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09/10: September 2010

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

EGLSF’s Football for Equality Fund New sports season is here! Most LGBT sports clubs, members of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) start their new season in September and October. Make sure you visit and a club near you and the activities to your liking! We also suggest you pay special attention to the October activities and funding opportunities in football/soccer.


The European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation is pleased to announce its “Football for Equality” grants programme in the framework of the FARE Action Week 2010. This is a grants programme of up to €1,000 for projects working to tackle homophobia in football, in which: • Action is directly linked to antihomophobia in football • Action takes place between 14 - 26 October 2010 • The activity directly involves LGBT people • The applicant is a grass-root organisation (EGLSF member organisations, fan groups, NGOs, amateur teams) • The activity should pay attention to gender-equality Deadline for application is October 5, 2010. For more detailed information on who can apply, what can be funded, what cannot be funded, when should you apply, who

“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.” Stephen R. Covey, Author and Speaker

will allocate the funds and other things you should know, please see

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

EGLSF Info Reviews of Panteresports 2010

“There is no city that identifies with international sport as much as Barcelona does. Beyond the fame of football and basketball clubs, huge sport events happening every year, Barcelona will historically remain as a city who not only captured the Olympic spirit during Olympic games, but used it to re-develop and re-brand itself as city of Culture and Sports on global map permanently as well as being favorite place for many international conferences, fairs and shows. Panteres Grogues (PG) started as informal beach volleyball group in 1994 (by German and French expats in Barcelona), has exploded in past years in size, diversity of sports and numbers. After hosting first EuroGames in South of Europe in 2008, PG became the biggest Mediterranean LGBTQ club with over 100 volleyball players at all levels. In the 4th edition of multi-sport tournament Panteresports was bigger then ever (1000 participants) and

amazing registration venue building next to bus station was packed with hundreds of people. Volleyball hall is just about the most amazing facility to play at Mar Bella as it not only offers regular size courts with space around, but also seats for spectators on both sides, as well as one of the most popular beaches just next to it. Needless to say for all of these reasons team registration for 4 levels of volleyball was packed early in July. With A/B+/B/C each having 7 teams, played single sets in-between to establish 4 leaders that cross-played for medals. After the Tournament party of the night was at the local disco until the morning and a brunch on the beach to conclude the event.” Zeljko Blace, qSport

“Three words come to mind when I think back to Panteresports 10: passion, positivity and inspiration. And no wonder it turned

out to be such a successful event, as the mighty Panteres Grogues have proved in the past, with the Eurogames Barcelona 2008, that organising sports events is their forte! Indeed, it was evident that our Catalan friends worked with great passion and enthusiasm to bring this tournament to life, there was immense positivity and solidarity in the air and I was personally inspired after engaging with like-minded athletes and discussing hot topics such as homophobia in sports. In fact, it was the very theme of “Homophobia & Sports” that kick-started the tournament, with a very “strong” panel comprising of John Amaechi (Psychologist and former NBA Player) Louise Englefield (Co-President of EGLSF) Patrick Gasser (Head of the FSR Unit of the UEFA) and Piara Powar (Director of FARE). Each panellist presented their work and views on the current situation with regard to homophobia in Europe and everyone agreed that although a lot of progress has been made, homophobia is still alive and kicking so we’re all presented with the great challenge of combating it. I participated in the Basketball

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

tournament, which took place in the Poliesportiu Municipal de l’Espanya Industrial, a dynamic sporting hall with great facilities, the type of place you wish you had back home. The tournament was very well organised, and Panteres Grogues were excellent hosts, in the true Mediterranean style; they looked after us all, especially those of us who were team-less. One of the many advantages of being in Catalunya was of course the food: the breakfast was delicious and lunch had been prepared by the very hands of our wonderful volunteers – it was luscious! Personally, it was an amazing challenge playing with people you’ve not met before, and even though my team didn’t win any games, we came pretty close to doing so! We all went for a lovely dinner after the tournament was over - after playing four games in a day, we were indeed very hungry! There are no words to describe the partying that took place afterwards at the Arena- but as Asterix would say, ‘These Catalans are crazy!’” Georgia Tsakiri, Slam-Dunking Divas

that it still is so important to increase the visibility of lesbians and gay men in sport and to counteract homophobia in many different and creative ways.”

reinstatement to the club. However, the club has effected a spectacular U-Turn since then and now refuses to readmit Lemaire.

The project will involve a number of initiatives, which include an antihomophobia campaign during the 2011 Women’s World Cup and the UEFA EURO 2012. Specific actions include an art exhibition to be held in Berlin, which will examine the contribution of lesbians to women’s football and awareness-raising activities for football fans embassies during 2012 in Warsaw, which will include the observation of anti-discrimination action days, training for embassy staff and the production of LGBT fans guides.

Ironically FC CHOOZ and the City’s Mayor signed the ‘Charter against Homophobia in Football’ launched by Paris Football Gay in 2007.

The project contains a strong youth focus and includes a Football For Equality Tournament for young people in Slovenia and the introduction of the anti-homophobia message in the Mondiali Antirazzisti (Anti-Racist World Cup) in Italy during 2011. Walther Ahrens concludes: “This is a unique opportunity to make a positive difference to football across Europe.”

More info

Football For Equality receives European funds The European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation are pleased to announce that they have received funding from the European Commission’s Directorate – General Justice Freedom and Security. The funding is part of a transnational project ‘Football For Equality’ headed by Austrian anti-racism organization, VIDC. Tanja Walther Ahrens, award winning EGLSF campaigner explains: “This the second time we have been successful in securing funding from the EC! This is great news as this project will build on past work and will help people understand

Co-President of EGLSF, Louise Englefield comments: “I know our members throughout Europe will want to support Paris Foot Gay in their actions to call FC CHOOZ to account. The failure of this club to deal with homophobia and to make their club safe for all players is an issue of concern for all of us and in particular for the sport of football. We are delighted that Paris Foot Gay is being supported in their action by President of the French Football Professional League, Frederic Thieriez. Whilst homophobia stills pervades football in many countries, it is hugely encouraging to see those at the head of footballing authorities give their backing to campaigns for equality & inclusion.”

EGLSF Board Meetings EGLSF Supports Paris Foot Gay in Defending Yoann Lemaire Paris Foot Gay, in association with French campaign organisation, SOS Homophobie, is taking this action following a decision by the President of FC CHOOZ, Frederic Coquet, not to reinstate football player, Yoann Lemaire, at the end of august 2010, for the new football season. Lemaire took a sabbatical from the club in 2009 following homophobic comments made on camera by one of his team mates. He had been playing at the club for 14 years prior to this. In June this year, the Regional League of Footbal Champagne-Ardennes hosted a meeting of all parties to ensure Lemaire’s

As previously announced, EGLSF board members will meet between October 28 and 31 in the Hague, where some will also represent EGLSF at the ILGA Europe Annual Conference. If you would like the board to discuss a topic, let us know before October 15.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

News Section

News submitted by our members Successful 7th European QFF conference 9 September 2010 The 7th conference of Queer Football Fanclubs (QFF), held between September 3-5, 2010 in Hamburg-St. Pauli pointed out that discrimination and homophobia still exist on the field, but that they will keep the attack rolling. About 70 members of the network of the gay and lesbian fanclubs had followed Queerpass St. Pauli’s invitation to Hamburg to debate, discuss and, of course, to party. The event started Friday night with watching and celebrating the 1:0 victory of the German national team in Brussels against Belgium. On Saturday former president of FC St. Pauli Corny Littmann, openly gay, greeted the participants at the Schmidt theatre on the Reeperbahn. The focus of the conference afterwards was on internal work. A decision was made in favour of a financing concept based on membership fees as well as on the integration of the 21st fanclub into the European network. A lot on focus the next panel discussion follows “Young, gay and football player. Does this go?” The manager of the Hamburg FA, Karsten Marschner, Matthias Kook (club- and amateurrelated matters SV Werder Bremen), Dr. Thorsten Weidig (psychologist league team Hamburg Sports Club) and Marco Feldhusen (chief scout FC Saint Pauli) joined the discussion with the plenary members. They confirmed that the discrimination of homosexuals, so far, is rarely in the focus of trainee and trainer

work. They promised to generate more awareness within their associations and to integrate the subject into their daily work more frequently. The event was rounded off with a big party on Saturday evening and a brunch on Sunday at the fan communication center of FC Saint Pauli which was celebrating its 20th anniversary that weekend. “QFF continues to grow and is becoming stronger and stronger with currently almost 900 members. Together with other fan groups, it is going to exert substantial pressure on clubs and associations, so that the discrimination of gays and lesbians has no chance in European stadia”, QFF-spokesman Dirk Bruellau announced at the end of the conference.

Call for Action: FARE Action Week 2010 13 September 2010 Between 14 and 26 October the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network is calling for action in around football stadiums across Europe during a coordinated Action Week. With support of UEFA and the European Commission FARE calls upon the European football family to come together in October for the 11th FARE Action Week against Racism and Discrimination in Football. Besides activities by professional clubs and leagues such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, the FARE Action Week will give fans, minority groups and grassroots football teams across the continent the opportunity to come together to celebrate the integrative power of the game. The idea behind the FARE Action Week is that a wide range of initiatives and activities will address local problems

within their club or community, while also joining together groups across the continent to present a unified stand against racism and discrimination in the game. Despite the progress made in tackling racism and discrimination in the football, the exclusion of minorities as players or fans is still a reality in many European countries. There are also continuing signs that far-right supporters groups are on the rise in several stadiums across the continent, not only in league matches but also at European level in international games. We look forward to learning about your ideas, initiatives and activities. Ignoring racism is accepting racism – take your stand and join the FARE Action Week this October! To encourage a variety of grassroots events, FARE is able to offer small grants for a range of local or regional activities that will take place during the FARE Action Week. The wide range of activities we have been able to support previously include the production of campaigning materials (banners, flyers, fanzines, posters, t-shirts, stickers), the production of fan choreographies and flags, as well as the organisation of stadium actions and community days, plus intercultural events such as special matches, debates or tournaments. The financial contribution groups can ask for should not exceed 400 €. The deadline to submit small grant applications is 23 September 2010. Previously FARE partner organisations were successful in a bid to the European Union under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme. The joint ‘Football for Equality’ project enables FARE to provide about 20 groups from EU-countries with a special grant for activities challenging homophobia in football.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

LGBT volunteers at the London Olympics 15 September 2010 Queer sports enthusiasts now need not confine their involvement in major sporting events to the LGBT sporting events like the EuroGame, Gay Games, OutGames and similar events. LGBT sportspeople and organisations are currently being encouraged to volunteer for the next edition of the world’s largest sporting celebration; the Olympic Games. Organisers of the 2012 London Olympics will have a real push for diversity amongst their projected 70,000 volunteers, or ‘Games Makers’, and this includes drawing upon committed volunteers from the LGBT community. Those interested in volunteering can first take a questionnaire on the website to see if they’re up for the challenge. Volunteer registration opens today, September 15, and it’s understood there will be a section in the application process for prospective volunteers to include their identities – ticking the box L, G, B or T and entering the code ‘GT’ when prompted in their application.

Sports Events Coming up... Events submitted by our members


LIVE 2010 London, United Kingdom 1 Oct – 3 Oct 2010


Smash & Splash 2010 Eindhoven, the Netherlands 29 Oct – 31 Oct 2010

The 14th edition of Kouros’ Smash and Splash tournament in EIndhoven. An international famous sportevent which offers you a several interesting sportsactivities.


Sinterklaas-tournament Amsterdam, the Netherlands 19 Nov – 21 Nov 2010


A smash for civil rights! Rome, Italy 1 Oct – 3 Oct 2010

On the first of October Rome will host the first international GLTA Tennis tournament, and at the same time a soccer tournament and a beach volley torunament, all in the beautiful setting of the TC Garden.

We gladly invite you to the 20th anniversary of the NETZO-Amsterdam Sinterklaas-tournament. We hope you will join us in the volleyball tournament and celebrate with us at the SUPERparty. Our tournament has always been a big hit, so do not miss out on the annual Sinterklaas gay volleyball tournament in Amsterdam! Annually about 400 men and women compete in our tournament on A, B and C levels. We managed to reserve more volleyball courts this year, so more playing time, and we also booked a larger party hall, which means that more teams and more supporters can join us this year. It will be an unforgettable weekend of sports, fun, pleasure, and partying. After the sports rounds, a celebration-dinner will be served and then it is time to party!

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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09/10: September 2010

This years party will again be organized in the absolute city-centre of Amsterdam within walking distance from the Amsterdam gay area. A hosted housing service is available for teams or players who want to keep costs at a minimum. sinterklaastoernooi/sinterklaastoernooi. htm


XMAS-Tournament Frankfurt, Germany 3 Dec – 5 Dec 2010 For the 11th time the Frankfurt associations Artemis and FVV are inviting you to participate in the traditional XMASTournament. Enjoy this big come-together in winter time for sports competitions, Frankfurts most exciting LGBT-Party and a walk through the romantic Christmas market in the old town. All we want for XMAS is YOU!!

EGLSF Newsletter If you would like to have your events listed in our Newsletter, or would like to share the news from your club, please visit and submit your content. Member clubs are welcome to submit reports of their events and club’s descriptions as well. Content should be submitted by 20th of the month to be included in the next edition. All submissions are subject to approval and may be edited for length or content. To subscribe, go to

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EGLSF Newsletter: September 2010  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

EGLSF Newsletter: September 2010  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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