and waits until once more, she will put her cold hand on her winter kingdom and her beloved land of Scotland. And some say that the Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, and Bride, the Goddess of Spring, are two halves of the one. So now you know why we get the blues in February… it’s The Cailliach’s blue face peeping from the wintery sky. It won’t be long though, before Angus wins his Bride, the bulbs begin to stir, and we’ll see all the signs of new growth, and before we know it Spring will be here…bring it on! Rev Morag Cameron, Interfaith Minister, Celebrant and Spiritual Counsellor

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Cut out and present with your bill from Jan-Feb Offer subject to all new works accepted between January 2014 & February 2014. This voucher must be presented at time of acceptance

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aving seen a taping of the initial stage production, I was initially quite excited when I heard that Tracy Letts (now, I’d imagine, best known for his turn as Senator Lockhart in the third series of television drama Homeland) was to adapt his phenomenal Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play August: Osage County for the big screen. He has had success adapting his own work in the past (Bug and the wonderful Killer Joe), the cast, led by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, was a great mix of Hollywood stars and really talented supporting actors and despite a fairly inexperienced director in John Wells, I was convinced it could work as a film. I was wrong. In the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma, Violet Weston (Streep) - a malevolent, foul-mouthed, pill addicted cancer sufferer - has gathered her estranged family at her home to mourn the loss of her husband, Beverly (Sam Shepard). As the house fills with people in various states of depression, disillusion, distress and dysfunction, it soon becomes apparent why Violet’s longsuffering husband may have taken his own life as open secrets of incest, adultery, divorce and abuse among the Weston clan are hurled across a dinner table. All of this sits quite awkwardly on the screen when compared with the original theatre production. Although intense and claustrophobic, the stage play had a running time of over three hours, allowing time for some moments of respite between explosive, emotional set pieces. The film isn’t afforded such a luxury, and attempts to exhaustingly cram every one of 8

these moments into less than two hours. Such a large primary cast is almost wasted here, as not only does director John Wells overuse close ups of anyone speaking, rendering the audience completely oblivious to any other characters reactions, some parts have been criminally whittled down to almost nothing (Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor and Dermot Mulroney get the short straws here as the love interests of Violet’s daughters). Pressure from the studio (most likely notorious Oscar campaigner and meddling producer Harvey Weinstein) also forced a change to the ending so it tracked better with filmgoers, one that unfortunately changes the tone of the climax completely. Another slight on John Wells might be his inability to handle Meryl Streep, who seems to have misjudged the tone of the entire film and overacts to such an extent that I’m shocked she didn’t choke on all of that scenery she was chewing. While most others equip themselves well enough, Julia Roberts and Chris Cooper are the real stars here. Pitching their performances just right, they manage to bring some levity to proceedings whilst not diminishing the dramatic aspects of their respective storylines. August: Osage County isn’t the only film of recent times not to live up to expectations despite an all-star cast and tremendous writing talent (I’m looking at you, The Councillor). My only hope is that this poor adaptation doesn’t put off those unfamiliar with the work seeing it on the stage, as it was meant to be seen.

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Finance All Change By Jasmine Birtles, These days, many of us are unfaithful – to our service providers, at least; happily flitting between mobile service providers, internet providers, energy companies and insurers to get the best deal. Yet according to the Independent Commission on Banking, on average we only change bank accounts every 26 years. So why aren’t we all browsing comparison sites, checking out the best current accounts? Because we hate the hassle. How could we switch over all those outgoings and incomings? Say a direct debit gets ‘lost’ and we default on a bill? The Current Account Switch Guarantee Relax. Banks know it’s in their best interests to make it easy for you to swap your account to them; some even offer financial incentives. In September, seventeen banks joined the new Current Account Switch Guarantee scheme which should see your bank account transferred within seven days.

It means once you’ve chosen a new bank, they take responsibility for the switch (including settling missed direct debits, incurred charges etc and informing everyone concerned). Just chose a switch date (allowing seven working days), then relax as your new bank transfers your incoming payments, outgoing payments and balance, and then closes your old account. Payments 10

via your old account are automatically re-directed for 13 months to cover once-a-year payments. You don’t need to do a thing. has full details of the Switch Guarantee and the banks and building societies signed up so far. What it doesn’t have is information or comparisons on available accounts. So where can you find them? www.moneysupermarket. com/current-accounts/ Use their handy dropdown filter menu or sidebar categories to search for accounts including ones with interest, overdrafts, cashback, or rewards - or from banks signed up to the 7 day Switch Guarantee. http://www. banking/compare-best-bankaccounts This site has detailed discussions and comparisons of the best buys in a number of categories, including the best ethical banks. money/bank-accounts/ reviews-ns/bank-accounts/ Which? also advises on best bank accounts if you’re always in credit or need overdrafts. Fee-charging accounts are listed separately, so it’s worth considering them alongside other options. Sometimes paying a fee can be the best option, so before you search always: THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT There’s a bewildering array

of account types these days. Some modern current accounts (often described as ‘Offset Mortgages’ rather than current accounts) work in tandem with your savings or mortgage, allowing you to shift money from one to the other – reducing interest payments on your mortgage in good times, and providing a cheap ‘loan’ to cover unexpected calamities like boiler breakdowns. Then there’s cashback, airmiles, points, rewards, special deals on savings and mortgages from the same provider, breakdown cover, travel insurance... so think about which deal saves you the most in real terms, and how you want to operate your account (online, post, branch or all three?). Some great deals can be found outside the Big Four (Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC), so keep an open mind. Clydesdale Bank and Nationwide both offer good interest rates if you pay in a minimum of £1000 per month. First Direct isn’t currently offering in-credit interest, but does offer financial incentives for switching and a high interest linked savings account, plus a small free overdraft facility. It’s also won both Money Saving Expert and Which? customer service polls. So why not take a look? These deals probably won’t be around in 26 years...

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Tax Q&As Child Benefit – Avoiding a tax return


My tax affairs are fairly straight forward, as my only source of income is my salary which is taxed at source by my employer. However, my partner receives Tax Credits and Benefits for our two young children and it looks like I may be affected by this High Income Child Benefit Charge. Is there any way I can avoid the completion of a tax return? I have never had to do one before.


To make things a little simpler, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) allow you to have the Charge collected via your tax code. This means the deductions of tax that your employer makes from you each pay period will be larger, but avoids the need for having to pay it to HMRC in one lump via the Self Assessment system. However, this does not negate the requirement for a tax return. It is merely an easier way to pay the Charge. The only way you can avoid the requirement for a tax return if the High Income Child Benefit Charge applies to you, is to forfeit your Child Benefit and opt to no longer receive it. As it is your partner that receives it, they will have to do this- it cannot be done by you. Unfortunately, as the 2012/13 tax year has already passed, you will need to complete a return for this year and also for 2013/14 as we are part-way through it. But moving forward, you should avoid the need for a return. Please note, opting out must be done by the recipient of the benefit.If you would like any advice about Tax Credits or assistance with completing your tax return, please do not hesitate to contact your local TaxAssist Accountants office.

January 2014. Please keep it somewhere safe until you need to start using it in April 2014. If for any reason, you need to make a payment but you do not have a payslip or your payment booklet, you can always use HMRC’s online facilities to make a payment. You can also tell HMRC that no payment is due online; again you do not need a payslip. If you would like any assistance with your payroll, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your local TaxAssist Accountant would be happy to help you with your payroll affairs. Disclaimer – advice shared in this column is intended to inform rather than advise and is based on legislation and practice at the time. Taxpayer’s circumstances do vary and if you feel that the information provided is beneficial it is important that you contact us before implementation. If you take, or do not take action as a result of reading this column, before receiving our written endorsement, we will accept no responsibility for any financial loss incurred.

PAYE Yellow Book


When should I expect to receive my 2014/15 PAYE yellow booklet?

Employers use the yellow booklets to make PAYE and National Insurance payments to HMRC. They are just one of a whole range of options available to employers to make such payments. HMRC recently announced that the despatch of 2014/15 booklets should begin on 6th Please mention the Musselburgh Anchor when responding to adverts


Life Begins Are you REALLY ready for romance?

It’s that time of the year when we just can’t avoid the subject of romance, from the heart shaped decorations fluttering in shop windows to those indulgent dinner-for-two recipes that appear in your local paper. This annual overdose of hearts and flowers can provoke a range of different reactions, depending on your age, situation or mindset. If you’re a teenager expecting your first Valentine card, the 14th February can be a time of excitement. Alternatively if you’re a singleton marooned at home with a ready meal for one, the day can be a depressing experience. Couples in long-term relationships may have more mixed feelings about St Valentine’s Day. Depending on whether you are a ‘glass half full’ or a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, you will either see the 14th February as the perfect opportunity to show you care, or as an occasion that highlights the lack of romance in your relationship for the remaining 364 days of the year. 12

Of course, there are a lucky few who don’t need St Valentine’s Day to kick-start their romantic feelings: take David and Lauren Blair, who earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for renewing their wedding vows over 100 times, or Ravi Viswanathan, who paid over £25,000 at auction for a bottle of vintage champagne to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary. If you must, even take American farmer Dick Kleis, who flew his wife over farmland in a plane to show her a birthday message he’d written out – you guessed it – in cow dung. With Mills and Boon romantic novels published in 26 different languages and sold in 109 countries world-wide, it would seem that we can’t get enough of romance, but while it’s great to fantasise about other people’s love-inspired exploits, we’re sometimes less comfortable about experiencing

by Kate McLelland them ourselves, in real life. When football fan James Miller stripped down to his underwear and did a Cupid-style streak across the pitch, firing roses from a bow and arrow in tribute to his girlfriend, it didn’t have the effect he anticipated: she was so embarrassed that she dumped him. I know how James must have felt when his romantic gesture misfired. Last year on February 14th my partner of fifteen years rang me from work to say he’d booked a table at a new restaurant I’d spotted in town. “It’ll be like a proper date,” he promised. Although it was exciting to dress up and go out on the spur of the moment, the whole thing ran out of steam pretty quickly: within half an hour we were discussing how to fix a leaky tap in the bathroom. Our night out may not have been the height of romance, but on reflection it summed up the comfortable place we have reached in our relationship. It’s sad that St Valentine’s Day has lost its excitement for many of us, but I still believe it’s worth celebrating. Of course, there are those who condemn the 14th February for its overt commercialism, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to show that you care. Remember farmer Dick Kleis and make the best of the resources you have to hand … however, Dear Reader, if you want your relationship to last, I would advise you not to take his example too literally.

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Sharon Grimshaw 0131 4779902 07707 679494

Chocolate Truffles The kids will love getting involved in this recipe, only make sure they are not responsible for pouring the hot cream onto the chocolate! Ingredients: For the ganache 150g Hot Chocolates Ecuadorian Dark /White/Milk chocolate 200ml double cream 25g caster sugar Hot Chocolates Extra Brute cocoa powder to coat Method: Place the chocolate buttons in a large bowl. Heat the cream & sugar in a medium sized saucepan over medium heat. Bring just to a boil. Immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate & stir with a whisk until smooth. Transfer into a lined small square cake tin, make sure the paper goes up the sides. This is a very rich ganache & a great way to introduce children to cocoa rich chocolate. Refridgerate to cool. Once set, turn the ganache out onto a cuttable board & cut into strips which can then be handled & rolled into bite size balls. Coat the truffles in cocoa & store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Belle Mobile Beauty Therapy BEAUTY THERAPY IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Waxing Shellac Call now for Massage special oers Reflexology & gift vouchers Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Faith Lift Facials Diamond Dermabrasion With over 11 years experience & fully insured.

Jill Carrigan 07917 608 989 Please mention the Musselburgh Anchor when responding to adverts



To advertise call 0131 553 5311 or email


To advertise call 0131 553 5311 or email


The Club offers facilities for painting, drawing and craft activities within the studio and can be open 7 days a week. We have a comprehensive library of Art books and CDs for use by our members, and we also carry a small stock of art materials that can be purchased at discount prices. As a club we occasionally visit outside art exhibitions. We also have demonstrations and occasional workshop tuition by visiting tutors. We have an annual exhibition in Musselburgh Town Hall during the month of August. We are located at: 26 Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Our current annual membership fee is £85 and new members are welcome. This works out at about £1.70 a week over the year!! Please look at our website Alternatively phone Marian Henderson on 0131 669 4657. We invite potential new members to come along for 3 weeks free of charge to see if our club meets their needs. Go on! What have you got to lose?


The Hollies is a vibrant hub for community members over 60 years. The centre has a range of acitivities including, arts and crafts, stories, fun exercise and games, television and music. Lunch is available each day, as 16

well as tea and coffee.There is a Tea Dance every second Thursday afternoon, tai chi on Wednesdays, Movement of Music on Tuesday and new members are very welcome. There is also a new unif for people with onset dementia. For more information telephone the Hollies on 0131 665 5613 and speak to Liz or Ann.


Meets every second Wednesday of the month at St Peter’s Church Hall, High St. £30 annual fee or £4 at the door. Next meeting is February 12 at 730pm.


The Society holds a range of lectures of historical and local interest. Posters can be seen at the Levenhall Post Office. If you’re interested in joining the Society contact the Membership Secretary at frances.stevens@ or visit


Sunday morning service at 1030am All Welcome. High Street. Ph 0131 665 7239

To book your free Home Fire Safety Visit Text ‘fire’ to 61611 Call 0800 0731 999 Visit

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Musselburgh Twinning Association Musselburgh Twinning Association celebrated 50 years of twinning two years ago and since its inception in the early sixties the association has been involved in a variety of projects. Musselburgh twinned with Champigny sur Marne in 1961. At this time,the main activities were exchange visits involving young people. A series of exchanges took place between Musselburgh Burgh school and Champigny's Ecole Marcel Cachin. In 1983 we twinned with Rosignano Marittimo in Tuscany Italy. Around this time a series of International Youth Camps were held, with each town hosting a group of 18-25 year olds from their twin towns (and Germany, Palestine and the Czech Republic). The camp lasted for two weeks each summer and provided a varied programme of events for the participants. Rosignano also hosted a community music festival, Musicantiere, and various bands made up of current and former members of Musselburgh Grammar pupils went to play. Two bands from Italy made the return visit to play at Gig on the Grass and Rockstop in Lewisvale park. Other youth projects have included an under 13 football team participating in a five - aside tournament in Champigny and two highland dancers performing in Champigny at a Fest Noz (a Breton ceilidh!). Adults have also been actively involved. The International Women's Day has been the focus for groups from each country to hold conferences in Musselburgh and Rosignano. Needleworkers from Musselburgh regularly attend Puces de la Couturiere Champigny's annual needlework fair. On their latest visit they took with them a section of the Prestonpans Tapestry, featuring scenes from around Musselburgh. The local camera club also enjoyed a trip to Rosignano.

The association has also enabled groups of walkers from the three towns to enjoy walking weekends in Tuscany, around Paris and here in the Pentland and Eildon hills. With the help of the local council, a new petanque terrain in Lewisvale park has been opened. During our festival week the official party enjoyed a game with twinning association members and friends. We would like to see a league of local teams enjoying this new sport in Musselburgh. These activities have brought together a wide variety of people from Musselburgh, Champigny, Rosignano and further afield, broadening their horizons and helping them to understand different cultures. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in then please contact the association's secretary Mrs.Betty Irvine by email at for information about our future meetings.

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The Hollies Day Care Centre A New Year’s Update We held The Hollies Christmas Lunch on the 17th December 2013. A good day was had by the 65 people in attendance. Each lunch club member received a gift of a three course meal with a couple of drinks, satsumas and chocolates. Entertainment was provided by Cathie McAlpine and friends, with many thanks to them, and a wonderful sing song completed the afternoon’s fun. Thanks also to local organisation staff and volunteers who donated a gift to

and “the day was just perfect” were just some of the comments from attendees. The Hollies has many activities for people to participate in, as well as the cafe and shop. If you would like to attend the lunch club please contact the Hollies on 0131 665 5613. The Hollies also has its own ladies hairdressers for the over 60’s where a shampoo and set is as little as £8.00 and a perm costs £27.00!! All proceeds from the hairdressers, shop and café is put back into the Hollies to help us provide a community hub for all not just the elderly.

make this day special. Special thanks to all who worked so hard to make this day the success it was. Comments such as “best time I’ve ever had at the Hollies” 18

To book an appointment with the hairdressers please calll 0131 665 8330. Hope to see you at the Hollies soon.

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Losing Capacity To Make Decisions For Yourself Happens To People Of All Ages

Whether it's a young adult who has lost capacity or an older person entering early stages of dementia, people can lose capacity to make their own decisions for all sorts of reason. Case Study:

With early signs of dementia we arranged a Power of Attorney for my father whilst he still had capacity. As it progressed the pressure of caring for him at home contributed to my mother suffering a massive stroke. With no Power of Attorney for my mother we were unable to make any decisions for her and had no option other than to go through the court process for Legal Guardianship. It took almost a year to obtain. They say things happen in 3's and it certainly did for us. A 15 year old family member was hit by a car and sustained a major brain injury. Having been in a coma for 2 months, he began the slow process of recovery reaching the age of 16, 3 months after the accident and whilst still in hospital. He had gone from a child where his mother could make decisions for him to an Adult with incapacity in a matter of months and his mother no longer had the power to make decisions on his behalf. Once again, Legal Guardianship had to be sought from the Court.

Need Help With Guardianship? Keep Your Costs Down Ask Us about Legal Aid It's much harder these days to find a Solicitor who will give you guardianship advice through the process of Legal Aid. However, depending on your personal circumstances, you can save thousands of pounds if you are applying for a Welfare Guardianship. We can provide advice on all areas of welfare and financial matters from the young to the very old.

Adults Who Lack Capacity

The 'Adults With Incapacity Act' introduced a system for safeguarding the welfare and managing the finances and property of adults who are aged over 16 and lack capacity to act or make some decisions for themselves because of mental disorder or inability to communicate due to physical condition. Worried About A Family Member, Friend or Partner?

Jane Gisoldo is our specialist Guardianship Solicitor who is highly experienced in providing just the right advice for individual circumstances. Why not call her for a no obligation chat.

0131 663 7135 1

Bonnyrigg Office 7 High Street 0131 663 7135

Penicuik Office 12 John Street 01968 677 294

Edinburgh Office 25 Rutland Street 0131 228 6449

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CHICKEN, MUSHROOM & HAGGIS PIE Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts 1 medium onion 2 sticks of celery 200g mushrooms 4 slices of haggis 350g of boiled new potatoes Pre - rolled puff pustry 1/2 pint of chicken stock 1/2 pint double cream salt & pepper

Firstly start by seasoning the chicken breast with salt and pepper and roasting in a hot oven for about 10 minutes or until just cooked, set aside and leave to cool retaining any juices. Portion the puff pastry into four equal square lids about 10cm square, brush with a beaten egg and cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown and set aside.

Once the chicken is cooled, remove any skin and tear into bitesize strips and add to the reducing ‘pie mix’, crumble in the haggis and continue to cook for a couple of minutes until the haggis breaks down and thickens the sauce. Serve the pie mix with buttered new potatoes and the pastry lid. Enjoy with a decent glass of good beer!

While the chicken and pastry are cooking finely dice the onion and celery and sweat down in a little olive oil and butter, once the onion and celery are softened then add the mushrooms and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes until the mushrooms begin to take on a little colour. Now add the chicken stock and bring to the boil, reduce this by half and follow by adding the double cream. Turn down the heat and continue to reduce taking care that it doesn’t boil over.


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To advertise call 0131 553 5311 or email

brain teasers Quick Crossword

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Across 1. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14. 17. 19. 22. 23. 24. 25.

European country (7) Scour (5) Inflamed (7) Precise (5) Strict (5) Operating room (7) Painter (6) Lethal (6) Non professional (7) Likeness (5) Edgy, anxious (5) Revised (7) Father (5) Harnessed to ride (7)









16 17





Down 1. 2. 3.

Types of transport (5) Not tight (5) E.g. Crete, Rhodes (7)

4. 5. 6.

Tiny (6) Stage set (5) Oven cooked (7)

7. Torch power cell (7) 12. Made suitable (7) 13. Coached (7)


Basset hound Beagle Boxer Collie Corgi Deerhound Dingo Greyhound Husky Mastiff Pointer Poodle Pug Retreiver Saint Bernard Setter

Shar-Pei Sheepdog Spitz Terrier Westie Whippet

Find the names of the different breeds of dogs in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase 22

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Gardening Tips


t gives me great pleasure to start clearing the garden at this time of year. A new beginning. Believe me when I say that my garden is constantly evolving and rarely stands still. I have already cut back my herbaceous plants that have wilted and started to rot. I often get asked whether it is more

beneficial to leave perennial herbaceous borders or cut them back when they start to lose their charm. The ratio of evergreen to deciduous plants and the number of grasses that you have may help determine your decision. It is such a beautiful vista when you have a touch of frost coating tall grasses , with sun peering from behind, that I can understand the wish to leave everything until the first dew of Spring. However, in a damp climate such as Scotland if there has been a lot of rain the grasses tend to lose their structure rather quickly. A border that is totally planted

by helen carmichael with rotting vegetation is uninspiring in Winter. Therefore the addition of grasses in mixed sizes along with well placed evergreen shrubs could carry the borders through the seasons. If you feel that the garden is starting to look sorry for itself, then it is definitely time to act. This time of year does provide an ideal opportunity on a mild day to clear out those weeds. It’s also a fantastic chance to reevaluate the planting structure of the garden. I only hope that there is a period of really cold weather to kill unwelcome diseases before the temperate climate of Spring appears. There is always a job to be done in Winter, even if it is sharpening your tools or cleaning your Wellies!

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brain teasers Solutions from Page 22 D A R T T C O R G I G D S













Hidden phrase: Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. Max Eastman.

Around Britain

5 British Islands

1. Piel - Piel is the smallest of the four inhabited Islands of Furness that lie off the coast of Cumbria. Whilst the largest of these islands, Walney, is England’s eighth biggest and has a population of over 10,000, Piel is just 8 hectares in size and has a permanent population comprising the landlord – known as the ‘King of Piel’ – of the island’s Grade II listed Ship Inn. 2. Gairsay - Gairsay has a population of just 3, making it one of the least populated of all of Scotland’s offshore islands. Nevertheless, it is officially permitted by the Royal Mail to produce its own stamps. 3. Lundy - A little over one square mile in size, Lundy lies 12 miles off the north coast of Devon in the centre of the Bristol Channel. Despite its relative isolation and small size, Lundy has its own pub, shops and church, produces its own stamps, and has a resident population of 28. 4. The Calf of Man - Aside from the Isle of Man itself, the only other inhabited island in the Man group is the Calf of Man, a square-mile islet lying just off its southernmost tip. A census in 2006 recorded a population here of just 2 – namely the wardens of an RSPB bird observatory opened in 1962. 5. Brownsea - Brownsea is the largest of the dozen or so islands found in Poole Harbour in Dorset. It is also arguably the most well known, having been the location of Robert BadenPowell’s inaugural Boy Scout camp in August 1907. © Taken from The British Isles: A Trivia Gazetteer by Paul Anthony Jones, out now. 24

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Architectural Services

IDH Individually Designed Homes



Edinburgh Roofing Services Storm Shield


7 14-15

Morag Cameron Spiritual Counselling


Belle Mobile Beauty Therapy



Solicitors Stuart & Stuart

6 19

Morag Cameron Celebrant



Charities Sick Kids Friends Foundation

Kip McGrath Education Centres



Upholstery Services Absolute Upholstery



Home Computers Estate Agents Stuart & Stuart

9 19


QMU Sports Centre


Food & Catering

Hot Chocolates Chocolates & Cakes 13 Real Foods 28 Tolbooth Cafe & Restaurant 20-21


Helen Carmichael Garden Design Joinery Lothian Joiner & Builder

Kitchen Fitting & Repairs

23 5

Kichen Doctor


Locksmith 1st Call Locksmith


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Free love to free-from, we’ve been with you all the way For 50 years we’ve been at the forefront of a food revolution. In 1963, when Britain was in thrall to its new sugar-coated cereals and sliced white bread, we began rallying for more real food for the nation. Revolution was in the air, and we were there all the way as new ideas like vegetarianism and environmentalism gathered force among freethinkers. We helped you fight food allergies and intolerance with direct action, in the form of free-from foods and we’re proud to say our shop counter has served three generations of counter-culture shoppers. • Real – choice with a huge range of free-from foods. Whether coeliac, vegan, raw, or diabetic, there’s no need to feel restricted by your special diet at Real Foods. • Healthy – meat-free, dairy-free, wheat and gluten-free options so you can get the nutrition you need to keep marching through the day. • Foods – that won’t break the bank, so your body can get the balanced diet it needs without any protest.







As you can see, if you’re looking for special diet foods, Real Foods can bring you peace of mind with great value and great choice.


50 f r years e s hproviding n a twholefoods u r a l to h etheanation lthy

Shop online at

Special diet

FREE UK delivery for online orders £24 or over* 37 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JU 8 Brougham Street, Tollcross Edinburgh EH3 9JH

Fresh  •  local  •  seasonal  •  value

*Applies to UK mainland orders only and does not include wholesale bulk items

The campaigning Aldermaston anti-war activists of the early 60s were among our first customers. Photography with kind permission from Les & Liz Pearce

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