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Citizen-Centric Rural e-Governance Framework

The Officer’s Response Round (ORR), the phase-III of the project, “Evolving a Citizen-Centric Rural e-Governance Framework, initiated by Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) was conducted on December 29, 2009. As the event name indicates, the participants of the process included senior and middle level officers of Government of India, which included Brigadiers of Indian Army, Senior Forestry and Railway officers, Senior IPS officers, Design and Development Officers, Senior Technical Directors, Senior Consultants, Senior Scientists drawn especially from the field of traditional sciences, Joint General Managers, IT-Security and Audit Consultants, officials at Director level from Department of Informationa and Technology (DIT) and National Information Centre (NIC) and so on along with faculty from IIT-D and IIPA. The Chief Guest for the event was N.Vijayaditya, Chief Controller of Controller Authority of India and Guest-of-Honor was Dr. Gulshan Rai, (Director General, STQC) and the event was presided over by B.S.Baswan, Director, IIPA. Prakash Kumar, Director, Internet Business Solutions Bureau, CISCO systems and former Secretary-IT, Governmanet of Delhi.

In Middle East UN e-Government Survey, Bahrain takes the Lead

Bahrain has been ranked first in the Gulf and wider Middle East in a United Nations e-Government survey. The 2010 UN Global e-Government Readiness Survey placed the Kingdom 13th of 192 countries worldwide in its application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to provide access and inclusion for its citizens. Bahrain has climbed 29 places from 42nd in 2008 in the survey, which considers e-Government development in the context of the overall economic and social development of a country.

Bahrain has recognised ICT not just as an important sector in its own right but as an important enabler of continued economic growth, modernisation and competitiveness.

Theme Set for 4th e-Governance Africa Forum The theme for this year’s e-Governance Africa Forum has been set. The event will be held under the theme “Effective Governance, transparent public services and citizen empowerment through Information and Communication Technologies”. The event, aimed at facilitating and promoting information and communications technology development through knowledge-sharing events, is scheduled for Maputo, Mozambique, from 23 to 25 March, 2010. This also requires the formation of Public Private Peoples Partnerships to be geared towards achieving developmental goals through the application of ICTs to governance (e-Governance/ e-Government), electoral processes (e-Democracy), food and nutrition (e-Agriculture), health delivery (e-Health/telemedicine), learning and capacity development (e-Education) and trade (e-Commerce).

Flip Side by Santulan Chaubey

As I promised... here are the for each family. Vote for me...this time...and I will provide electricity in five years to run these computers...


february 2010



As I promised... here are the for each family. Vote for me...this time...and I will provide electricity in five years to run...

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