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Welcome to the October 2013 issue of the Musselburgh Anchor !

Dear resident,

Welcome to the third edition of the Musselburgh Anchor! Again, we see more businesses turning to the magazine to promote their services, while those that are already advertising report an increase in business from you the reader. Fantastic! What’s more is that resident feedback has been so very positive with folk telephoning and emailing to say what a wonderful resource they think the magazine is, and to give suggestions. It’s all appreciated. You’ll notice that we have our regular columns with locals John Brand, Morag Cameron and David Tibbs,writing about monuments, ceremonies, and racing car history in the movie ‘Rush’. There’s acknowledgement for those who observe Halloween in a too-scary-for-me book review and trivia. We have a delicious hot chocolate recipe in time for the weather turning, some excellent tax advice and architectural information, as well as a steadily growing community news section. There’s a beautiful community editorial from the Musselburgh Floral Art Club, and last issue I mentioned the Hollie Day Centre for older residents, well this month you can read all about the Centre and the wonderful activities going on there. See too an important message from the Scottish Fire and Safety department about how you can get your free fire and safety check. These community business magazines wouldn’t be what they are without you, so please do let me know your thoughts, write in to recommend a business, and do tell business owners that you got their details from the Musselburgh Anchor if you use a service from here. Well, it’s a wee bit grey out there, and that hot chocolate is looking good, so until next issue... Best wishes, Karolyne Quinn 01315535311

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electrical Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

Rewires and Repairs Emergency Call Out Lighting Installation Emergency Lighting Security Alarms Fault Finding Electric Showers & Heating Inspections and Testing Fuse Board Upgrades Garden Lighting

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1st Call Locksmiths (Edin) LLP

“Your Local Master Locksmiths for ALL Edinburgh and Lothians� TELEPHONE: 0131 477 1167 (24hrs) (allow 10 seconds to connect) Master Locksmiths Safe Engineers All Lock Types Fitted UPVC Lock Specialists Locks Supplied & Fitted Safes Supplied & Fitted All Lock Problems Solved

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Stone Repairs, Wall Repairs Chimney Repairs, Lime Pointing Lime Renders & Harling Lime Mortar Repairs Stone Restoration & Stone Cleaning

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Monumental Folley


f you’re going to splash out on a monument, you might as well get your money’s worth. A fine example of parsimonious memorial-building is the “Covenanters’ Monument” outside the gates of Dreghorn Barracks.

The monument is one of the few remaining traces of Dreghorn Castle, an Impressive mansion built in 1658 by Sir William Murray. Murray had been appointed Master of Works to King Charles II – crowned in Scotland in 1651, but in England not until 1660 due to the monarchy’s run-in with Cromwell’s Parliament – and decided that his courtly status required a suitable country house. The castle changed hands among Edinburgh’s great and good with dizzying speed for nearly 250 years, before being taken over by the War Department early in the 20th century for use as a training area. You can still find the remains of ‘practice trenches’ in a large area of the former castle grounds which is nowadays open to the public and offers some attractive and little-known Pentland walks – it’s just south of the city bypass, marked ‘Dreghorn Ranges’ off the sliproad by Dreghorn Services. The castle was demolished by the Army (“comprehensively” – apparently it was a very big bang) in 1955. In 1871 the property was acquired by Robert Macfie, the MP for Leith: perhaps he was looking for somewhere to escape from his constituents. One of Macfie’s hobbies was the 8

by John Brand

construction of a variety of monuments and follies in the castle grounds, and the “Covenanters’ Monument” is the only one still standing. When the Royal Infirmary moved to purposebuilt premises in Lauriston Place in 1879, the William Adam-designed original building in Infirmary Street was eventually dismantled. Robert Macfie snapped up the ornamental stonework for a song, and set about distributing it around his Dreghorn property. The “Covenanters’ Monument” was erected in 1885 and incorporates four massive Ionic pillars which were part of a colonnade in front of the old medical building. Having shelled out for his nearly-new building materials, Macfie decided to commemorate not just one historical episode but four. The monument’s popular name comes from the visible face of the entablature at the top of the monument, which reads ‘Covenanters 1666’, but the other sides are inscribed ‘Charles 1745’ (when Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army marched into Edinburgh), ‘Cromwell 1650’ (when the Roundheads occupied the city), and, more vaguely, ‘Romans’. The best known covenanters’ memorial is in Greyfriars Churchyard, where the Covenant was signed in 1638 and many covenanters were later imprisoned. But like most wild areas of southern Scotland the Pentlands have many graves and reminders of the ‘conventicles’ – clandestine Presbyterian services, at which attendance was once punishable by death. The Dreghorn monument is close to Rullion Green, site of a pitched battle where 900 covenanters were defeated by 3000 government troops with appalling reprisals to follow. The covenanters are regarded as freedom fighters by some, religious fanatics by others: of course it was all less clear-cut than that, but for sure it was a bloody and divisive time. Well worth remembering….

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Life Ceremonies


ver the last few weeks I have conducted quite a few wedding ceremonies and a blessing on a Civil Partnership. It’s a privilege to be involved in such happy and momentous occasions, and although nowadays much fuss and expense surrounds these events, I am often pleasantly surprised by how emotionally and spiritually focussed couples become when they make their vows. I believe this is because marriage is a rite of passage, like other important times we mark with ceremony, a birth or a death, and that these are as ancient as the human race itself. We tend to think of these ceremonies as associated with religion, but they are a cultural phenomenon too, and peeking into the tradition and history of ‘life rites’ can be a fascinating study.

by Rev Morag Cameron

Here in Scotland, many of our most mysterious ancient monuments housed the remains of our ancestors, ritually laid to rest. Here the theme seems to suggest preparation for the journey to the other side. The gaelic tradition has a song, the Pilliu, which was sung in the room of a soul who was passing over, a thread for the traveller to hold onto on the journey. As a modern-day celebrant, I find it interesting, and yes, reassuring that in our top speed, materalistic world, folks still need rites and rituals that mark our journey through life and satisfy and celebrate the connection to others and the greater whole.

For the celebration of a new child born into the family, the rites that our ancestors observed were two-fold, and a baptism has both these elements of protection and welcome. Old traditions associated with birth would include the singing of ‘birth songs’ by the midwife and other women to ward off the ‘seely court’ or the dark fairies who might steal the child and leave a stroppy cantankerous changeling! A quaich, or loving cup, might also have been shared at a birth to cement the two sides of the family. In Scotland, marriage has traditionally been held in a less permanent way than we are used to nowadays. The rite of Handfasting, (of “Brave Heart” fame) involved a temporary committment of a year and a day, the couple deciding after that whether they wanted to stay together permanently. Other ways a couple might show their connection could be to jump hand-in-hand over the Beltane fire or the broomstick. When it comes to the end of life, traditions and rituals stretch right back to pre-history. 10

Rev Morag Cameron, Interfaith Minister, Celebrant and Spiritual Counsellor

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HLP Architects



LP Architects was set up in 2005 by Edinburgh architects, Greg Holstead and Robert Lukas. Eight years ago the office was based in a rear garden garage, but now it runs out of a newly converted mezzanine floored office in Joppa Road. Those years have seen significant changes in market conditions for the architectural profession. In the early years we had several large commercial projects and a strong working relationship with East Lothian Council. Our business plan predicted the commercial side of our business to expand and the residential side to reduce. Well, like most business plans, it hasn’t quite worked out like that!

means that most families prefer to convert and extend. I would also suggest that the appetite for extending and converting has developed significantly over the last eight years. Many couples and families would prefer the opportunity to put their personal stamp on extending a smaller house rather than moving to a larger house. The plethora of tv shows which feature house extending has also seen a huge rise over the last eight years. The one criticism I have about the tv shows is that they tend to glamorise the processes involved. Rarely is insight given into the hard work of the architect, as the guiding hand in the process. Formulating designs, obtaining

The commercial side has diminished to almost zero; the Local Authorities have no money to spend, but the residential side has increased each year and is now our core business.

Planning Permissions and Building Warrants, tendering the works, drawing up contracts and controlling the builders – are just not sexy enough for tv!

The strength in the domestic market is fueled by a number of factors, not least the very low historical interest rates, which look set to continue for the foreseeable future. The new governor of the Bank of England suggested recently that the interest rate would be held at 0.5% at least until unemployment reaches the 7.0% mark, and most economists say this will take at least two years of steady growth. The upheaval, psychological stress and the cost of moving home is another factor, which

However, we should not be too sanguine about tv coverage. One of our own earlier projects was featured on Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’, and that certainly helped the business. As they say a picture paints a thousand words so I thought I would finish with a recent project and, before and after photos, which illustrate that with an architect’s hlp the mundane or poorly balanced house can be made into something very special.

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Bert Stewart 5th Dan

Tel 07863-135269 A family club dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate as taught by The Japan Karate Association The Keeper of Karate’s Highest Tradition

REGIMENTAL PROPERTIES LTD The Disciplined Approach to Letting LONGTERM Telephone us now to discuss your requirements or for a free information pack

Regimental Properties Ltd

149 North High Street, Musselburgh, EH21 6AN

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Musselburgh Floral Art Club


elcome back to the wonderful world of floral art. Before starting with a simple table setting let's look at foliage, conditioning your flowers and preparing the floral foam. Never underestimate the importance of foliage. The shape, colour and texture of leaves can dramatically alter the appearance of your flowers. Leaves last longer than flowers and are useful to fill in gaps.

examples are large leaved ivies, privet, hebe, heuchera, bergenia, conifer, vibernum. Use flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses and carnations with firm heads and strong stems. Cut the stems quite short and push into the foam forming a dense dome. You could put a candle into the centre of the foam.

Conditioning flowers and leaves helps them last longer. The best way is to put them in water as soon as you can after buying or cutting them until you can arrange them. Recut the stems on a slant & pop them into any clean container of water to have a drink. Prepare the floral foam by cutting to the shape you want. Soak in a basin. When it sinks it has absorbed enough water and can be used. Don't press down to speed things up because the inside will still be dry.


Coordinate the flowers with your napkins and china. Your guests will love your efforts. Why not do several similar arrangements for your sideboard or coffee table?

Now, let's start with a table setting. Your finished arrangement should look like a tightly packed posy of flowers. You need a round or oval container, green floral foam, floral adhesive tape, flowers, foliage and scissors. Prepare your foam. The top should be a little higher than the container. Strap it to the container with floral tape.

Well, that's all for this month. Next time we shall progress onto traditional triangular shaped arrangements. Good luck.

Push short sections of foliage into the foam around the rim to hide the base. Good

Next meeting: October 9th at 7.30pm

Musselburgh Floral Art Club

St Peter's Church Hall, High St. ÂŁ30 annual fee or ÂŁ4 at the door Every second Wednesday of the month.

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Get fit with us…

Sports Centre Membership from only £18 p/m * there may be an additional charge for more specialised classes

Our recently refurbished sports centre offers a range of excellent gym and weights equipment.

Classes* including spin, Pump fx, Pilates, Circuits, and many more, are available in our exercise studio and our multi-purpose sports hall can be utilised for a number of sporting activities. We also have an Astroturf pitch. The membership cost also includes an induction and personalised fitness programme.

Tel: 0131 474 0000 ask for ‘sports’ Email: – please quote ‘Musselburgh Anchor’ to receive one month’s free membership. Please mention the Musselburgh Anchor when responding to adverts


Support your No1 Local Roofer Building






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Flat Roofing Leadwork Pointing Slating, Tiling, Felting, Harling Specialists Velux Windows Supplied And Fitted Gutters Repaired And Building Work Under taken Emergency Roof Ser vice Insurance Work

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Tax Q&As National Minimum Wage: Increase?


I believe in the past, the National Minimum Wage normally changes about this time this year. Is there an increase soon?

You’re absolutely right; there is typically a change to the National Minimum Wages (NMW) annually on 1st October. The rates are due to increase on 1st October 2013 to: • £6.31 – the main rate for workers aged 21 and over • £5.03 – 18-20 year old rate • £3.72 – the 16-17 year old rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18 • £2.68 – the apprentice rate, for appren tices under 19 or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship. Last year, only the over 21s and apprentices saw an increase in the NMW. But this year, all of the rates have increased. but there is still a paper form to use if you’d prefer. Your tax return will cover the year ended 5th April 2013 but you only need to declare the amount of Child Benefit you or your partner are entitled to receive for the period 7th January 2013 to 5th April 2013. This tax return needs to be submitted to HMRC by 31st October 2013 if you file it on paper or 31st January 2014 if you file it online. Any tax arising must be settled by 31st January 2014. If you would like any assistance in dealing with your tax affairs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Disclaimer – advice shared in this column is intended to inform rather than advise and is based on legislation and practice at the time. Taxpayer’s circumstances do vary and if you feel that the information provided is beneficial it is important that you contact us before implementation. If you take, or do not take action as a result of reading this column, before receiving our written endorsement, we will accept no responsibility for any financial loss incurred.

Tax return due to Child Benefit


I’m a high earner and my wife receives the Child Benefit for our children. We intend to continue receiving Child Benefit in spite of the High Income Child Benefit Charge. How do I go about getting a tax return and when do I need to file it by?


From 7th January 2013, you may be liable to a new tax charge if you or your partner have an individual income of more than £50,000 and one of you is receiving Child Benefit. It may also apply if someone else receives Child Benefit for a child that lives with you. If you intend to keep receiving the Child Benefit, you need to register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for Self Assessment by 5th October 2013. The easiest way to do this is online at HMRC’s website


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Roofing & Building EKB Roofing & Building offer their services to both the domestic and commerical marketplace. No job is too big or too small. For a competitive quotation call us on 0131 660 1436 The company specialises in all aspects of Roofing and building from small repairs and maintenance to renovations. We only employ highly experienced and skilled tradesmen who carry out work to the highest quality and standard possible. This enables us to supply an array of trades and services ranging from; slating, tiling, felting, stone masonry, lead work, rendering, harling, joinery/shop fitting, etc.

Specialists in Felt Roofing with 15 year guarantee Joinery, Plasterwork & Interior Decorating 24 Hour Storm & Emergency Specialists UPVC Cladding Facings & Rhones Built-up Felt Roofing Single Ply Roofing Slating - Tiling - Harling Plasterwork - Stonework Pointing - Gutters - Chimneys External Painting 7 Days a week

21 Eskdaill Court, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH221AG

Telephone: 0131 660 1436 e-mail:

OPEN Ev Weekery INCL end Ban UDING k Holi days

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The Society’s new season kicks off in September with a lecture on the Battle of Pinkie by the military historian Dr John Sadler. Other lectures on the history of railways in East Lothian & Lost East Lothian follow. Watch out fur our posters at the levenhall Post Office & come along & try us out. If you are interested in joining the Society contact the Membership Secretary at or visit our web site at

MUSSELBURGH FLORAL ART CLUB St Peter's Church Hall, High St. £30 annual fee or £4 at the door Every second Wednesday of the month. Next meeting: October 9th at 7.30pm

THE SICK KIDS FRIENDS FOUNDATION helps sick children get better by funding extra medical equipment, improving facilities, financing specialised research and training and providing a wide variety of extra comforts for young patients and their families at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, other health centres in the East of Scotland and in the Community. Girly Get Together - Friday 4th October Tickets are now available for this year's Girly Get Together. Held once again at the impressive Prestonfield House, this evening has moved to the Friday slot to ensure there will be no restrictions on your fun. Expect the usual laughs, games and mayhem with the hilarious Grant Stott hosting this event once again. This year promises to be even more 20

outrageous than before so don’t miss out! Tickets priced £65 per head or £650 per table of 10. Price includes 3 course meal and glass of fizz on arrival. Contact Linda at or on 0131 668 4949 to order your tickets now!

Christmas Fair – 24th November 2013 We are already gearing up for our Christmas Fair on the 24th of November at Meadowbank. This is becoming one of Edinburgh’s biggest fairs of the year and is the perfect opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping in whilst enjoying a fantastic family day out! We have a huge variety of stalls which cover something for everyone with prices suit every bodies pocket! We also have just had exclusive news from Greenland that Santa is available that day to come along and give out a few early Christmas presents to the children! Along with refreshments bouncy castles and some surprise characters it’s a date for your diary, even now! If you would like a stall either phone 0131 668 4949 and speak to Vicki or Linda. OR you can email us at for more information and a booking form! Christmas Carols - 10th December 2013 This is event is a wonderfully festive start to the Christmas period with a fine blend of contemporary and traditional carols and readings, topped off with mince pies and wine. The setting is the beautiful St Cuthbert’s Parish church and is a night not to be missed! More details to follow.

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FREE HOME FIRE SAFETY VISIT The home safety visit is carried out by local firefighters from the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and lasts approximately 40 minutes. The firefighters will give valuable advice on all aspects of fire Safety in your home, answering any questions you may have and the best bit, fit free smoke alarms. East Lothian Community Firefighter David Norris said “ working smoke alarms really do save lives and I would advise every household to have them.”

To book a free home fire safety visit Text ‘fire’ to 61611 Call 0800 0731 999 Visit

Are you a man blissfully unaware of the risks of prostate cancer, the biggest killer from cancer of men in the UK? Need to pee embarrassingly frequently, particularly through the night? This could be a classic sympton but often seen as a music hall joke about old men.It can be a benign or malignant sympton so you need to get it checked out - if malignant, it can be cured if treated early. If 50 or over a simple blood test on the NHS could save your life. Alternatively, if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and would like to have support from others who have been through it call 0131 208 3067 or email or look at for information about the Group support activities (including consultation recording and buddying for patients). Scottish Registered Charity SC041732


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The Hollies Day Centre


he Hollies Day Centre is a vibrant hub of the community on the High Street in Musselburgh, a registered charity running for over 50 years. Although known mostly as a gathering place and safe haven for the elderly we are open to the general public who are welcome to our bright inexpensive café, our shop and hairdressers for ladies over the age of 60 years. The hairdressers is very good value for money! We run a lunch club Monday to Friday for the over 60’s where we provide a two, sometimes three course meal. Homemade soup is served every day; main course is followed by tea/coffee and biscuits, and if you live in Musselburgh we can pick you up in our own bus and take you home after lunch. The lunch club is also available to people out with the Musselburgh area, but they need to make their own way in to us and notify us in advance for catering purposes. We have a vibrant unit for people with early onset dementia. The unit provides not just respite for our group members, who have been diagnosed with dementia, but also their carers. We provide a wide range of activities which have been tailored to meet individual needs, these include: Arts and Crafts, Reminiscence/ Life stories, fun exercise and games, with dominos being a firm favourite. We also have Freeview television, a DVD player and a wide selection of music. The unit

overlooks the River Esk with its abundant bird life. This can be enjoyed all year round from our picture windows or in good weather from our balcony, which is furnished with table/chairs and parasol.

The annual lunch with the Honest Lad and Lass and Hollies club members

A lively pensioners’ club is run every second Friday afternoon, a Tea Dance every second Thursday afternoon, Tai Chi classes on Wednesday mornings for an hour, and Movement to Music on Tuesday afternoon for an hour. New members to any of these are always welcome. A number of groups use our facilities, including CRUSE bereavement, Trefoil Guild, Arthritis Care and the Probus club. For more information on any of the activities at the Hollies please phone 0131 665 5613 and speak to Liz or Ann. Look at our video on the internet at The Hollies Day Centre on Vimeo and see for yourself what a vibrant place is the Hollies Day Centre.

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brain teasers Place all the words listed into the grid. Each word can be used once only. The first word has been filled in. 5 LETTERS

Agile Annex Arena Creak Enrol First Frail Fried Fungi Gains Halts Lisps Midst Novel Party Prune


Element Erosion

Punch Realm Rents Rests Revel Rifts Route Rungs Safer Sleet Sprig Steep Texts Tolls Treat Yolks Getting Orating

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Solutions Solutions for puzzles appear in next month’s issue. 24

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Sharon Grimshaw 0131 4779902 07707 679494

Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate INGREDIENTS 500ml milk 60g callets A little water 2-4 teaspoons cornflour (4 teaspoons gives a really thick drink)Serves 2

Dissolve the cornflour in a little water, add everything into a pan and bring gently to a boil whisking regularly. Simmer for a few minutes and keep whisking. Pour into 2 mugs, sink into your favourite chair and time will stand still!


Musselburgh Anchor

Community business magazines are an excellent resource for advertising your business. Distributed to thousands of residents in the Musselburgh area. Online representation. es su Is % 4 15 ! ff O

This 1/2 space yours for £65 Full page £90 Quarter page £45 ** Ask about package bonuses **

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The Shining

Stephen King For Jack Torrance, taking a new job as caretaker at the remote Overlook Hotel is far from the fresh start he’s hoping for. Off-season at a deserted hotel means a playground for madness, leaving Jack and his unsuspecting family isolated and in danger. Five year old Danny Torrance is the only one who can sense the horrors to come. He’s gifted with ‘the shining’, a sort of sixth-sense for the sinister and the threatening. As the snow begins to fall, the curtain of madness descends. The Enemy Charlie Higson Your teenagers will either love this book, or it’ll terrify the pants off them. In a post-apocalyptic London, all adults have been infected with a sickness, effectively rendering them zombies. They’re hungry and crazed and are running amuck in the capital, leaving everyone under fourteen who have survived the zombie virus to either find a place to hide, or come up with a plan to defeat them. It’s the first in an absolutely cracking series. Just don’t make it your bedtime reading. 1984 George Orwell 'Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past'. Winston Smith works in the Record Department at the Ministry of Truth and is beavering away rewriting history to manipulate the present and future. Under the watchful eye of Big Brother, 26

Winston secretly plots to overthrow the totalitarian regime. He’s going to need an ally and he thinks he’s found it in the form of new love, fellow-worker Julia. One of the most influential books ever written, Orwell’s dystopian vision has spawned many an imitator and many a reality TV show. Oh, the irony. The Best Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allen Poe The master of gothic horror, Poe doesn’t fail to send a chill down even the most rigid of spines. He has perfected the art of the psychological thriller with his tales of lunatics, ghosts and murderers all riddled with the human characteristics of jealousy, deviousness, lust for revenge and sometimes just pure hatred. Whether it’s the ‘da-dum, da-dum’ of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ or the haunting refrain of ‘The Raven’, his tales of terror will crawl inside your head, make a little nest, and stay there…until you’re just about to nod off to sleep. American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis If this book teaches you one lesson, it’s to screen people thoroughly because even the handsome ones can be absolute nutters. Enter Patrick Bateman: Wall Street yuppie by day and psychopathic serial killer of young ladies by night. Let’s just say, he has a lot of nasty habits he wouldn’t want to list on his dating profile…and they’re all described in graphic detail for us. Proof that the

devil takes many pleasing guises.

To advertise call 0131 553 5311

The Life List Halloween Habits Childhood, as I recall, was marked by annual traditions - there was Christmas, New Year, Easter, the long, glorious summer break from school, and finally Halloween. When you’re an adult, it can seem like it’s only for the kids now, but those Halloween habits are still just as relevant when viewed from another angle. 1. Trick or Treat - strictly speaking, for grown-ups, this now comes with the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November. And sadly, if you are a saver, there are usually few treats. 2. Bobbing for apples - a great way to test your teeth and gums. The winner is the person who finds an apple that has not been grown in a poly tunnel and which actually tastes of apple.

3. Bonfires - this ancient ritual involves sacrificing pallets and old furniture in order to undercook or cremate baked potatoes. No one really knows why. 4. Shops selling Christmas cards (to be fair they’ve probably been doing this since September and the Valentine cards are already in storage). 5. Carving pumpkins into lanterns - a great way to scare away your neighbour’s children. Often combined with sitting in the back room in the dark - a great way to save on electricity. 6. Telling scary stories - these often involve hospital visits, the car’s annual service, that last holiday where one of you was nearly caught short or the perils of online dating. 7. Watching scary films - anything 3D without the glasses (although it’s often more blurry than scary). © Derek Thompson

brain teasers Solutions from SEPTEMBER issue 2

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t’s hardly surprising that we have a motor racing film hitting our screens considering the success of the astounding 2010 documentary Senna. While that was completely stripped back, created using only stock interview and race footage of Ayrton Senna and those around him, Rush is very much the archetypal Hollywood, big budget picture complete with Oscar-winning director (Ron Howard), A-list celebrity leading man (Chris Hemsworth) and visual effects that make the racing sequences exciting to the point of being terrifying. The film focuses on the rivalry between upper class British playboy James Hunt (Hemsworth) and reserved, calculating Austrian Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) during the 1970s, detailing their journey from the depths of Formula Three kart racing to competing for the Formula One world championship. This culminates with a close look at the 1976 season in particular, renowned for featuring one of the most dramatic sporting comebacks of all time. The last segment, showing the tragic events of that season and the circumstances surrounding it is by far the most exciting cinematic experience of the year. The race sequences are spectacular, putting the audience right in the car with the driver, and the sound of the cars is truly astounding, so much so it completely overshadows the Hans Zimmer score to the point where I can barely remember there being any other music. Unfortunately, these incredible moments are few and far between, with most of the first two 28

by david tibbs

thirds of the film featuring almost no racing whatsoever. Results are alluded to, and World Championship wins are mentioned in passing, but the majority of the film is more concerned with the personal lives of the drivers involved, in particular James Hunt. It’s a shame that he is the least interesting character in the ensemble. An inordinate amount of time is spent with Hunt and his various banal relationships, most prominently a short-lived marriage to a supermodel (Olivia Wilde) and several other promiscuous encounters. This all but relegates the most interesting couple, Lauda and his wife, to two or three short but beautiful scenes during the entire run time. Even the central rivalry is mostly just Hemsworth and Bruhl calling each other assholes until the film reaches a truly engaging and exciting climax. The film is very exposition heavy, most notably with the commentary during the race scenes, which are e a little overbearing at times, but no doubt necessary to accommodate those who aren’t familiar with the sport (cough, Americans). The 70s aesthetic is beautifully recreated, and the casting is spot on. Daniel Bruhl is particularly wonderful as Niki Lauda, who, despite somewhat distracting fake teeth, makes a cold and brittle character likeable and relatable. In the end, the film is enjoyable even when it frustratingly lingers too long with the least interesting storylines, and the final dual between the two drivers is as thrilling as it is tense. Go see it for the race sequences alone, but there is heart there, too.

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Accident Car Repair Centre Wallyford Accident Repair Centre treat all aspects of vehicle body repair, from minor dents and scratches to serious structural repairs for all makes of vehicle. We are happy to provide you with an estimate. > Car body, scratch and dent repair > Bumper skuffs, windscreen cracks & trims repaired > Full respray/ custom paint service > Alloy wheel refurbishment > All insurance work taken > Collection & courtesy car available

Garage Services We will gladly beat other ‘marque’ garages on price while our expertise and high quality equipment help reduce the time your vehicle is off the road. Our collection and courtesy car service is available to ensure the whole accident repair experience causes minimum inconvenience. Garage services include: > MOT Testing > Diagnostics > Servicing > Tyre Changing

CALL US 0131 653 1881 MON - FRI 8am - 5pm

Unit 1-3e Wallyford Industrial Estate Musselburgh EH21 8QJ

Please mention the Musselburgh Anchor when responding to adverts

Eh21 musselburgh anchor issuu oct2013  
Eh21 musselburgh anchor issuu oct2013  

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