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Government of Argentina The government of Argentina is a republic. There Constitution was made on May 1st, 1853. The capital city is Buenos Aires. The President and Vice President are elected every four years just like America. They can also have two chances of being President. There are at least 72 senators that are nearly equally split for each province. Buenos Aires is the largest and most populated city in Argentina. The president of Argentina is NĂŠstor Kirchner (2003) and his time of being a president ends in a couple of months but he can be reelected to be president 0ne more time for the next four years.

Landforms Argentina has the Andes Mountains Along the western side of Argentina. The Andes Mountains is the biggest mountain range in the world. Argentina’s terrain is rich plains that roll across the pampas northern half. And it has flat plateaus. To the south of Patagonia where Charles Darwin’s next stop should have been Argentina have many climates it goes to tropic to arctic cold once you get closer up to the Mountains.



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