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International Day of Disabled People 3rd December 2009 in Botev School This day was a special occasion for everyone in our school. We made special posters to attract the the pupils’ attention.

Each child put the most important information about themselves inside the palms . The hands were sent to other classes to know each other. A man in a wheelchair: he organised an obstacle race and a basketball match (for Classes 2 and 7)

We had some guests (disabled) from „The House of Chances”: a blind lawyer explains how he reads and spends his days.

Activities during the day

Sign language „It ‘s a great day for everyone”- we said. Today we are having a lesson with a woman who is very special in sign language. We were excited – we had even learnt to say „hello” with signs. First we got pictures of animals. Our task was to explain the animal without saying a word. Then we tried lip-reading. We told our names silently and the lady could say our names. We were surprised how easily she could do that. We learnt about a website which gives us more information about deaf people. We played lots of interesting games with signs. I remember some signs we used in the lesson. I hope I can help deaf people with them once. by Réti Gergely from Class 3B

Other activities on December 3rd

Tasting, touching, drawing, reading without seeing. It’s not easy. We were given small plastic animals and tried to find out what they were . Many of us couldn’t recognize them blindfolded. Braille writing: reading with the help of the Braille alphabet.

December 3-án az Esélyek Házából érkeztek hozzánk vendégek. Segítségükkel bepillantást nyerhettünk a testi fogyatékkal élık napjaiba. Megtanultuk, hogy milyen fontos az egymás iránti tisztelet, segítségnyújtás. Kitartással, szorgalommal bárki elérheti célját.

Final discussion: from now we will give more respect and help to each other.

Parents in our school community

Hi. I’m Petra. I ‘ve made an interview with a mother from our Parents’ Association. Mrs Hrubi says parents help a lot in organizing the school carnival and the school parties. They bring cakes, make sandwiches and sell food and drink during the parties. They often go on outings with their children’s class. Lots of them help collect paper for recycling in autumn and spring. Some of them help to paint even classroom walls. Many of them take part in afternoon activities: in workshops, sport activities with their children or their teachers. Parents have received exchange students from Spain and Germany. Mrs Hrubi says it’s a great time for the children to practise a foreign language. (Sötét Petra Class 8.a)

Going on outings together and making a campfire, cooking in a stew-pot are the most popular activities. There are also lots of games and sport activities when children and parents are together. Children, parents and teachers often meet on workshops to make some nice things together. In the pictures parents and the children are preparing little gifts togetherin the school and the kindergarten. In Egry kindergarten: We arrange Fathers' Day on the third Friday of June every year. This is a family sport afternoon in our kindergarten's yard where daddies can compare their strength, their courage, their cleverness with their children in playful sport activities and quizzes. At the end of the day they get a certificate and a medal. Eating and drinking together is the closing part of the afternoon.

More events with parents Pumpkin Festival

An outing with St Nicolas and our families in December. (Class 2.b)

All the parents and their children were very happy to read the call for the autumn festival of the late-season crops. It has already become a tradition in Botev school. This school year PUMPKINS were the main attraction of the event. We started to plan the programme very carefully. All the parents were busy with reading old recipe books and the websites to learn how to make pupkin pies and other delicios cakes. Mothers were trying out the recipies, all the other members of the families were tasting the cakes before the festival. Pumkin carving was also an important event. Jack-o-lanterns, vases, creative pumkin figures- found out by small ones and older ones. Seeds were also used to make fantastic pictures. Masks and other types of things were also made to decorate the classrooms. (by a parent in class 2.a: Szőcsné Vinkler Klára)

Az óvodában és az iskolában is több olyan esemény van minden évben, amikor a szülık együtt vannak gyermekeik csoportjával, az óvó nénikkel, tanító nénikkel. Közkedveltek a közös kirándulások, a kézmőves délutánok, vetélkedık, sport események. Együtt tehetjük vidámmá ezeket az eseményeket, így ismerhetjük meg jobban egymást.

Class 3.b and Pumukli Group Co Co-operation (kindergarten) Playing together…..

„Én elmentem a vásárba fél pénzzel, Tyúkot vettem a vásárban fél pénzen, Tyúkom mondja kity-rá-koty, Csirkém mondja csip-csip-csip, Kakasom mondja ku-ku-ri-kú, Récém mondja rip-haj-nal, Pulykám mondja dan-da-ru, Ludam mondja gi-gá-gá, Disznóm mondja röf- röf-röf, Juhom mondja be-be-be, Kecském mondja mek-mek-mek, Csikóm mondja nyi-ha-ha, Kárikittyom édes tyúkom mégis van egy fél pénzem. Elfogyott a fél pénzem. „

We were very excited waiting for our partner group from the kindergarten to act out a joyful play. The scene of the play was the market. The farmer was buying all kinds of animals, but finally he had some money left. In Art lessons we had made all the puppets, put them on sticks and decorated them in a very funny way. The little lamb got a bell, the hen got colorful feathers, the goose had a ribbon. One boy played the role of the farmer. He was wearing boots and a hat. Everybody enjoyed the play. We made our little friends really happy. We sang and played together. Finally we said: See you soon! (Réti Gergı)

between different age groups

One English lessontwo classes It’s winter time, so it’s time to read the story of Snowman. Class 2.a enjoyed the story so Class 6.a decided to have a common play with the little ones. They prepared activities in connection with the story. There were quizzes, crosswords, an easy game to draw a snowman. The older ones helped the little ones to practice the colours, telling the time, names of furniture, and parts of body. It was great!

Making a board game and Christmas cards to our penfriends was also a great fun.

Co Co-operation with local communities Az iskola és az óvoda számos helyi intézménnyel áll kapcsolatban. Önkormányzat, Megyei Könyvtár, tőzoltóság, rendırség, múzeum, galériák , Esélyek Háza csupán néhány szín a palettán.

An Astronomer in Botev School On 15 January in the afternoon I went to the school library with my friends. We saw a very interesting presentation about planets, comets and stars. An astronomer and a geography teacher came to our school and showed us lots of pictures and a video in 3D. We got to know there was water on Mars many million years ago because it made lots of huge mountains, craters and ditches. We saw pictures which were made by spaceships and mooncrafts. I also learnt that the first astronauts used a small car to move on the Moon. (by Lendvai Ákos Class 8.b)

Both kindergarten groups and classes often visit the county library. There are workshops, quizzes, Class visit in a local Art Gallery . performances. They can also borrow books. Children can make their own A visit of a work of art. kindergarten group There are concerts and plays at the Fire station. for children in the 2 theatres Children can learn of the town. Town Hall: about the firemen’s Our French job and they can try learners the equipment. sing Christmas In sport songs for lessons local little ones inhanitants and big ones before go to the Christmas swimming every year. pool.

Comenius Newsletter 3  

Comenius Newsletter 3

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