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EGMUN NEWS Sunday, November 20th 2011

Gossip column – Satu Last night the official party of this year’s EGMUN took place at Espergærde Gymnasium and HF. This was our final chance to show that we here at EGMUN know how to throw the greatest of parties. The party was nothing short of a success. Everybody made the most of the night and partied until the end – a lot of people even went to Elsinore after even though we’ve been partying since Thursday and at this point almost everybody is exhausted. This shows nothing but commitment to the reputation of the EGMUN parties. While everybody else was having fun with each other some had a little bit more fun. Along with any party comes the numerous hook ups. Since there’s nothing more romantic than the magic light of glow sticks the night was packed with saliva-sharing couples. Among the many couples a few stood out a bit more from the crowd. The very conspicuous ambassador of DPR Korea, Alexander Blum Bertelsen, was seen in the corner of the smoking area and also downstairs with the lovely advocate of the ICJ, Ermudde Schrøder. The two lovebirds are far from strangers and spent most of the night in each other’s company. Marc Klein was spotted with an Italian girl, Laila Caroni, in his arms and the two was later on spotted on the lawn having an intimate moment – including a bit more than kissing. These two weren’t the only ones enjoying each other’s company (to the full2

est). President of the ICJ, Alexander Hegelund, and the deputy chair of the 3rd committee, Christina Nielsen, was situated at different places and in the end seen going in to the music room and locked the door … Sometimes it isn’t always easy to find someone special for the night. This was the experience for the staff member Alexander Obitz. Though in the end he found his Cinderella and carried around her red shoe.

Here’s the entire list of hook ups: Ermudde Schrøder + Alexander Blum Marc Klein + Laila Caroni (went to the lawn…) Laila Caroni + Random guy Mark Allentoft-Larsen + Linnea Wantzin Mads Thorlaksen + Natasha Saliba

urday night Alexander Hegelund + Christina Nielsen Louise Laufer + Marcus Thorbøll Stefan Lange-Willman + random girl (who later on got mad at him and left) Stefan Lange-Willman + Frederik Agger Alexander Obitz + random girl US ambassador + random Italian girl (this looked rather gross though) Girl with orange shirt + random guy Julia Eidsmo + Marc from Birkerød (were dancing rather intimately) Jonas Traulsen + random Sebastian Szabad + swedish skank Benjamin Kielland-Brandt + random Rasmus Rasmussen + Frida Skrivergaard Frida Skrivergaard + Alex Rudniak + more


SEX 2 in 1 night




Ida Hoffmann Cecilia Madsen Sara Løvengreen


Besides from the events of hook ups other notable events happened last night. Mikkel Juelsholt had to place tables in front of the doors between the wardrobe and Torvet (where the GA is situated) To carry a table was apparently too hard for the young chair and he hit a glass door with the table‌ When it comes to alcohol, some tend to handle the amount to drink better than others. Christina Nilsson was last night seen puking all over everything. Given the reason that this will be the final EGMUN magazine we decided to treat you with a lot of photos of hook ups and happy party people from last night.





Green Peace strikes again! Just as a delegate of Brazil was about to take the floor and make their appoint on microloans in today’s General Assembly he was interrupted by blasting music. Two delegates from Greenpeace distracted the session in progress with a notable protest. The two delegates were driving around on a bicycle throwing withered leaves all over the place. They were almost immediately stopped by the ad staff by order from the infuriated PGA. Once the bike was stopped, the delegates escaped barefooted but were called to the PGA right after. The action was clearly a protest to the lack of political attention giving the environmental challenges the world is facing. The song used is called “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, which also has a clear statement. “If we do not take care of the environment, then there will be no future” says delegate from Greenpeace, Elisabeth Hancke. It can be discussed whether or not the protest will have any influence on the outcome of the EGMUN session, but it was indeed a festive touch on today’s GA.

Naja Katinka Homann Nanna Max Andersen


Bromance The staff member, Aksel Bjerregaard, had, as the most of us, a crazy night yesterday. Him, two other members of the staff (Peter Toftekær and Andreas Gildsig) and another friend, Christian Lamperth had maybe a little too much fun… Their bromance went to the next level. Aksel’s has today numerous hickeys on his neck and he says himself that only one of them is from a girl. When we walked up to him his shirt was buttoned all the way up and he’d raised his shoulders to hide his spotted neck. But because we’re the Press and that we therefore know everything we divulged his act and of course took some pictures of his hickey-neck.


Ida Hoffmann Cecilia Madsen

Big Booty Bitches The rule concerning the formal dressing of the EGMUN might be a pain in the *** to some, but to others (mainly guys) it’s one of the best parts of the conference. The decree ensures a lot eye-candy in terms of the girls walking around in very short skirts or tight jeans. The hard-working press team hereby proudly presents the best booties of the EGMUN 2011:



The Press boys


EGMUN, the birthplace of great a

Today during the GA many of the countries seemed very busy writing notes going here and there. But after a bit of investigati another scenario began to reveal itself. Some of you have really been interested in participating in the political decisions… Som of the better creations will be shown here.

The delegates of Sudan are apparently very nationalistic people, who not only know how to draw the flag, but also the exact location of their country in Africa.Well done Sudan!

Even though it may be hard to see, the South African table is completely filled with weird drawings and text saying: “My computer is cramping (this may not be the correct word) all the time, I want a new one, preferably a laptop…” and more in the same style. And we can only guess about the purpose of the face.

This is a message from Spain to Afghanistan. For those who do not speak Danish, the translation sounds as following: “Hey Afghanistan! Spain is cooler than you <3 regards the delegate of Spain”.Very original Spain! 10

artists and philosophers?

ion y me

This genius of an unknown country has explained the reason as to why this conference is called EGMUN in a manner both mathematic and creative. Need I mention that it involves some very immature parts.

Personally, I am a bit worried about the safety of the person sitting next to Italy, because the little scary man on the table says that he hates humansâ&#x20AC;Ś

LĂŚrke Lindblom