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06/08: June 2008

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

EGLSF & FARE project: Football is everything Soccermania Wherever in Europe you might be, you cannot miss the football (soccer) mania of the Euro 2008. The championship is dominating all national and international media, and we shall put a special focus on football in our newsletter as well. Not (just) because we like balls, but also because EGLSF is doing a great job with our initiatives and in cooperation with FARE.

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President of the German Football Federation (DFB), Theo Zwanziger: “Football needs to fight against all kinds of discrimination” The second evening against homophobia in football at the RheinEnergieStadion Cologne was supported unintended by the coach of the Cologne Bundesliga Club 1. FC Köln, Christoph Daum. During a TVdocumentation he compared homosexuals and paedophiles: “It is very clear, how we are challenged to approach every same sex trend”, he said. “We have to make sure that there is a sense of responsibility for all the youngsters we take care of. We have to protect the people who take care of our kids.” (Documentation on the German Sports TV “The big taboo - Homosexuality

“I feel my heart break to see a nation ripped apart by it’s own greatest strength-its diversity.” Melissa Etheridge, American singer

and Football” can be found on YouTube:

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Christoph Daum substitutionally documented how important and essential the fight against homophobia and prejudices still is. A prominent supporter of the EGLSF work is the President of the German Football federation (DFB), Dr. Theo Zwanziger. For him all efforts against any kind of discrimination are a personal concern: “We are all different,” he said in Cologne. “But differences should never lead to different valuations or to discrimination. Human dignity is inviolable, independent from all differences.” The panel - next to Dr. Theo Zwanziger well staffed with former profi-player Yves Eigenrauch, fan attendant of the 1. FC Köln Rainer Mendel, social scientist Dr. Tatjana Eggeling, spokesperson of the Queer Football Fanclubs, Christian Deker, and co-organizer of the Gay Games Cologne 2010 Dagmar Ziege – shared the opinion that one of the most important challenges is to sensitise people for the topic of homophobia. “Particularly sports has a great potential to reach lots of people with all different kinds of backgrounds. Football should use this potential,” said Dagmar Ziege. Yves Eigenrauch supported this optimism: “We are on the right way, but there is still is a long way to go,” he said. A first step on this long way is done. 68 organisations, among them 25 German professional clubs and State football associations, signed the declaration against discrimination in football until now. Wellknown organisations like the DFB (German Football Association), German Football League (DFL) and the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance support the EGLSF project “Football is everything…” To create an atmosphere where lesbians, gays, trans- and bisexuals on and off the pitch feel comfortable and welcomed does also help other minorities to feel good in the football world.

“Football has to fight against all kind of discrimination. This is an important obligation,” said Dr. Theo Zwanziger. “If we are able to do this in football, we do a very good thing for the society.” Christian Deker from the Queer Football Fanclubs said: “Lesbians and gays already do lots of grassroots work within the fan scene because they are visible. This work needs more support.” Dr. Theo Zwanziger valuates the work of the EGLSF and the Queer Football Fanclubs. In addition he said: “We need to bring the education to a higher level, we need young people in our organisations to change and to move forward.” The FARE-work programme “Football is everything,…” is an antidiscrimination campaign which uses football as a medium for sending out a unified message against all forms of discrimination. With this campaign EGLSF has an international tool to combat and educate against all forms of discrimination especially homophobia. Dr. Theo Zwanziger will support the work of the EGLSF in the future. Next to the second evening against Homophobia in Cologne within the project several other actions have been taken:

-The project was introduced to the Danish Sports Federation at a network meeting organised by Outgames Copenhagen 2009 -Tanja Walther represented the “Football is everything…”-project and the EGLSF at several panel discussion and workshops, e.g. in Potsdam, Frankfurt and Hamburg -EGLSF gave input for some studies and research to scientists from the University of Freiburg. This cooperation will be continued -EGLSF was involved in the creation of the documentation on the German Sports TV “The big taboo - Homosexuality and Football”. This cooperation will be continued as well -Tanja Walther was part of the jury of the Homo Foul, poster competition, i.e. 50 posters on homosexuality and football were presented by QWIEN KULTUR in Vienna. The exhibition will be shown until the end of the European Football Championship at the end of June. There will be found 3 winner posters. All posters can be seen at plakate/winner.htm For further information on the “Football is everything …”-project please contact Tanja Walther

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Intl. Conference International Conference on Human Rights and Homophobia From 24th to 27th July 2008, XII EuroGames will be celebrated in Barcelona. As a first act of this event, on 24th July, EGLSF and EuroGames 2008 team organize an International Conference on Human Rights and Homophobia. We will be very glad if we could count you as one of the participants. The input of your organization will be the most valuable for the positive outcome of the Conference. We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona.

Introduction With this conference EuroGames Barcelona and EGLSF want to work towards a climate in sports where people can be what they are, of their own free will, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or straight. Based on their sexual orientation LGBT people are sometimes excluded, discriminated against, or forced to conceal an important part of their identities to avoid discrimination. Homosexual athletes may experience discrimination in all sports and on all levels of sport. Stereotypical images and homophobia are widespread. The all-day conference will be held on July 24, 2008, at Conference Hall of INEFC. During the International conference, we will expose situations

of discrimination and stigma to which many LGTB people are subjected, in Mediterranean countries and Eastern Europe. Among those invited will be people directly linked to political groups, organizations, and sports clubs that fight for the defence of fundamental rights in these countries. The conference will give the opportunity to • discuss a joint ‘Barcelona Declaration’ • learn about transgender people in Sport • learn about homophobia in football (in Spain) The conference will take place in a closed area, well accessed, perfectly identified, with specific spaces for press conferences, with simultaneous translation service (as the official languages of EuroGames Barcelona 2008 will be English, Spanish and Catalan) and with an information area continued throughout the EuroGames. It will be open to the public and will be free.

Tanja Walther (football) and Mrs. Carolien van de Lagemaat (transgender issues). - Workshop on “Homophobia in football – The situation in Spain” - Workshop on “Transgender issues” - Plenary session on workshops 17.00. Closing of the conference by the President of Catalan Parliament. 21.00 Opening of the EuroGames Barcelona 2008 We are happy to welcome you on July 24, 2008 in Barcelona!.

Registration You can register via Email until July 1, 2008. Please send the following information to or Fax +31-20-63 63 466: Name _______________________________ Organisation _______________________________


Contact details _______________________________

Thursday, 24th July 2008 – 09.00-17.00 INEFC - Conference Hall

Email _______________________________

09.00: Registration 09.30: Welcoming speeches: Moderator, EG2008, EGLSF 10.00: Introductory Speeches by Pascual Maragall (former Lord Mayor of Barcelona and former “premier” of Catalan Government) and Alfons López Tena (Member of the Governing Council of the Judiciary) 10.30-12.30: Workshops by areas of the “Forum on line” (health, free time, labour, sexuality, associations, visibility, personal development, education) 12.30-13.00: Plenary – Declaration of Barcelona 13.00-15.00: Lunch at EuroGames Village 15.00-17.00: EGLSF workshops - Introduction – by Anne Jensen (EGLSF female co-president) - Introduction on workshops by FARE,

Phone _______________________________ Preferred Workgroup _______________________________ You will receive a confirmation by July 11, 2008. Should you have any questions, please contact us at Information about the EuroGames: Information about Barcelona 2008 EuroGames, including the sports and cultural program: Information about the EGLSF:

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

News Section

News submitted by our members Supporting football fans at the UEFA EURO 08 7 June 2008 With the UEFA EURO 2008TM about to kick off on Saturday, Fans’ Embassies staff are already welcoming the first fans arriving in the host cities and are looking forward to provide support and information services to the thousands more who are planning to travel to Austria and Switzerland from all over Europe. The Fan Embassies Programme is organised by the two European networks Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) and Football Supporters International (FSI), and is supported by UEFA, the Austrian and Swiss Governments and the host cities. The programme draws on the principle of providing support and services to football fans travelling abroad for international fixtures with a “by fans for fans” quality, which has allowed Fans’ Embassies to become by now a well known and essential service for thousands of supporters.

either assisting the Stationary Fans’ Embassies or setting up their own Mobile Fans’ Embassy in key areas of the host cities. Fans will be able to draw information from the local Fan Guides that have been produced and which will be handed out at the Fans’ Embassies. The Fan Guides will be available in the each of the languages of the teams playing in the different host cities, for a total of 41 Fan Guides produced only for the first phase. Furthermore, other relevant information for travelling fans is available on the Programme’s official website, www., which will be updated throughout the tournament with news from the Fans’ Embassy teams. Ashley Green, coordinator of the Fan Embassies Programme for FARE and FSI, commented, “Providing proper fan-hosting measures at international football tournaments has proved to be a key element in promoting a festive and truly multicultural atmosphere around the event. The Fan Embassies Programme at the UEFA EURO 2008TM is yet another step forward for the acknowledgment of this principle”. “Fans’ Embassies staff will have official status throughout the tournament, while Fans’ Embassy team coordinators will be able to provide their input at meetings with stadium Security officials which have been scheduled the day before each game. I trust that our work will contribute to making the supporters’ experience in Austria and Switzerland a moment to remember”.

During the UEFA EURO 2008TM, visiting supporters will be able to rely on eight Stationary Fans’ Embassies, located in central areas of each host city, where they will obtain information and support.

Additionally, experienced Fans’ Embassy International teams for 10 of the 14 visiting national teams will be travelling to Austria and Switzerland from their home countries to work among their supporters,

13 June 2008

Are you a full-time/ professional sports coach Are you a full-time and / or professional coach? A sport sociologist from Leeds Metropolitan University is looking for lesbian sport coaches to take part in a

study on the experiences of gay women leaders in sport. The design of the study would be in the form of interviews and you will have complete anonymity and control of the research process. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing

Tickets for the EuroGames available soon 16 June 2008 In a few days, the system to buy tickets for the parties and the opening ceremony for the EuroGames 2008 will be ready. You will be able to buy your tickets online or at “la Caixa” ATM. There will be two big parties at the EuroGames: - Women party (on Friday evening) - EuroGames party (on Saturday night) The same system will be ready for people wanting to register for the 10km running, that will take place on Sunday July 27th at 9:00. During the EuroGames you will be able to buy tickets at the EuroGames stand in the Village.

Sports Events Coming up...

Events submitted by our members

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

will be on up to twelve beach volleyball courts at the Alte Donau lake. If you need to cool down after a challenging play, you can just take a dip into the water.


International Badminton Tournament Zurich Zurich, Switzerland 27 Jun – 29 Jun 2008

10th International Badminton Tournament Zürich. Between the 27th of June and 29th of June the 10th Gay and Lesbian Badminton Tournament will be held in Zürich. Friday Registration, Saturday Single and Double Games in all categories (A, B1, B-, C+, C-), Saturday Evening Barbecue and Party, Sunday morning Brunch and award ceremony.


Rainbow Rampage

Join us at the largest multi-sport LGBT event in Europe - the EuroGames. In 2008 we celebrate the 12th EuroGames in Barcelona, Spain. There are 28 sport disciplines to choose from. Come south! Play with us!




London, United Kingdom 22 Aug – 25 Aug 2008

10th Amsterdam Pride Run

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Vienna Beach Trophy ‘08 Vienna, Austria 15 Aug – 17 Aug 2008

Barcelona, Spain 24 Jul – 28 Jul 2008

Goslings’ 10th London Badminton Tournament

EuroGames 2008

Zurich, Switzerland 15 Aug – 17 Aug 2008


Zurich Rainbow Open 2008


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1 Aug – 1 Aug 2008

Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands 12 Jul – 12 Jul 2008


Mainz, Germany 26 Jul – 26 Jul 2008

Brighton, United Kingdom 28 Jun – 4 Jul 2008


Summer & sun: the perfect combination for beach volleyball. From August 15 to 17, 2008, Aufschlag Vienna organises its summer beach volleyball tournament for the 8th time. Matches will be played on Saturday (Aug 16). The Vienna Beach Trophy has become the biggest gay & lesbian tournament in Europe played by beach rules. A team is two persons. Play

The Goslings Sports Club invites all badminton players to take part in our London badminton tournament during the weekend Friday 22nd - Monday 25th August, 2008. The tournament is open to men and women, singles, doubles, and mixed-doubles, at levels A, B+, B-, C+, and C- [numbers permitting]. tournament/


IGLFA World Championship 2008 London, United Kingdom 24 Aug – 30 Aug 2008

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Beach Volleyball


Varna Tangra Open 2008

IGO: Italian Gay Open

Varna, Bulgaria 29 Aug – 31 Aug 2008

Milan, Italy 4 Sep – 7 Sep 2008


Pride Games 2008 Manchester, United Kingdom 7 Sep – 14 Sep 2008 The tournament will have competitions in beach volleyball (2-2), levels B and C for men and women. Participation fee for the tournament will be EUR 25.00; Included within the registration fee are: accreditation with card/map, 2 coupons each good like 3.00 BGN - those can be used for a refreshment drinks in the beach bar, entrance for the Medal Celebration Party on Saturday at Alexander Mixclub, common Breakfast on Sunday. We organize a common “tournament-hotel” where we will stay together: our friends/ participants/tangra-members. varna2008/

Dearest members and friends please visit our new web site and register to the 10th edition of IGO (Italian Gay Open) the only Gay and Lesbian tennis tournament sanctioned by GLTA. For the 10th anniversary we are ready to welcome you in a usual warm and friendly atmosphere but also preparing some special events just for our players and guests. A PRESTO !!! A.T.OMO Milano


Mamma Mia 2008 Milan, Italy 5 Sep – 7 Sep 2008


Budapest Splash Budapest, Hungary 30 Aug – 30 Aug 2008

Hungary has always been famous for its swimmers and water polo players. Now it is your turn to experience this magical city by the river Danube! Could not go to the Eurogames? Want to meet your swimmer friends again? Let’s spend the last week of the summer together!

Gate Volley Milan is happy to invite all volleyball players to take part in Mamma Mia 2008 which will take place on September 5th-7th 2008. Four levels of game (A, B+, B-, C), a fantastic Saturday Night Party, and a Yummy-Tummy Brunch on Sunday will be the best ingredients of our special recipe for the Best Italian Volleyball Tournament.


EuroGay Cup Regatta Brighton, United Kingdom 6 Sep – 7 Sep 2008


Brussels Games Brussels, Belgium 12 Sep – 14 Sep 2008

For the 17th time in a row, Brussels Gay Sports is organising the Brussels Games, our international tournament which will take place from 12th to 14th September 2008. As usual you can come and show off your sporting skills in the Capital of Europe... Like every year, there will be a lovely opportunity to cool down in the swimming pool at the end of the competition. And of course there will be our traditional Party and Show, something which always makes our tournament a very special event. We will then wind down with a brunch on Sunday.


Irish Gay Rowing Tour Carrick-on-Shannon, United Kingdom 12 Sep – 15 Sep 2008

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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06/08: June 2008


Cologne Open Cologne, Germany 19 Sep – 21 Sep 2008

The first Volleyball-Tournament from the Bouncing-Balls (SC Janus) from Cologne. B and C - levels.


LIVE2008 London, United Kingdom 26 Sep – 28 Sep 2008


German-Rainbow-Open Vorbeck/Schwerin, Germany 4 Oct – 5 Oct 2008

Changing The Clocks Backward, 4. International LGBT Multisport Tournament. Participation fee for the tournament will be EUR 35.00; For the registration fee you will get: * accreditation card * a snack with a free drink on registration day (October 24) * free entrance for the Medal Winner Party Celebration on Saturday (October 25) * brunch on Sunday (October 27), * foreigner-guests get private housing (optional, on request) * tickets for public transportation (only for foreign participants). event=63

EGLSF Newsletter If you woud like to contrubite to the EGLSF Newsletter, please use the online submission forms at After review, your submissions will be posted online, and in the newsletter.


Sofia-Tangra-Open 2008 Sofia, Bulgaria 24 Oct – 26 Oct 2008

Photos: Page 1: Tanja Walther Page 2: qwien Others: Public non-copyrighted

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EGLSF Newsletter 06-08: June 2008  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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