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Summary The University of South Carolina Upstate offers the largest baccalaureate nursing program and the largest RN-BSN nursing program in South Carolina. Using on-site instruction, distance learning and inter-institutional articulation, programs offered at the Mary Black School of Nursing are designed for students who are diverse in background, age, race, ethnicity, educational experiences, and needs. The programs rest upon a foundation of enterprises within the community, including health care organizations and providers in Upstate South Carolina. Currently the program has 432 students in pre-licensure and 95 students in the RN to BSN program, for a total of 547 students for the Spring 2013 semester. With success and growth comes the opportunity to engage with leaders in the healthcare industry, such as the J M Smith Foundation. For many years, USC Upstate and the J M Smith Foundation have been active partners, and today we are grateful for the opportunity to present this proposal in support of our on-going commitment to offering the best nursing education in South Carolina and the entire Southeast. USC Upstate believes that supporting, developing and providing top educational programs for our students and faculty are key components to maintaining the highest levels of healthcare excellence. The University of South Carolina Upstate invites you to consider an investment of $250,000, or $50,000 per year for five years to make the Simulation Center for Teaching Excellence in the Mary Black School of Nursing the best in the state. By participating at this level, the J M Smith Foundation will help the University advance towards its goal of preeminence in learning, discovery, and engagement.

Proposed Agreement A significant component to the nursing curriculum is a well-equipped Simulation Center, a safe environment to replicate clinical situations that accurately provide students and faculty the opportunity to practice, analyze and perfect their skills in patient care. Over the last two years, the Mary Black School of Nursing has been focused on funding and developing a plan to increase utilization by faculty and students. The first tenet of the plan was to join Healthcare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC), nationally known experts in simulation, under the leadership of Dr. John Schaeffer. Dr. Schaeffer’s team developed a plan for USC Upstate that would build an infrastructure that was in line with other university simulation centers in the state, such as Clemson and USC Columbia. The plan was divided into Phase I and II. Phase I was a computer and equipment upgrade of the main simulation rooms in the center. This phase, which cost $485,000, was funded by USC Upstate. In August 2012, this phase was completed and as our students returned for the fall term, utilization increased by nearly 650%, with a total of 3494 student encounters in the past semester. The goals of the Simulation Center are as follows: • To provide our students the highest level of instruction utilizing the best clinical equipment available. • To ground our students in the latest research and best practices of the profession of nursing. • To improve the health status of the local population by providing the leadership and resources to develop and retain a diverse, culturally competent nursing workforce. • To provide innovative simulations which promote and sustain excellence in all aspects of patient care for our students, faculty and community. • To maintain status as a Simulation Center of Teaching Excellence. Our Simulation Center focuses on creating an environment that fosters innovation and places emphasis on continuous learning that benefits faculty, students and area health professionals. The Center offers procedural simulation technologies using computerized mannequins and other mechanical devices. It also is a venue for advancing education and assessing competencies. Mannequins allow faculty and students to realistically challenge their skills, perfect new care protocols and practice code situations. In these simulated patient rooms, students and other health care professionals will have even greater expertise and experience for real-life situations.

Proposed Agreement To help us achieve these goals, an investment by the J M Smith Foundation would provide: • 2 Wireless AVS Systems $110,000 Video recording students throughout their practice activities in the center is an integral part of the learning process. Installation of fixed systems in all rooms would not be as flexible as a wireless remote system that could be moved for room to room as the need arises. The Orion is a wireless and portable standalone simulation management solution used for simulation training by leading hospitals and academic institutions. Orion IMXpressŠ enables students to identify deficiencies and develop and practice procedures needed to enhance effectiveness through immediate video playback.

Proposed Agreement • 4 Computerized Medication Dispensing Carts


Hospitals now utilize similar dispensing medication carts that streamline medication administration while assuring greater accuracy and fewer medication errors. The Demo DoseŠ medicine dispense system is the student learning simulator that increases student preparedness for the live clinical setting. This system includes a barcode scanner.

Proposed Agreement • 50 Laptops and 50 Monitors $75,000 Effective January 2014, all hospitals are required to have electronic health records (EHR). Schools have added this dimensions to their nursing and physician education programs to better prepare students for competency in this area. Bedside electronic documentation would allow the students to record vital information concerning the patient throughout the simulated clinical experiences. We have already purchased licenses for online documentation software from Lippincott called Docucare Š to support this task.

Community Partnerships In addition to educating the best and brightest students in the Upstate, the Mary Black School of Nursing collaborates with many community organizations and other health care providers, such as: • Regional One Helicopter competencies were completed in our Simulation Center • Nurses from Mary Black Hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit completed their competency training • We are co-sponsoring a regional educational pediatric workshop with SRHS in April 2013 that includes classroom presentations and simulation in our lab • Summer camp with BMW and Greenville Health Systems focusing on math, science and healthcare • Basic Life Support (BLS) courses offered for students and community • Fall 2013 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses will be available for faculty, students and community • Faculty serve as Regional educators for Upstate education in BLS and ACLS • Faculty are serving on Research Committee at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Systems and collaborating on research proposals with staff • Faculty conducting research studies with staff at Greenville Hospital Systems, Greenville community, and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Systems Home Health Care • Faculty volunteering with Upstate YMCAs • Chief Nursing Officers at local hospitals and community leaders serve on School of Nursing Advisory Committee.

Advancing USC Upstate Together By making this investment, the Center will be named the J M Smith Foundation Simulation Center of Excellence. This callaboration will allow USC Upstate and the J M Smith Foundation will advance our students today as leaders tomorrow in the healthcare industry.

Allocation of Funds The USC Upstate Foundation will administer and allocate these funds to the Mary Black School of Nursing. Dr. Katharine Gibb, Interim Dean for the Mary Black School of Nursing, will manage requests for the new equipment and provide annual updates on the Simulation Center.


Dr. Katharine Gibb, Interim Dean Mary Black School of Nursing 864.503.5444 Dr. Margaret Hindman, Director Joint Center for Nursing Research and Scholarship 864.503.5454 Bea Walters Smith, Director Development and Foundation Scholarships 864-503-5235

MBSON J Smith Proposal  

MBSON J Smith Proposal

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