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Retail has been suffering, as has the national mood, so we’re teamed with Macy’s and New York City for a Christmas event featuring lights, projection mapping and a television special built on an original idea. As New York major events go, Macy’s has been using the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Flower Show at Macy’s and the July 4th Fireworks to promote with. There is nothing iconic that has been created for the Christmas Holiday Season. We understand there are 3 different directions from Macy’s we can use. 1) A Projection on Macy’s 2) The De Cagna / Macy’s Christmas Lights 3) Create a TV Special We are suggesting a combination of all three to make this an iconic event that takes place at the Holiday Season. The purpose of this document is to explain all of our thinking behind the creation of this concept. Here’s how it would work. • • • • • • •

We would create a story about ‘A Day In The Life of an Elf’. As an example, we are using the story from the Minneapolis Macy’s, who uses this as their ‘Santa-land’ animatronics display. In addition, Macy’s recently held a contest for someone to design an Elf balloon for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We would base it on an Elf family who works for Santa, We would use a design that Macy’s owns the rights to, and we would show it as a ‘projection’. We would ‘project’ onto the side of Macy’s, as a 5:00 to 7:00 minute story. It will feature ‘Top Name Celebrities’ doing the voices of the characters. Sean Combs Donald Trump Justin Bieber Tommy Hilfinger Martha Stewart Steven Tyler

• • • • • •

We will display the Macy’s Christmas Lights across from Herald Square They have never been seen in the USA before. Let alone NYC. It is a walkthrough ‘tunnel’ that is built by LCDC De Cagna of Italy. They are built with LED lights, that flash, dance and change to the music. We can use both traditional and contemporary Christmas Music and talent. Whatever talent is used, they can be used in a 1/2-hour NBC Special

• • •

We will create a likable group of merchandisable toys based on the Elves. We will promote the show live, for weeks before it airs, prior to Christmas. To market the complete concept to the public we will use the following: o TV Commercials - with mention of App o App o Smartphone Interaction with Lights o The Internet – Vote on the stories outcome o Social Media– Vote on the stories outcome  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  Vine

R.H. Macy chose the famed star emblem to be the trademark of his New York City Macy’s store after a fateful fishing trip, which found him lost at sea. Macy credited the North Star with guiding him safely back to the shore. Once a wish is whispered to Santa Claus, it becomes a star, which an Elf then guides safely to the North Pole, where it becomes a reality. An Christmas Elf Adventure Hi There. You’ve made it We’re so glad you’re here. Dreams can come true At this time of year Snow Snowflakes Snowmen

At the Do-Re-Tree Songfest The music is a wow! (After each concert, The trees take a ‘bough’) Ornaments Singing Christmas tree Polar Bears

Here’s the perfect thing To start an elf’s day A hot, scrrrumptious breakfast And we’re on our way. Dogs & other Animals (getting in trouble)

Here at the stable All kids, big and small Enjoy feeding the reindeer. Can you name them all? North Pole Reindeer Music QR Codes

Wake Up! Wake Up! You know the reason There’s so much to do. It’s our busy season Elves – Make shoes, Make cookies. or Make Toys at Santa’s Workshop. At school (yes there’s school) Learning can be fun Where the courses are Sleigh Riding and Toys 1-0-1 Studying 1858 Teachers Wash is fun When all elves do their share Elf stockings are hung At the Laun-Tree with care. Laundry Helping Out Stockings on Tree Family Gets Ready for Bed Milk & Cookies Mother, Father, Son, Daughter Each opens a present that’s perfect The little girl gets a puppy

The daily mail Is quite a sight! Who knew so many kids Could write? Making Toys Making Chocolate & Candy Canes Hanging Decorations You’ve arrived at the spot Where a dream can come true. Once your letter’s received Elves know just what to do. Letters The Elves working The North Star Gifts Guess what? You’re in luck. Santa’s right through this door Your visit with Santa Can make a heart soar. Mrs. Claus Santa Claus

The Elves as Balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Broadway & 34th Street Macy’s Christmas Lights

De Cagna from Above

De Cagna Entrance at 34th Street

Map of Herald Square area showing the Macy’s Christmas Lights

Another vision of the De Cagna Christmas Lights, along with our suggestions for how to proceed with the projection.

The Macy’s Christmas Lights App In creating compelling youthful entertainment, we want to reach kids, teenagers and young adults. To do so in today’s world we need to use Social Media, as well as staying involved with television, print and the Internet. The Macy’s Christmas Lights App will provide Macy’s with numerous ways to promote what it’s doing for the Holiday Season and at the same time, use the apps’ interactive aspects. The Macy’s Christmas Lights • History of Macy’s – written document with photos • De Cagna History – written document with photos • Santa & the North Pole - Photos of Santa-land at various Macy locations • The Elves Adventure – The Script and Drawings • The Macy’s Christmas Windows – This Years Windows • The Windows Gallery – Archives of Past Windows • The History of The Macy’s Christmas Windows – written document • Events in other Cities - Where there are Macy’s located • The best way to take pictures in the Lights The TV Show • Clips from Show Projected on Building • The Storyline – To be designed by Macy’s • The Elves – To be designed by Macy’s and the Strategic Agency From MyCityWay: • Tourism Guides and Information • Regional Transportation Guides • Full NYC Subway Map • Christmas Day Transit Information • Dining Locations and Reviews • Popular and Nearby Coffee Shops • Nearby Restrooms • Weather Forecasts and Update

Elves adventure  
Elves adventure