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05/10: May 2010

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Football Against Homophobia Event Football against homophobia The 2nd EGLSF Conference Football Against Homophobia was organised in Berlin this May, and we are happy to report that it was well organised, and received great input from the participants. With spring in its full blossoming and summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get (or stay) in shape, so be sure to get into the motion.


More than 30 representatives from gay and lesbian football clubs, LGBT sports and football organizations, supporters’ groups and football alliances from countries all over Europe met in Berlin from 22nd to 23rd May at the 2nd Football against homophobia conference. The participants presented their various work and initiatives in the struggle against homophobia and for the recognition of LGBT presence in all areas of football and set out to plan future activities on a pan-European level. EGLSF activist Tanja Walther- Ahrens who was responsible for the organization regards the meeting as a further step forward: “It is especially important to get together shareholders from various areas of football. Clubs, players, football associations, supporters’ groups and LGBT organizations inside and outside football alike have to join forces against homophobia.”

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier, American essayist

The discussions and reports at the Berlin meeting raised a number of issues like the importance of ensuring cooperation with clubs and football associations

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

which in many cases means to first raise awareness that the problem of homophobia exists. “From the reports of different countries we see that there is still a marked lack of sensitivity for the issue”, Tanja Walther-Ahrens says. “We are especially concerned about the situation in Eastern Europe where we see anti-homosexual politics even on a governmental level. Here we are facing huge challenges in the future which have to be met both by football bodies and by civil society in general.” In order to heighten the visibility of gays and lesbians in football and raise the topic of homophobia there are a number of on-going activities organized by the groups and initiatives in Europe – from a strengthened network both on national and international level, football tournaments past and planned and educational measures to stadium actions against homophobia. A new section on the EGLSF website on the topic of football & homophobia and with information on the different groups active all across Europe is to be launched later this year. The 2nd conference “Football against homophobia” was held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, home of Hertha BSC. It is part of the program “Football for equality. Challenging racism and homophobia across Europe”, supported by the European Commission (DG Justice) under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme and carried out by the EGLSF, the FARE network and various other partners.

EGLSF Info Interview with Mr A. Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam Mr. Aboutaleb, do you know the EuroGames? Sure! I know they were held in Utrecht and as former politician in Amsterdam I also know the GayGames were held in Amsterdam in 1998. How do you see the involvement of the city of Rotterdam in the EuroGames? First let me stress out that the EuroGames is a private event and that the organization is in private hands. Because the city would like to be involved in the event, we offer the space (both literally and figuratively) to organize such event in Rotterdam. As mayor I stand for a tolerant climate in the city. An event like EuroGames shows that Rotterdam is a tolerant city, which allows its residents, whatever their origin, sexual orientation or religion is, to show the expressions belonging to their way of life. Within this framework I have contacts with mayors in other European cities positioning themselves as tolerant cities. You can think of for example Berlin and St. Petersburg. Rotterdam can handle such major European events and therefore Rotterdam stands behind the organization of EuroGames. That’s why we also offered all support at the bidding procedure to get the event to Rotterdam. Is it still necessary to organize such games? I believe that emancipation has not been completed. It is about gaining selfdetermination. Where we all live in the same, limited space, some individuals

and groups think they have the right to claim more space for themselves, but they do not allow others the same right. As mayor my role is that of an unifying leader. I also think that in order for the emancipation to succeed, we must get rid off the pity syndrome. One has to show his strength. Only then there can be a serious discussion about being the man or woman as you are. Yet this type of event is often the link to the sexual aspect. At the moment one wishes to conduct a serious discussion about being who you are, this will change. The sexual aspect is purely an expression that you, figuratively speaking, get for free, but it is not the issue. It is a constitutional right to be who you are, even if you are part of a minority and you might be noticed by your appearance as part of that minority. As mayor, I have the unwritten constitutional duty to protect minorities. And without the protection of minorities a democracy can not operate. Finally, what can we expect from you during the EuroGames? EuroGames is an accessible sporting event with enough activities to be visible in the city. And the people of Rotterdam love sports, culture and parties. Rotterdam will cooperate with this visibility and that starts now by putting EuroGames on the official events calendar of 2011.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Obviously, the question about what contribution is expected of me as Mayor should be asked by the organization of EuroGames. That question may focus on the cooperation with Budapest where the EuroGames 2012 will be organized. But also about welcoming the participants and attending the event. Rotterdam committed itself to the EuroGames during the bidding procedure and will continue to do so. I invite all athletes and visitors to come to Rotterdam in 2011 and experience fantastic EuroGames. Registrations for the 2011 EuroGames, which is planned to take place between July 20 and 24, 2011 under the slogan Show your colour, will start in the fall 2010. For more info, please visit

EGLSF Board Meetings All (8) EGLSF Board members met in Berlin, Germany during May 20-23 for its first board meeting since the election of two new board members at the Annual General Assembly March this year. Board members discussed the board work and portfolios distribution and arranged a plan for the upcoming meetings & activities. A review of this year’s annual general assembly (AGA) was made, and the draft minutes will be compiled and made available in June; and next year’s AGA in Frankfurt, Germany was also discussed. Discussion and reporting on the next EuroGames 2011 (Rotterdam) and 2012 (Budapest) was one of the focus points of the meeting. Among other items discussed in the meeting were the topics of membership, advocacy and cooperation with other NGOs and institutions, communications and finances. Board members also attended the 2nd EGLSF Conference Football Against Homophobia which took place in Berlin at the same time.

Board members will have a follow-up Skype conference end of June. All requests should be addressed to the board at before June 17. There are two more board meetings scheduled in 2010: July 31-August 1: Cologne, Germany & October 14-17: Warsaw, Poland.

European Lesbian Sports Hero shortlisted for prestigious LGBT Sports Award The European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) is proud to announce that its former Co-President, Conny Kempe-Schälicke has been shortlisted for the prestigious Tom Waddell award. The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) award, whose winner will be announced during this year’s global Gay Games event in Cologne, was named after the founding father of the global LGBT sports movement and honours those who have inspired excellence and leadership through their volunteering. Conny Kempe-Schälicke is well known in the global LGBT sports movement. Her reputation as a mover and shaker in LGBT sport spans more than twenty years, including ten years as a Board member of EGLSF, during which she held the post of Co-President for six years. Conny’s place in the history books would surely have been guaranteed, however, as a founder member of Seitenwechsel, the Berlin based lesbian sports club which she helped establish in 1988 and of which she is still a member. Seitenwechsel is now the largest lesbian sports club in Europe. Indeed, as a Berliner, her sense of sporting history is enhanced by the dramatic changes that took place in her home town on November 9, 1989. She remembers: “We were having a meeting of our sports club and the phone call came to stop what we were doing and come to the Wall. We

all left the meeting immediately and went to the nearest crossing point and were amazed to see people streaming through from East Berlin.” Conny has ensured that Berlin remains firmly on the map of LGBT sport. She is a founder member of Team Berlin, the city team which has co-ordinated and supported the participation of Berlin’s LGBT community in international sports events since Vancouver’s Gay Games in 1990. She has also contributed to the Federation of Gay Games on various committees over the years and has been a driving force in the European movement for ‘One Quadrennial Event’. If approved by the boards of the two global LGBT sports organisations, this initiative would see the Federation of Gay Games, FGG, and Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association, GLISA, co-host a world event in 2018. Known affectionately by her football team mates as ‘Conny the Cat’ for her goalkeeping agility, Conny is respected and admired around the world for her dedication to LGBT sports participation and her commitment to challenging discrimination. As Louise Englefield current female CoPresident of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation explains: “Conny is an absolute legend! She is unassuming, yet quietly determined, a natural networker, a strategist who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty with the day to day business of running organisations. There is huge respect for her amongst our members throughout Europe and I know that they will join me in wishing her good luck with this much deserved nomination.”

Opening of the EGLSF Exhibition Against the Rules Klaus Wowereit, the major of Berlin and Dr. Theo Zwanziger, the president of the German Football Federation (DFB)

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

opened on may 4, 2010 the exhibition “Against the Rules – Lesbians and Gays in Sport” from the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) in front of 150 invited guests from politics, sport and lesbian/gay community. On 38 banners the exhibition shows the development of the lesbian/gay sport respectively the situation of lesbians and gays in sport from mainstream to elite sport. In his welcome speech Klaus Wowereit stressed: “We need to campaign, so that the same rules apply in stadiums and society. Sport and homosexuality still do not go together in lots of minds. We would like to support the removal of taboos regarding Homosexuality and Sport.” This statement was underlined by the speeches of Louise Englefield, EGLSF co-president, and Iris Hugo-Bouvier, European Football Federation (UEFA). Before Dr. Theo Zwanziger said in his dedicated speech that he hopes this will be a successful exhibition, the Berliner dance club pink ballroom added a splash of color to this already entertaining opening which was presented by the charming radio personality Shelly Kupferberg. The exhibition will be in the main Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus) until May 26, 2010. From June 15 to June 25, 2010 the exhibition will be shown at the Town Hall Wilmersdorf as part of the Berlin pride weeks. From there the exhibition will travel to the Gay Games in Cologne. The exhibition can also be rented. For details, please see the website

News Section

News submitted by our members

Strong message against homophobia in the EU 17 May 2010 This year, the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), which is celebrated on May 17 almost all around the world, got a significant back up by the European institutions and its representatives. Catherine Ashton, EU high representative in her statement on behalf of the European Union on the International Day Against Homophobia clearly reaffirmed the principle of non-discrimination which requires that human rights apply equally to every human being regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The statement continues that “The European Union rejects and condemns any manifestation of homophobia as this phenomenon is a blatant violation of human dignity. It considers that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity is incompatible with the basic principles on which the EU is founded, and it is and will remain committed to the prevention and eradication of discrimination based on the six grounds mentioned in Articles 10 and 19 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, which include sexual orientation.” Herman van Rompuy, the President of the European Council issued a written statement in which he states that “discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual orientation has ceased to constitute a political cleavage, and is enshrined in the EU’s founding act and statement of values. It is something that distinguishes Europe from many other parts of the world. We are inspired by the sense for human dignity and the uniqueness of each person. Everyone deserves equal chances in life.” Thorbjørn Jagland, the Secretary General of the CoE marked the International Day against Homophobia with a call to the

Organisation’s 47 member countries to demonstrate political will in the fight against discrimination towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. “Although homosexuality has been decriminalised throughout Europe, prejudices remain,” said the Secretary General. “It is only a constructive debate within societies that will consign discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity to the pages of history,” he said. Jerzy Buzek, the president of the European Parliament opened the Strasbourg session of the EP with “This is the sixth time the EU has celebrated International Day against Homophobia”, stressing that the EU is opposed to all forms of discrimination, under its Treaty and its Charter on Fundamental Rights. In a video statement he declared: “Homophobia is a clear breach of human dignity that questions fundamental rights; and thus, it must be strongly condemned.” Viviane Reding, Vice-president of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, also issued a statement condemning homophobia as “a blatant violation of human dignity”, “incompatible with the principles on which the EU is founded”. European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) strongly supports and welcomes the statements of the top-level EU leaders from the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission addressing and condemning homophobia.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Homophobia and Transphobia in Religion and Sports 18 May 2010 International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is celebrated on May 17th globally. The date was chosen to commemorate the World Health Organisation’s decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. In July 2006, thanks to the efforts of Fondation Emergence, the Montreal Conference on LGBT Human Rights, organised in the wake of the Outgames, included in its Declaration of Montreal a strong recommendation to all Governments to recognise May 17th as the International Day Against Homophobia. Whereas individuals and organisations are welcome to take their own initiatives with which they combat homophobia, the official 2010 IDAHO campaign focuses on religions, which are being misused everywhere to breed hate and divisions rather than peace and unity. Organizations from all denominations launch an Appeal for the religions to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Speaking about Silence - Homophobia in the Sports World is this year’s campaign in Canada, focusing on homophobia in sports. According to Fondation Émergence “The sports world needs to join in society’s progress, put an end to the silence on LGBT issues, and get involved in the fight against homophobia.” EGLSF fully supports the initiatives of individuals and organisations in combating homophobia, and thanks our member clubs and dedicated individuals who are actively working in this field on May 17 and 364 other days in the year.

Gay Games registration closing 27 May 2010 Those who want to be part of the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 have only a few days left to register. On Monday, May, 31 registration ends for the world’s biggest sports and cultural event, taking place from July 31 till August 7 in the Rhine metropolis. Around 12,000 participants from over 70 countries are expected. Be part of it! Register now! Not an athlete? No problem! Imagine: You´re sitting with thousand of people in a soccer stadium. It gets quiet. All are eagerly waiting what´s going to happen. Then the entrance of the participants of the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 begins. Led by the traditional Rainbow Flag the 10,000 sportsmen and women enter the stadium. Yes, you are part of it, you are in the RheinEnergieStadium in Cologne. With 34,000 spectators, the opening ceremony will be the biggest and most important event at the Gay Games VIII. The Rainbow Flag, which traditionally leads the entry of the participants, started its journey to Cologne at the beginning of this year, visiting host cities of the past Gay Games, including Chicago, the city which hosted Gay Games VII in 2006. 70 country groups follow the flag. The participants of the 35 sports and 5 cultural events will be the center of attention as they are welcomed by the 34,000 spectators. For one week they are going to achieve their personal best in sports events and cultural performances that are the heart of the Gay Games. After the official opening ceremony the party continues! The After-Show-Party starts at 22:00 (31.07.2010) in the LanxessArena, presented by the colourteam. To participate in the after-showparty, you need a separate ticket! Tickets can be purchased at the official website.

Sports Events Coming up... Events submitted by our members


16. Come-Together-Cup Köln Cologne, Germany 3 June 2010

Beach Volleyball

Pink Piadina 2010 Rimini, Italy 4 June – 6 June 2010


Futsal tournament Kiev, Ukraine 5 June – 5 June 2010 The NRG Women’s sports club (Kiev, Ukraine) would like to invite you to The Fourth International Futsal Tournament among amateur women teams NRG gathers friends – 2010 that will take place on June 5, 2010 in Kiev. Our

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

tournament is intended to encourage the establishment and strengthening of friendly relations between people whose passion for football transcends cultural and national boundaries, as well as all sorts of prejudice and stereotypes We hope this sport-weekend spent in our ancient and beautiful city will become for you an exciting and joyful event at the break of summer. NRG welcomes you to Kiev!



Prague, Czech Republic 25 June – 27 June 2010

Milan, Italy 12 Jun – 12 Jun 2010


Barbie & Ken Cup 2010 Berlin, Germany 11 June – 13 June 2010 International Volleyball Tournament C


Pride Games 2010 Manchester, United Kingdom 6 June – 13 June 2010

same place. There will be a party coming after the tournament, and a brunch on Sunday. We offer free hosting. Book your week-end and come as many as you can.


Galibi Cup

Ballroom Dancing

11. Berlin Open Sport & Aids foundraising Italian benefit swimming competition and synchronized swimming demostration.

Berlin, Germany 26 Jun – 26 Jun 2010 Pride Games is back again this year in its regular home in June. Come to Manchester and take part in any one of our tournaments, courses and ‘give it a go’ activities. Pride Games Manchester, compete, learn, have fun!


BogaVolleyTournament Bologna, Italy 11 June – 13 June 2010

Irons Gay Golf

International dance competition for same-sex couples in Standard and Latin. Outreach support available for first-time competitors of the Berlin Open.

London, United Kingdom 13 Jun – 13 Jun 2010

Beach Volleyball


CampPink Beach Volleyball 2010


TIGALY 2010 Lyon, France 18 June – 20 June 2010 International Volleyball Tournament // Level C // Berlin 11. - 13.06.2010 //

18th Lesbian and Gay City Festival QUEER BERLIN IS CALLING YOU!


The Tigaly tournament is coming back the 18th,19th and 20th of June in Lyon (France). This year, Tigaly becomes multisports with badminton and volleyball. The two activities will take place in the

Rotterdam, the Netherlands 9 July – 11 July 2010 Two days of Beach Volleybal, sun, fun, party, BBQ, camping, picnics, outdoor activities and much much more during the best LGBT Beach Volleyball tournament!

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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05/10: May 2010


Gay Games Cologne 2010 Cologne, Germany 31 July – 7 August 2010

The 3rd edition of Budapst Splash is on. Multisport Tournament with Badminton, Handball & Swimming in Central Eastern Europe. A wonderful summer ending occasion for you, come and join us for a weeend of fun...

EGLSF Newsletter With a total of 35 athletic disciplines, Gay Games VIII covers from 31 July till 7 August 2010 a wide-ranging program that is sure to include a sport for you. Whether a team effort, such as Soccer or Volleyball, or an individual/pairs event, such as Bodybuilding or Figure Skating – from Inline Speed Skating to Golf and Chess, there is something here for everyone.

If you would like to have your events listed in our Newsletter, or would like to share the news from your club, please visit and submit your content. All submissions are subject to approval. To subscribe, go to


Budapest Splash 03

Fotos: Page 1: Andrej Pisl Others: Public, non-copyrighted

Budapest, Hungary 20 August – 22 August 2010

Contact Us European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) c/o NCS Meeuwenlaan 41 NL-1021 HS Amsterdam The Netherlands EGLSF Newsletter (ISSN: 1876-1763) is published by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation. EGLSF is registered as a nonprofit sports organisation with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague and enjoys participatory status with the Council of Europe.

EGLSF Newsletter: May 2010  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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