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FEBRUARY 2011 issue 02 n volume 07

INbox President Dr M P Narayanan

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Ravi Gupta Managing Editor: Shubhendu Parth

VP - Strategy: Pravin Prashant Editorial Team Dr Prachi Shirur, Dr Rajeshree Dutta Kumar

ICT for Growth

Divya Chawla, Sheena Joseph,

The January edition provided with a fascinating read. Reading what the policy makers and leaders have to say about the e-Governance initiatives and the scope as well as need of new software applications in terms of governance was quite enlightening. Inclusive growth through ICT in governance is the aim and objective it shall be achieved as rightly pointed by the editor and agreed upon by all the leaders covered in the issue. A great read, keep it up!

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Ruth Samson, Gurgaon

Brand India! This in reference to the article “Advocating Brand India”, we are going to be the next big name and for that the establishment of its global presence is very essential. I was amused to read that India has extended USD 10 billion line of credit to countries in Africa or the help offered for the development of countries like Afghanistan, Ghana, Mali, and Mauritius. These things should come into light. Popularlising one’s own work is not bad if you are doing something really good for the world. Our media most of the time brings on negative stories and name it “development journalism”. But why can’t we ever find positive stories like this? It has been rightly said in the article that credible narratives of our own work would not only provide global audiences with a perspective of the geographical spread but also bring from our own public and Parliament an appreciation of our activities. Archana Sharma, Noida

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egov / / February 2011

We live in a communications environment and if the policies are not well understood by the beneficiaries half the purpose is defeated. For well understanding in this new communicative environment, we need to connect through all media simultaneously and effectively. Very rightly put that public diplomacy is also a process beneficial for the diplomats as much as it is for the public. The need to feel the popular pulse and the requirements of the innovation, using the latest in IT is the need of the hour. Hats off to Nirupama Rao,

Foreign Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs for understanding the pulse of the nation and putting it rightly so. Ankita Khare via e-mail

Innovating for Masses This is with reference to the interview of Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the PM on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations published in January 2011. As rightly put by Mr Sam Pitroda, it’s about the benefits that are to be delivered to the poor and ensuring it reaches the poor. Electronic systems of distribution, payments as well as monitoring are the way forward and India has just started on it. Here is to hope that we will pioneer these areas as well! Arjun Singh, New Delhi

Inclusive Community Technology The article “Inclusive Community Technology’ (January 2011) hits the nail right on the head. “Probably one of the biggest challenges faced today is that the citizens are not aware of the various programmes and schemes they can benefit from,” as rightly put by Ashank Desai, the author. How many people from the lower strata actually know of their entitlements? With such a large population where it sometimes can be difficult to reach personally to everyone, ICT and new technologies can definitely play a positive role. The need of the hour is to employ the new techniques to the unique Indian demographic as well as social situation and make inclusive policies efficient and effective. Vikram Pathak, Faridabad


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