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2014 Reference Guide

Wisconsin Egyptian Arabian Horse Alliance

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Wisconsin Egyptian Arabian Horse Beautiful, courageous, strong and fleet of foot, the Egyptian Arabian horse of the desert has been the subject of legend, story and song, throughout recorded history. Over the centuries, Egypt had become the world's foremost source of Egyptian Arabian horses who most capture their magical desert forebears' singular qualities. Recognizing both the unlimited potential and the inherent fragility of the rare, old bloodlines their imported Egyptian bloodstock embodied, those earlier American devotees also saw the increasing threat of the Straight Egyptian population's absorption and complete disappearance in a complex modern world. In the mid-1980's a group of passionate Arabian horse breeders in Wisconsin created an organization for the love of their horses, whose mission would be the preservation, wise stewardship and greater public recognition of an immortal treasure, the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse The Wisconsin Egyptian Arabian Horse Alliance continues today as an inspiration to many Arabian horse breeders from the US. Click to become a member.

Shes All That Jaz 2011 chestnut filly offered for sale. Grandsires Shahir & Thee Asil speak for themselves. Egyptian Event 2012 EBC Top Five Filly. Great purchase for breeding program and show ready. Trained with Mike Neal Arabians. (For Sale)

Minuets Legacy (Thee Desperado x MB Minuet) 2007 Bay Gelding (For Sale)

Meierotto Arabians Donna Meierotto 65322 County Hwy C. Marengo, WI 54855 Phone: (715)278-3765 email: web:

El Shuja Wahid Norus x Naftula by Moniet El Sharaf SCID/ CA/ LFS n/n- clear. 2011 Egyptian Event - World Class 10 and older, Top 5, 4th in points. Liberty Bronze winner. First time ever shown. 2012 Egyptian Event- Reserve Champion Liberty, Top 10 World Class 10 and over.

See us at the Egyptian Event Barn 4 Steve and Chris Johnson Whitewater, WI. 53190 website

The Elixir Hi-Fashion Mreekh X Jaliya (Halimm X *Haniya). Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale, Top 10 Stallion, along with several Championships, and Reserves at the Egyptian Event. 15.3 hand, Straight Egyptian stallion. Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire S C I D / C A / L F S n/n-clear.

Steve and Chris Johnson Whitewater, WI. 53190 website

Vudu Magic Arabians Michelle Laucke and Bill Nelson 5000 Beaver Dam Road Stevens Point, WI 54482 Phone: (715)-570-6333 Email: Website:

VMA Malakah Shakirah, proudly owned by Vudu Magic Arabians, no white markings, heterozygous black, a wonderful blend of Straight Egyptian bloodlines, with pizzazz, high set long neck and tail, well balanced motion, with the prettiest head and kindest big black eyes. She is one of Wisconsin's best kept secrets.

VMA Barr Farasha

is exceptional, placing Top 10 at the Egyptian Event ATH Mare, Top 6 and Top 3 in Liberty. Farasha is our show off mare Strutting at 10 1/2 months pregnant in the photo below... She lights up the pasture just for fun. 2014 breeding to Burak Ben-Eden EA.

Madheen El Masr Sire: EAI Silvereen Dam: MB Deseena by Imperial Madheen

See us at the Egyptian Event Barn 4 showing Champion Mikeen El Masr. Dick & Pat Platzek 825 East Hwy 153 Stratford, WI 54484 Phone: (715)687-3147



EL MASR ARABIAN STUD “Creating a distinguishing outcross breeding program beginning in 1969.”

Daiseeh El Masr Sire: Madheen El Masr Dam: Shantel El Masr by Shahin El Masr

This is Alfano Preziosa, on a casual muddy day. She is out of Alfano Vero Star DMF and our Khafre Bay daughter. She will be presented as a yearling at The 2014 Egyptian Event. Her dam will be bred to Madheen El Masr for a EBC foal.

Alfano Arabian Horses Pete and Anja Alfano 801 E Main Street Knoxville, IL 61448 US Phone: (309) 289-4389 Mobile: (309) 221-2423 email: web: Straight Egyptians for sale and breeding stallions.

Genetic Diseaes in Arabian Horses S.C.I.D. (COMBINED IMMUNODEFICIENCY)

SCID is a lethal disease of Arabian foals inherited as an autosomal recessive. Lacking a competent immune system, SCID foals succumb before five months of age to massive infection, primarily of the respiratory tract. An affected foal provides evidence of carrier status of both parents. A DNA test is now available. To order Test Kits, see link below. OCCIPITAL-ATLANTO -AIAL MALFORMATION = OAAM This is a condition of the nervous system that ranges from a lack of coordination of voluntary muscular movements to the paralysis of both front and rear legs. Vertebrae fuse together in the neck and fuse to the base of the skull as well. Foals often cannot stand to nurse or the symptoms may not be seen for several weeks. CEREBELLAR DISEASE = CEREBELLAR ABIOTROPHY Degeneration of the granular layer of the cerebellum portion of the brain causes a lack of coordination, a lack of balance and head tremors. Symptoms generally do not occur until the foal is several weeks old. The gait (movements) become exaggerated and the legs are placed wide-apart to stand at rest. Early indications include crashing into fences and falling over backwards. A test is now available. To order Test Kits, see link below. DILUTE LETHAL = LAVENDER Brain lesions cause behavior that is frequently consistent to when the brain is denied oxygen a birth. Foals are often the result of a difficult birth, are unable to stand and nurse, have rigidity in their joints and may have rapid eye movements. Coat color is a dull gray and the skin tends to be an unhealthy pink color; hence, lavender. These foals die. To order Test Kits, see link below.

Testing is available through: VetGen Labs Article from Arabian FOAL Association

Ali Azimm (The Minstril x Aliashahm RA)

Mark Rustebakke

East Troy, WI Phone: (414)975-0001 email: Website

Ali Nahar M-R

(For Sale)

(Ali Azimm x Layla Ameera)

SE, AK 2012 Homzygous black Colt Ali Nahar is a pretty black son of Ali Azimm who is a Leading Sire of Halter Winners at the Egyptian Event. He has a pretty, dishy face with big full eyes. His neck is set on well and very expressive. Nahar has a strong rear end with a good tail set. He has had halter training and competed at several Open shows. He likes to learn and is very willing and good mannered

Sinoan Wesam El Aswad (JKB Prince Moniet X Habba Saouda) 2009 Homozygous Black Straight Egyptian Inquire for breeding fee.

Traditional Pride Stables

Traditional Pride Stables Quality Straight Egyptians for sale and breeding See us at the Egyptian Event Barn 4 Brett Laucke & Jennifer Welch Laucke 9640 N. County Line Rd. Whitewater, WI 53190 Phone: (920)723-7909 email: web:

WWA Najiy (Hadaya Aneek x WWA Malika)

West Wind Arabians Owner - Donald Gigante Watertown, WI 53098 Phone: (920) 262-0256 Barn Manager - Nancy Rettschlag Phone: 920-285-0014

e-mail: Web:

West Wind Arabians Arabians for sale and breeding

See us at the Egyptian Event

Barn 4

WWA Koukab Amerika (WWA Kurafi x Hadaya Nile Tiara by PVA Imperiali) Bred for Performance and Halter, WWA Koukab Amerika exhibits the exquisite beauty and athletic grace of the Egyptian Arabian Horse. He’s an exotic black bay, standing 15.2 hands with a pedigree that abounds with Champions. Koukab started his show career late at age 8 (and only a few months training), including his dÊbut at the 2012 Egyptian Event in Kentucky where he consistently placed in the Top 5 and Top 10, and was the only Egyptian Stallion to win ribbons in both Halter and Western Pleasure classes.

AOF Aliqqah (For Sale) CA, LFS N/N.She is Hadban Inzahi Lovely black Straight Egyptian filly. Tall, up right, smooth bodied and athletic. Lots of character and a quick learner. Pedigree includes proven halter and performance winners. This filly has great potential for the show ring and breeding barn. A very special filly Al Khamsa and Homozygous black Webpage

Alita Moniet (Ali Azimm x Monieta Sharie) Homozygous black, CA clear

Arabian Oaks Farm Lana Severson W20338 Saw Mill Road Galesville, WI 54630 Phone: (608)582-4015 email:

Elegance, Agility, Intellegence, Power....

A true companion!

Chris & Kathy Stromberg/Christine Gillen 41372 Little Clara Drive Deer River , MN 56636 Home 218-246-2926 Cell 218-259-2524 email: web:

What is an Egyptian Arabian Horse? The Wisconsin Egyptian Arabian Horse Alliance endorses the qualifications established by The Pyramid Society for recognition of Egyptian Arabian horses. To qualify as a Straight Egyptian, as defined by The Pyramid Society, a horse must: Be registered or eligible by pedigree for registration by the Arabian Horse Registry of America AND Trace in every line of its pedigree to horses born in Arabia Deserta; AND Trace in every line of its pedigree to a horse which falls within one or more of the following categories: (a) owned or bred by Abbas Pasha I or Ali Pasha Sherif; (b) used to create and maintain the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) / Egyptian Agricultural rganization (EAO) breeding programs, with the exclusion of Registan and Sharkasi and their lineal descendants;

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(c) a horse which was a lineal ancestor of a horse described in (a) or (b) above; OR (d) other than those excluded above, a horse conceived and born in a private stud program in Egypt and imported directly to the United States and registered by the Arabian Horse Registry of America prior to the extension of the EAO's supervision to private Egyptian stud programs as reflected in Volume 4 of the EAO's Stud Book. To be recognized as Egyptian-Sired, as defined by The Pyramid Society, a horse must be a purebred Arabian who is produced by breeding a Straight Egyptian stallion to a purebred Arabian mare who is not Straight Egyptian. Prior to 2005, The Pyramid Society also recognized a category of horses as EgyptianBred or Egyptian-Related. As defined by The Pyramid Society, an Egyptian-Bred or Egyptian-Related horse was one who was produced either by breeding a Straight Egyptian stallion to a purebred Arabian mare who was not Straight Egyptian OR one whose grandsires were both Straight Egyptian, and whose dam was purebred Arabian who was not Straight Egyptian. All horses born prior to 2005 and meeting the definition of Egyptian-Bred/Related are eligible for certain Society-managed programs through the remainder of their lifetimes. Note: WEAHA recognizes horses that match these qualifications. However, beginning with foals born in 2005, this category has not been recognized by The Pyramid Society. Horses fitting the description of Egyptian-Sired are recognized as such regardless of their birthdate. Only horses of certifiable ancestry are eligible for classification as Straight Egyptian or Egyptian-Sired or Egyptian-Bred/Egyptian-Related as defined by The Pyramid Society, and for participation in Society-managed programs.

2014 WEAHA Reference Guide  
2014 WEAHA Reference Guide  

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