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Kids in Business Advertisements

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 11:45am – 12:30pm

Shops located at: Coley Court Glorious Gordon Grove Marvelous Martin Mall Wonderful Wrenn Way

Ad Directory Accessories Bella Banz Marymac’s Fun Headbandz Pressley’s Hook on Cavaliers Zippies

Bookstores Dylan’s Delightful Duct Tape Bookmarks Hampton’s Barnyard Bookmarks Jax’s Cavalier Bookmarks Jokesters Bookmarks Madeleine’s Bookmark Shop Mark the Spot Pizzazz! Book Jewelry and Keychains Viola’s Flower Power Pens

Food Court Alex’s Cheese Wafers Best Schokocrossies In The World Blasting Brownies Buffington’s Bundtletts Camden Pool’s Pound Cakes Chocolate Heaven Colby Krispies Gone Gone Fudge Good Biscuit Gourmet Brigadieros Happy Smells Harper’s Happy Brownies Isabel’s Cookie Delites Jarin’s Jolly Concessions Konstantin’s Sweet Mushrooms Luca’s German Bakery M&M Brownies Oreo Dream Balls Sarah’s Super Snack Soleil’s Yummy Cookies Sport Nutz Toni’s Cookies Touchdown Brownies

Garden Shops Owen’s Gardening Center Pet Poo, Inc. Gift Shops I-So Cozy Jasper’s Colorful Easter Shop Let Your Light Shine MagPie Michaela’s Nic-Nac Jars Sumptuous Southern Scrub Wilson’s Fun Soap Jewelry Beads Trunk Bottle Cap Crafts Classy Broadway Bracelets Leah’s Bracelet Boutique Material Girl Bracelets Samuel’s Colorful Bands Spirit Bands

Pet Stores Ansley’s Animal Delites Bailee’s Tail Waggin’ Treats Barkalicious Bites Canine Caviar Crinkles Fido’s Favorite Hattie’s Hankies Marleigh’s Delicious Dog Treats Photography Cutler’s Photography Services Cell Phone Shine Layken’s Marvelous Massaging Service

Sports Henry’s Fantastic Football Schedules Looky Here Lures Sports Bling Rings Stationery Fun Flower Pens Marvin’s Origami Dojo Riley’s Beautiful Flower Pens Sticky Stickers Inc. Toy Stores Lily’s Sock Stuffs Parker’s Perfect Piggy Banks



Food Court

Garden Shops

Gift Shops


Pet Stores





Toy Stores

Kids in Business Advertisements  

CCES Third Grade 2013-2014

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