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DARE TO ACT. By YOUth, for YOUth electronic document

17th of August 12:30 – 17:20 800 delegates 25 experts


ABOUT THE INITIATIVE Young leaders from 113 countries of the world united with representatives of business, NGOs to discuss contemporary worldwide tendencies of solving the existent problems in five selected areas. At the Symposium venue a unique environment was built for cooperation of the parties involved - the youth and business.

PARTICIPANTS  800 young leaders from 40 Russian regions and 110 countries  12 000 virtual participants from 500+ universities in110 countries  25 experts by 5 trend spheres  Mass Media, UN representative

The participants of the Symposium focused on contemporary trends in the five main areas: economy, technology and innovations, development of the human capital, human environment, and responsible citizenship. own decisions.

The work consisted of 2 essential stages:

 Overview of current situation in the above mentioned areas and prognoses for the future from domain experts;  Master classes, four for each of the topics (20 in total), at which the participants were offered a closer look into the problem and could offer their own decisions.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Symposium Moderator - Olga Ryabova, Independent Expert, Member of the Board of Congress Acting as experts at the Panel discussion spoke:  Alexander Chikunov, the Founder of «Group Rostok»;  Anton Nagralyan, Head of the JSC “Russian Railways” Personnel Department;  Michail Seregin, “IBM” Business development manager, CIS countries and Asia;  Alexander Popovsky, MTS Vice-President, Transactions;  Natalia Vasina, «PepsiCo» Marketing Director, Russia  Dmitry Itskov, the Founder of «Russia-2045» strategic social movement


Workshops for the participants of the symposium were held by the representatives of the companies and organizations: PepsiСo, RVK, Schneider Electric, Severstal, Alcoa, RZD, Lafarge, МТС, Lindab Buildings, Alfa Bank, Ideas for World Institute, Google, Intel, LiveJournal, Personnel Touch, Empatika, IBLF, Ernst&Young,, G-20 Generation.

The results of the Symposium were drawn by Xenia Khoruzhnikova, the «International Youth Diplomacy League» Chairman, Head of the “Summit G-20Y International Organizational committee” for business and finance young leaders.


As the result of the Symposium an electronic document «Dare to act. By YOUth, for YOUth» was issued. Currently you are reading this digest of the ideas about the world of 2020. Also this document will be forwarded to international youth organizations and public associations, and given free internet access so that every inhabitant of the planet could, if required, implement one of his/ her ideas and make a positive contribution to development of society.

There are companies and NGOs that were organizing workshops for delegates with the next topic:

Responsible citizenship

   

Influence of big corporations on society and environment Responsible resource consumption. Water How to deal with climate change together. How understanding oneself creates a better future for cities

As a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide, our 167,000 (as of 30 June 2012) people are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. We make a difference by helping our people, our clients and our wider communities achieve their potential.

For Alcoa Company and Alcoa Foundation the keynote themes of partnerships in the area of social responsibility are protection of the environment and education. These partnerships are aimed to make conditions for steady development of the communities where the Company’s enterprises are working, and increase the potential of the people who live there. In this work primary importance is given to training and maintaining young leaders in the key areas of the Company.

Institute of World ideas is a non-profit organization that will organize the search for solutions as well as will facilitate necessary discussions, research and activities. We plan to express our position through IWI. We are interested in constructive suggestions, ideas, recommendations and help in developing and promoting this initiative.

We help our clients and partners in solving their management tasks, such as support in business development, opening new areas, launching new projects. Using the ideas of the various sciences (from simulation to neurobiology), we help businesses with high quality and timely responses for environmental changes.

Responsible citizenship  In order to have a better and responsible citizenship we should strive to be aware about our internal state and from there be happy  Focus and customize long-term solution, collaboration between NGOs and companies  Taking part in elections  Building alliance between companies to target a specific region together - kick it off by bringing CSR responsible from different companies to the same tables  Social media promotion-practical examples of how to save water  Games, programs, competitions for children& youth people how to save water  Famous people(what they do to save water) - examples via social media, posters  Engage young people to solve problems in their communities  Encourage people to be more responsible  Invest in life sustainability  Creating more efficient devices(washing machine spending less water)  Usage of riel water  Measuring pots call-spots with measures  Re usage of the water(after shower use for something else)  Cooperation with other companies and making champagnes for water saving  Social advertising +social events= increasing awareness  Make films, cartoons to increase awareness among children  Propaganda how to save water in the most popular TV channels, programs, movies

There are companies and NGOs that were organizing workshops for delegates with the next topic:

Technologies and innovations

   

Technologies for energy efficiency Innovations in metallurgy in 2020 Designing new learning experiences through technologies and disruptive innovation Risk as an opportunity

Schneider Electric always paid attention to search and development of young talents. That’s why in August company took part in international conference “Global Youth Voice” – one of the platforms of AIESEC International Congress as partner. During the Congress Schneider Electric presented an interactive seminar, and high lighted one special sharp modern topic: “Energy dilemma.

The fact that Severstal has been invited to the Congress as one of the speakers is already honorable. However we had two important objectives: inform students about modern state of metallurgy and engage them with today’s issues that company is dealing with right now. During our workshops young people have seen that metallurgy is a high-tech, innovative industry with high potential.

Intel Corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Our mission: This decade, we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.

JSC “RVC” for the first year partner with AIESEC, and we are happy that the beginning of our cooperation started with such huge and significant event as AIESEC International Congress in Russia. The Congress became a momentous event that we feel is necessary both for young leaders from all over the world and companies.

Technologies and innovations  Inform people about the current situation in the world through projects  Use mobile applications to support culture in neighboorhood  Internet integrated with every human for help assistance in the work, communication  Use new technologies in public sector  Capture every moment, time flies, memory stays  Sustainable construction doesn't require only technologies but very concrete policies and regulations  A community knowledge-based online mentoring float form of easy and cheap access  Practicing theoretical knowledge by solving certain cases  Use more technologies in education  A rock and Rall band which plays songs about sustainability  Sharing insights from different mindsets and cultures from diverts societies  Create online platform to be mentor/mentee based on social network  Social business-everything that uses internet  Add value to the world through new technologies  Using different champagnes for bigger usage of the newest technologies  Innovations are starting from yourself-so let s start  New way of living needs new way of education , new systems-We can provide it by using new technologies  Find a way to be comfortable, but not too comfortable  Strong internet protection  Lessons for retire people, for newbies how to use global network effective

There are companies and NGOs that were organizing workshops for delegates with the next topic:

Human environment

   

Transportation of the Future Sustainable construction Internet as a human environment Online place as a part of modern life

JSC "Russian Railways" is one of the three major railway companies in the world. One of the priorities in the work of the company is providing innovative development and application of advanced technology and management solutions. Holding company "Russian Railways" – is socially responsible company and the largest employer in Russia with the employees number of more than one million two hundred thousand people. Special attention is paid to the corporate youth policy realization.

LaFarge is the world leader in production of construction materials. We put sustainable development and innovations in the basis of our efforts, that’s why we have a program of support of young and talented people – future leaders - all over the world. This is the reason we maintain a constructive dialog with students’ organizations,universities and schools.

Google is an American multinational corporation which provides Internet-related products and services, including internet search, cloud computing, software and advertising technologies. Advertising revenues from AdWords generate almost all of the company's profits

is a social network owned by SUP Media where Internet users can keep a blog, journal or diary - a wide variety of political pundits also use the service for political commentary, particularly in Russia. As with many other social networks, a wide variety of public figures use the network.

Human environment Deforestation-focus more on education Eco-self elements Renewable eco-style of life fashionable Using atomic power Good climate changes education Youth involvement education why climate changes are important Pioneers to inspire youth (actions, signs) - be role models to do it Invest in education future generation(start from children, family) Increase awareness about global warming among people Replace energy resources with environmental friendly ones Increase in agriculture production Increase in amount of fresh water Involve sectors into projects in order to make it sustainable Making projects involving youth in it, rather than just doing public awareness Youth to have more mobility (choose cities for studies) Global citizens through better, faster transportation without any hazards Easy ways for youth to travel Transport will become more customized through the development of autopilot Standardization of Railway systems Cultural understanding among people Affordable international connections for Young people To safe natural resources we have to give all our paper for recycling and further using  To teach the next generations to solve problems and to be independent  Universal mission and objectives for community and world place development but projects, ideas shaped based on local realities and needs  Driven by purpose, win-win cooperation projects with help of local NGOs                      

There are companies and NGOs that were organizing workshops for delegates with the next topic:

Human capital

   

We, the Global Government of Millennial Generation, want to declare Solution to the problem of youth unemployment Your path to fast growth: lessons on finding opportunities and career development How education can prepare us for future

We work with professionals in the field of management, helping to implement non-standard, non-standard development projects. In such projects, we work as experts and moderators. The role of our team is similar to the role of a "catalyst" in a chemical reaction - catalysts are involved in the reaction, up themselves, and they greatly accelerate the reaction rate and improve its results.

is an independent, global members organisation of over 150 leading multinational companies. We work across the sectors of business, governments and civil society, focusing on critical sustainability, growth and leadership issues. IBLF believes that traditional growth will soon be hampered as we run into limitations in natural resources and human capacity.

Support of talented youth in order to develop intellectual potential of Russia and promotion of it’s active modernization – one of the key elements in strategy of JSC “Mobile TeleSystems”, leader of Russian telecom sector.

Lindab evaluate young and talented specialists and support them in every possible way so that they could achieve their goals. We prefer to be with them not only when they are studying but also when they celebrate their success

Human capital                       

Be honest with Yourself and others around you Support and inspire others to do what to what to see in the world Being aware of how you feel about you to improve your life and other's lives Stimulation in cooperation Long term vision of actions and transparency Tolerance to differences Increase intercultural integration Providing education for undeveloped areas Share leadership knowledge Be a young voice for the government to hear the needs of young generation Create more democratic workplaces Creating assignment centers in the Universities to get employees for different companies among graduating students More chances for kinds in poor areas to get good education so they can be grateful to the society and make good contribution to the world Working as a volunteer for society Trying to get knowledge of global issues and making events for young people to know about them Using different programs for bring together national through exchange programs Opening volunteering organizations Community investment taxes for enterprises decided upon by government to help local communities Create a global ambassadorship program to promote socially responsible business/social enterprises Invest in teachers and global collaboration to improve education Promotion of education opportunities and encouragement to be proactive citizens in their communities Equal access to health care Make education accessible based on skills not on age

There are companies and NGOs that were organizing workshops for delegates with the next topic:


   

Bank of the Future Global company as economics development tool Building long term Economic prosperity Entrepreneurship as a tool of economy development

Leonid Ignat, Director for informational policy and public relations: “It’s a pleasure that in 2012 for the first time in the history AIESEC International Congress took place in Moscow – it once more shows how closely Russia is integrated in international division of labor. I sincerely hope that during the Congress all participants had a chance to get the right impression about our country and lots of positive emotions”.

At PepsiCo, we integrate our efforts to foster human, environmental and talent sustainability into all aspects of our business and call these commitments "Performance with Purpose". Our sustainability agenda and our passion to tell the youth about great opportunities of working with PepsiCo are main reasons for supporting the Congress.

The G-20Y Generation of young and successful business leaders cares about the prosperity of their immediate business environment as well as the development of their communities and countries. The G-20Y Vision is based on greater international cooperation, innovative ideas and mid- and long-term global economic prosperity.

expression in Russia with a new business model of e-commerce - selling brands in private shares of registered online audience Club.

Economics  Personal consultant in bank for 2 years with the opportunity to ask questions via email, phone  Free phone messages from children, adults per day about finance products  Faster R.O.I  Chapter cost effective international mobility and more efficiency  Every single company launching own sustainable campaign  Eco friendly business and government  Increase liquidity in labor, market due to use of travel  Change of job profiles, more information sectors  Business have to cooperate on a national level and set up areas for development  Regional cooperation of companies on solving problems by working on special forums, platforms, initiates by governments or NGOs  Companies should have a business plan and community plan so they didn't contradict.  Closer, alliance between corporate world and NGOs.  NGOs run projects supported financially by companies, using online platforms  Big and famous brands and companies can spread their professional knowledge how to make business more successful  Universities + employees collaborate to identify and fill skills gaps in the market through an increase of work placement programs and employer training  Financial education in schools  Alternative industrial energy transportation  Support servicing, food production software computer servicing  Equity investment Instrument  Easy going atmosphere-bank will nerve be just a bank  Bank 2020-the bank came to costumer  Give simple and lovely solutions for new generations and economy  Ideal banking can exist only in ideal system, let change it or at least try  The ideal banks offers services with friendly atmosphere and special offers for every class of workers as well as provide secure online services in every sense  Ideal bank should use celebrities in advertising, cooperative with departments stores to create a discount system and solve problems on a case by case bases  CSR in banks

How that was happening

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In case of any questions you can contact organization committee: Egor Utkin Vice president for Special events at International congress AIESEC 2012 +7 (985) 318 1905 Ekaterina Nepomniaschaya Head of business events department at International congress AIESEC 2012 +7 (915) 376 0846

DARE TO ACT. By YOUth, for YOUth  

As the result of the Symposium an electronic document «Dare to act. By YOUth, for YOUth» was issued. Currently you are reading this digest o...