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09/09: September 2009

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

EGLSF within FARE New season Starting After the summer break, EGLSF member clubs are starting the new sport season. We invite you to visit, find a club in your vicinity and join the numerous activities offered by the clubs. It should be noted again that EGLSF and its members welcome the Sport for All concept, so you’ll be able to find an activity regardless of your previous sporting skills. Also be sure not to miss the 10th FARE Action Week coming up in October!


Italian national team coach Marcello Lippi recently told an internet TV station “I don’t think there are any gay players, or at least in 40 years of my career I have never met any”. With this statement Lippi just repeats the same old stereotypes. In February 2009 EGLSF in cooperation with the Gay and lesbian Football Fan Club of FC Barcelona Penya Blaugrana th de Gais i Lesbianes was able to invite gay and lesbian football supporters to the first EGLSF Conference Football Against Homophobia in Barcelona. During the weekend the groups from Austria, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland discovered that they experience similar problems: Discrimination happens first and foremost by ignoring homosexuality. In the entire world of football, clubs and associations, with a few exceptions, choose to ignore

“You must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.”


15 – 27 October 2009

Barbara Sher, US Author & Speaker

homophobia and discrimination of gays and lesbians on all levels, for the simple reason that homosexuals supposedly do

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

not exist in sport.

all to enjoy the game.

EGLSF Board Meetings

Institutional intolerance in many sports has meant that far too few top-level athletes have felt comfortable saying they are gay. Football is no exception: There are no out male or female footballers in the highest leagues.

Being part of the FARE network is a big chance for EGLSF to Support the different colours of the game and to support diversity!

EGLSF Board members met in Copenhagen during the Outgames on July 26, 2009 to finalise the declaration on Sport presented by EGLSF at the International Conference on Human rights and discuss some other topics. The board will meet again October 14-18 in Rotterdam where the 2011 and 2012 EuroGames will be discussed with the organisers. We also plan to sign the contract with the Manchester AGA hosts during the board meeting in Rotterdam. Should you have any pertinent items needing our attention, please contact Pepe García Vázquez, the Male CoPresident at with your suggestions by October 7.

Only the English and German FA just started to support campaigns to tackle anti-gay abuse. In close cooperation with EGLSF and some Queer Football Fanclubs from Germany the German FA (DFB) supports different events against homophobia and was also present during one of the biggest pride days in Germany in Cologne in 2008 and again in 2009. DFB also helped produce flyers for the German pride season. Further action with the DFB is already in the making like creating a flyer for the FARE-actionweek 2009. In cooperation with the Stuttgarter Junxx and with support from the German pro-club VfB Stuttgart including its president Mr. Staudt the third evening against Homophobia in Football was held on June 5, 2009 in Stuttgart. For the first time someone from the German football league (DFL) was present. By now 33 German Pro-Clubs and State FA’s have signed the declaration against discrimination. Through participating in a Conference in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in June 2009 the contact to the pro-club PSV Eindhoven could be intensified, which makes the first evening against Homophobia in Football in the Netherlands a realistic project. EGLSF and the FARE network asks football lovers to take courage against sexism and homophobia during this year’s FARE Action Week (October 15-27, 2009). In contrast to the symbolic actions of the FAs, FARE invites all fan groups to show that the world’s most popular sport should take the lead and demonstrate that a person’s sexuality is not a barrier to being part of football, and to ensure that football is safe, inclusive and tolerant for

EGLSF Info EGLSF Newsletter October 1 is the deadline for subscribing to the EGLSF Newsletter and be legible to participate in the draw - we are giving away free tickets for the EuroGames 2011 in Rotterdam and EuroGames 2012 in Budapest. The lucky winners will be drawn at the EGLSF Board meeting in Rotterdam, and the results will be announced on October 19, 2009.





In between the meetings, the board members are keeping in contact by email and have a monthly teleconference to discuss the current topics.

FGG Gift We are happy to inform you of the outcome of the FGG (Federation of Gay Games) present to EGLSF for its 20th anniversary: a 20x20 gift, i.e. 20 free registrations for Gay Games Cologne. Juha Meronen, the EGLSF treasurer, as the most appropriate and indeed trustworthy person, was in charge of the draw. Ten of the places were reserved for mixed or women only clubs. The list of the drawn clubs was sent to the members mailing list. It is up to each of the selected clubs to allocate the free registration as it sees fit, but we would like to kindly remind you all of our policies of promoting equal representation. So Thank you once again to FGG, and Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

FARE and EGLSF: An open letter to Marcello Lippi Since its inception in 1989 the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation has fought for the rights of gays and lesbians in sport. 20 years on we remain committed to this cause. And, with the help of organisations like the Football Against Racism Europe (FARE) network, and a membership base of over 30,000 people, we’re confident we can continue to make positive strides to ensure football, and sport in general, is open and accessible to all regardless of sexual preference. There is, however, much work to be done. Homophobic behaviour is still evident in football. This notion was reinforced in a recent interview with Italian national football team coach, Marcello Lippi, who was quoted as saying gay men were unable play sport at the highest level. Remarks like this do little to help dispel the myth that gay people cannot reach the pinnacle of a given sport. Moreover, it is worrying when a figure of such high esteem can openly declare such a lack of understanding. Sport is an area were the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community encounter the most difficulty in simply being themselves. This often results in LGBT youngsters sadly turning their back on sport forever. Therefore it is crucial that those tasked with providing guidance and support to others, should use their position to help athletes feel at ease, and approach their sport with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their performance on the field of play is all that counts. Coaches and trainers need to be aware of the damage they could do to youngsters struggling with their sexual orientation. A good coach is one who can assist an athlete on both sporting and personal matters. It would be difficult for a young gay athlete to place his or her trust in a

coach with such narrow-minded views as those illustrated by Mr Lippi. It is the obligation of every sport to ensure its coaches display a commitment to equality and diversity and without any reservation to those with an ‘alternative’ sexual orientation. The remarks by Mr. Lippi counter this approach and if we want the game of football to be open to all, then these remarks should be not be tolerated. The EGLSF and FARE call upon the Italian Football Association to act by publicly condemning these comments. In addition, we would like to invite Mr. Lippi to meet with the EGLSF so we can discuss some of our work with him. We would welcome such an opportunity.

Successful Budapest Splash 2009

Atlasz Sports Club and FRIGO organized its second large-scale LGBT sport event in Budapest, Hungary at the end of August. 130 international participants registered from 14 countries to join 21 Hungarian competitors at the “Budapest Splash 2009” international badminton and swimming tournament. 30 volunteers assisted the sport and cultural programs. The organizers were happy to read the praises by international participants, and are looking forward to the upcoming even larger - events.

News Section

News submitted by our members Speak out against discrimination 14 September 2009 Footballer Andrei Arshavin is the latest high profile celebrity to back the Council of Europe’s ‘Speak Out Against Discrimination’ campaign on the Campaign’s newly launched website. The 28 year old Arsenal and Russia midfielder said that football is “a sport which gives every player the chance to compete on the basis of ability. This is how life should be.” The endorsement is a boost to the 16 September launch of the campaign in Moscow and is the highlight of the organisation’s newly redesigned antidiscrimination website. The campaign is supported by several celebrities around Europe and abroad, including Alexander Rybak, Singer, violonist and actor (Norway); Andrei Arshavin, Football Player (Russia), N. Peter Kramer, Secretary-General of the Association of European Journalists (Belgium); Lilian Thuram, Activist (France); Arsène Wenger, Football manager (France); Dervis Konuralp, Swimmer (United Kingdom); Luise F. Pusch, Writer (Germany); Mamuka Gorgodze, International rugby player (Georgia); Esma Redzepova, Singer (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia); Pemi Zouni, Actress (Greece); Barbara Blake Hannah, Author and film-maker (Jamaica); Jenny Skavlan, Actress (Norway); Lilian Thuram, Activist (France) and others.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

The campaign supports the media sector’s own efforts to play a constructive role in an increasingly multicultural environment. While fully respecting the independence and autonomy of media professionals and media organisations, the campaign pursues three interrelated objectives: 1. To encourage the media to communicate information on discrimination and on anti-discrimination mechanisms to the general public and (potential) discrimination victims; 2. To better prepare media professionals for working in a multicultural Europe; 3. To facilitate the access of professionals with a minority background to all sectors of the media industry. The Council of Europe will host the 3rd International Journalism Conference on 7-9 October in Strasbourg. Over 150 journalists, editors, press magnates, students and teachers of journalism, researchers and members of the public will discuss principles and practices which may help to improve standards in the news media.

Registration for Gay Games 2010 reaches 1700 16 September 2009 The organizers of the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, announced yesterday that more than 1,700 athletes and artists have now registered to participate in the quadrennial sports & cultural event next July and August. Participants from more than 30 nations have already signed up including many from Eastern European countries where many who are openly gay or lesbian are still persecuted. Participation by the host country Germany leads all other nations with registrations from the United States and The Netherlands following close behind.

“Registrations have increased substantially in the last few months,” said Annette Wachter, CEO of Games Cologne. “Summer LGBT sports programs in North America and Europe have helped drive registrations from the USA, Canada and Europe. The approach of the southern hemisphere’s summer has also increased registrations from Australia and South Africa. We are on target to have participation levels of 8,000 to 10,000 next July and August in Cologne.” Two sports – golf and sailing – are nearing capacity. There are 34 sports and 4 cultural events being offered at the event. Gay Games VIII runs from July 31 to August 7, 2010, and will open with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at RheinEnergie Stadium, the city’s football (soccer) stadium. Up to 48,000 people are expected at the Opening Ceremony according to Andrea Müller, head of the Games Cologne Ceremony & Culture Task Force. Entertainment has not yet been announced but past Gay Games performers have included Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue, Erasure’s Andy Bell and Heather Small. Australian Olympic platform diving gold medallist Matthew Mitcham supports Gay Games 2010 and encourages Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best. Matthew Mitcham won the gold medal in men’s platform diving at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, scoring the highest marks ever in platform diving. Matthew Mitcham is 21 years old, resides in Sydney, Australia, and continues competing in diving events while preparing for the 2012 Olympics. Mitcham was one of two Out (openly gay) male athletes at the Beijing Olympics. You may order printed documents, or download electronic ones to be sent to your teams or players. Banners, logos, postcards, brochures, and business cards are available, plus 1-sheets for many sports and cultural programs.

As part of the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, the international Federation of Gay Games has launched a new program to help member organizations participate in Gay Games VIII. The FGG is offering a financial incentive to existing FGG member organisations in the form of a membership rebate.

FARE Action Week 2009 18 September 2009 The FARE Action Week unites supporters, clubs and those targeted by racism across the continent in a concerted effort to make discrimination a thing of the past. The Action Week of the Football Against Racism in Europe network aims to boost public awareness of the problems of racism and exclusion and to create a united front in dealing with this malign influence on Europe’s number one sport. The idea behind the FARE Action Week is that a wide range of initiatives and activities address local problems within their club or community, while also joining groups across the continent to present a unified stand against racism in the game. What started as a minor campaign in nine countries in 2001 has now become the largest series of anti-racism activities in sport ever staged. The 2008 Action Week saw a record number of more than 700 events in 37 countries in and around football grounds all over Europe. Europe’s top stars are lending support to the campaign. All 32 teams of the UEFA Champions League participated in the “Unite Against Racism” campaign, reaching more than 600,000 fans directly at the matches and millions more via live broadcast on television. The number of participating professional leagues has increased to 14. Also the symbolic activities organised by national FAs and individual clubs are

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

reaching out to more people each year. Each year the FARE network offers financial support for a range of grassroots activities to address local problems in football clubs at the community level. With the backing of UEFA the FARE network offers small grants to grassroots initiatives and provides campaign materials for free. Many more fan groups are organising themselves to challenge racism and the far-right. FARE’s longterm focus on the situation in Eastern and Central Europe has led to an increasing numbers of applications in the Balkans, the former Soviet republics and the new EU members such as Poland, Hungary or Romania. Ignoring racism, is accepting racism – take your stand and join the FARE Action Week from the 15th until the 27th of October 2009!

Athlete of the Year 25 September 2009 Compete, the Gay Sports Magazine (formerly Sports Out Loud), is calling for nominations for the 2009 Athlete of the Year award. You can nominate yourself, or another LGBTIQ athlete (with their concession); the requirements are commitment to personal achievement, active participation in individual or team sport, commitment to supporting/encouraging others in sports, commitment to the LGBT sporting community and/or LGBT community. Bridget Pettis, David Bromstad, Sarah Burke, Evan Darling, and Jeff Kagan are the Final Judges selecting the 2009 Athlete of the Year. For details and rules, please see the website. The applications must be submitted by October 6, 2009.

Sports Events Coming up...

Events submitted by our members Volleyball

AufRuhr Volleyball Metropole Ruhr, Germany 2 Oct – 4 Oct 2009


David Volleyball Tournament Florence, Italy 2 Oct – 4 Oct 2009

The 3rd edition of GLBT volleyball tournament in Tuscany (Italy). A lot of teams that have participated to each edition, in a city considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Beyond the day of the tournament, the organization will offer the welcome party just in the historicalcenter , between the most famous art works, typical kitchen of the zone, disc party after the competitions and brunch on Sunday. After brunch there will be the sightseeing tour in the more important zones of the city.

Volleyball Volleyball

LIVE2009 London, United Kingdom 2 Oct – 4 Oct 2009

RosaLöwen Tournament Leipzig, Germany 9 Oct – 11 Oct 2009


Forellenschwimmfest Berlin, Germany 10 Oct – 11 Oct 2009 The 5th annual London International Volleyball Extravaganza LIVE2009 will be held on 2 - 4 October. This men only event has drawn players from a wide range of ethnicity in the past. LIVE is truly an international volleyball tournament. The competition will start on 3 October with a welcome/registration gathering on 2 Oct and a farewell brunch on 4 Oct.

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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09/09: September 2009

Dear swimmers! We would like to invite you to celebrate our 15th anniversary with us on Saturday, 10 October 2009! Beside the swimming competition we will also be organising a birthday party in the evening and brunch on Sunday morning as a chance to say farewell.



10th International Badminton Tournament

Antwerp Games

Hamburg, Germany 22 Oct – 25 Oct 2009


AquaRomae Rome, Italy 16 Oct – 18 Oct 2009

In October 2009 STARTSCHUSS will organise its 10th badminton tournament for gays and lesbians in HAMBURG. Save the date! As soon as possible we will provide you with further informations. information@badmintonturnier-hamburg. de


Antwerp, Belgium 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2009

During the weekend of 30 October to 1 November 2009, Active Company organises the first AntwerpGames. A new and shining name for a new tournament. We hope it will be the diamond on top of a long tradition of gay-lesbian sports tournaments. Badminton, volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, Swimming, along with Bicycle trip, choir performance and dansant are the main features of the event.

5th Sofia-Tangra-Open Sofia, Bulgaria 23 Oct – 25 Oct 2009

2nd international glbt swimming tournament. For the second time the Gruppo Pesce is happy to invite swimmers from all around Europe in the eternal city. October in Rome is still summer, join us!

Jubilee 5th Sofia-Tangra-Open (Changing The Clocks Backward 2009) 23 - 25 October 2009 Bowling - Volleyball Saturday, the 24.10.2009 13.00- 16.00 Bowling (10 pins - social, M + F, single + team) Participation fee for the tournament will be EUR 39.00. sofia2009

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EGLSF Newsletter: September 2009  
EGLSF Newsletter: September 2009  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation