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second grid grid name issue 06 n  volume 06


CASE STUDY Bang! A traffic lore? What has Bangalore done to ease its clogged traffic system


Update Made for local governance A report on India’s ambitious e-District project


The PSU Story Oil is well, post BI How implementation of BI solution is helping the oil-and-gas major


Case Study For zonal officers, it’s ZOOM time! Specialised software is helping NDMC officials slash paperwork

14 | cover story

Say yes to ITS Smart traffic management systems will not just help decongest Indian roads but will also bring down spiralling social costs. A report on how technology has helped in better management of traffic, prevention of road accidents, and cleaner environment


interview Sam Pitroda On India’s plans of setting up public information infrastructure


interview Jack Dangermond On how GIS can help deliver better governance


egov / / July 2010


technology Turbo Charging digital Governments How DMS can help deliver citizen services better

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team MANAGEMENT President Dr. M P Narayanan Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ravi Gupta Managing Editor: Shubhendu Parth VP - Strategy: Pravin Prashant Product Manager: Dipanjan Banerjee Editorial Team Dr. Prachi Shirur, Dr. Rajeshree Dutta Kumar, Shipra Sharma, Divya Chawla, Sheena Joseph, Yukti Pahwa, Sangita Ghosh De, Subir Dey Pratap Vikram Singh, Gayatri Maheshwary Sales & Marketing Team Debabrata Ray (+91-9899650692), Anaam Sharma, Arpan Dasgupta, Fahimul Haque,

hardik bhatt Chief Information Officer City of Chicago

Pavan Duggal Cyber Law Expert & Advocate Supreme Court of India

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Bharat Kumar Jaiswal, Anuj Agarwal, Priya Saxena, Vishal Kumar ( Subscription & Circulation Astha Mittra (+91-9810077258), Manoj Kumar, Gunjan Singh (

Deepak Kumar Market Researcher & Consultant IT & Telecom

Graphic Design Team

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Shyam Kishore

Bishwajeet Kumar Singh, Om Prakash Thakur,

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24 editoriAl 03 news 08 prodUct news 12 cisco feAtUre 28 spAnco feAtUre 54 Book reviews 57 lAst pAge 58 cAse stUdY for zonal officers, it’s...

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