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03/08: March 2008

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Internal affairs & Intl. sports organizations AGA - What’ta?! EGLSF had its Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Rome this year. It was grounbreaking in many ways; read the Newsletter contents for details. And as this year Easter comes early, we wish all those eho celebrate it a nice celebration; and a wish for everyone: enjoy the choclate!


Annual General Assembly (AGA) 2008 First we want to thank Arcigay, Agensport Lazio and Gruppo Pesce Rome - the organizers of AGA - and the volunteers for their wonderful and efficient planning and helping us carry out a great event. For the first time in the history of EGLSF, a mainstream sports association, Agensport Lazio, was among the organizers of our AGA, which we consider a big step forward with respect to the acceptance and acknowledgement of EGLSF, not to speak of LGBT sport in general. Of course, we also want to thank the organizers for making possible the accommodation of a high number of delegates, visitors and guests either for free or at reduced prices in the hotel, in which the AGA took place. Surely, this circumstance contributed to the nice atmosphere and the involvement into

“One can overcome the forces of negative emotions, like anger and hatred, by cultivating their counterforces, like love and compassion.” Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama; leader, Nobel Peace prize winner

the AGA discussions that were among the characteristics of AGA 2008.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

We also want to thank everybody who participated in the AGA, for their fruitful and pointing forward contributions to the discussions on sports and the future of EGLSF and on other topics. Among those were our guests, Federation of Gay Games (FGG), Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA), the organizers of Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen, and the organizers of Gay Games 2010 in Cologne. The two last mentioned presented their work at the AGA and answered questions from the delegates. Apart from that, the FGG Legacy Award, which was given to EGLSF in November, was handed over to EGLSF by Emy Ritt, the female copresident of FGG.

Participants The number of countries represented at AGA surpassed the number represented at AGA 2007 (the numbers in parentheses are the number of countries in which there are EGLSF members), the same applies to the share of women, which amounted to 33% compared to 20% in 2007. We consider that a result of the focusing on gender parity the last two years, and welcome this very much. Rome 08 Clubs 53 Part’s ap. 150 Women ap. 33% Countries 19 (23) Outreach 21 O-women 11 O-countries 8

Madrid 07 39 ap. 110 ap. 20% 16 (23) 16 4 5

Gender Conference/ Training As a follow up on the gender parity discussion at AGA 2007 in Madrid, the board decided on a gender conference/ training preceding AGA in Rome. This event was planned in co-operation with the Roman organizers, especially Ana

Paola Concia from Agensport Lazio. On 29th of February, EGLSF held its first all day event to work towards gender parity within the federation. By generous support of our Roman hosts and Mama Cash Foundation, we were able to hire professional gender trainers, provide free hotel accommodation for all participants and refund almost completely travel expenses of all outreach women. Initially entitled a Gender Conference developed, throughout the year of intense preparations, into a Gender Training. The skilful conduction of interactive workshops and exercises took 49 attendees through a day of self-experience in a quite unusual way. Discovering the wide range of personal diversity in a number of social categories, like national/ethnic origin, level of gender knowledge, sexual experience, gender identity etc., established an open and friendly atmosphere, facilitating awareness raising and a critical review of ‘gender’. Theoretical inputs acquainted participants with the basic terminology concerning sex and gender, transgender, queer. Also, the social concepts of binary, gender stereotype was portrayed, as well as heteronormativity. Third and last in a much too short day, the tool of Gender Analysis was briefly

introduced. The following brainstorming left no doubts that we’re only starting to discover, what is being needed to achieve gender parity as a first contribution to diversity within EGLSF. A more elaborate report is in progress and will be available at our website soon. For more info, you can contact Gisela Weil at

Plenary Session on Sports This session was introduced by Lou Manders and Juha Meronen, who on behalf of the board had planned the session, the goal of which was to clarify the delegates’ attitudes towards rules for the execution of tournaments at EuroGames, ranking of athletes, the bid book for EuroGames and other topics related to sports, which the board has to include in its future work on EuroGames etc. The discussion took place in smaller discussion groups, afterwards the results of these discussions were compiled and presented to the delegates. The ideas of the group discussions and plenary discussion are summarized in the following way: 1. Rules for tournaments: • We need minimum rules • Under special circumstances some

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

modifications may apply – in order to make it possible for clubs to organize tournaments • We should only focus on EuroGames • Venues at EuroGames should be according to standards • There must be transparency of rules in advance • Use international rules (LGBT/ Mainstream) • Rules should be on fact sheet • Rules are needed, start with the first step, e.g. best practices • Rules should include policy towards referees and judges (professionals, licensed or not) 2. Rankings • No ranking system, because of an “open for all” principle • Ranking is ideal (expensive, however) • Used ranking systems should be applied, e.g. in dancing and tennis; if no there are no existing ranking systems, they should be developed • Ranking should be on a fact sheet • Because of fair play, we should ask member to register with their true ranking 3. Technical and advisory committee • Recommendation of an EGLSF permanent technical committee, e.g. a sport coordinator per sport, exceptions from the rules are monitored by the technical committee • An advisory committee does the job: Transfer of knowledge and experience to bidding clubs, cooperation with experienced EGLSF sport members • Update (maintenance) should be done by the members • No technical committee 4. Fee for EuroGames • Single fee for EuroGames (solidarity) and offer day passes for cheap sports • Fee divided in three groups (basic fee + fee according to sport, 2 levels) 5. EuroGames bid book • Rules form part of the bid book • Athletes should be made aware of

exceptions from rules • Sport program should be ready one year before the games or minimum four months before registration • Minimum number of athletes should be on website • EuroGames websites should be updated regularly • Extend EuroGames to three days if necessary • EGLSF members should be able to register earlier than non members • This discussion doesn’t mean that we are unhappy with past EuroGames, but we just want to improve the quality There was time for the individual sports to meet and share experiences and opinions. Some of the results of these discussions have been handed in to the board, which will include them in the follow up on the AGA and the future work of the board. In the evaluation of AGA, the average evaluation of this session was 4,4 (on a 5 point scale with 5 as the highest mark), and more delegates commented on the value of it, also as an example for future AGAs. If you have any questions to or comments on these ideas, please contact juha@ or

Plenary Session on the Future of EGLSF The Financial and the Structural and Strategic Committee, consisting of Sandro Pfau, Lou Manders, Ole Udsholt and Anne Jensen had prepared this session. The outcome was meant to give the committees and the board an impression of the delegates’ attitudes towards different topics for the future work, i.e. sponsors, professionalizing EGLSF, regional and social outreach, the structure of EGLSF, and the involvement of the member clubs. These topics were discussed in groups

after a short presentation, and the results were presented in a final plenary session. Sponsors: All groups were positive as to sponsors, but it was emphasized that personal information should be protected, and that it has to be discussed with what sponsors EGLSF wants to be linked to. Furthermore, it was stressed that EU funding should be applied for, when/if possible. Professionalizing EGLSF: There was support to this idea, everybody was aware that this can only be reached by means of substantial financial foundations. The idea of hiring contract based professionals for individual tasks like sponsoring, and it was firmly stressed that the board and the involved committees have to set up has to set up a clear scenario (or more) of the relationships between staff, members, board, finances and sponsorships. Regional outreach: The majority of the discussion groups were in favour of giving up the notion of outreach countries. Instead, financial outreach should apply to persons from all countries along e.g. income criteria, and in general outreach should focus on areas like financial, local, political and social outreach. Social outreach: Some groups found the focus on gender parity very good, while others draw attention to youth, ethnic minorities and disabled persons. Apart from that, it was stressed that co-operation with mainstream sports associations in these areas is required, and that EGLSF may focus on each group in turn for more years in order to give the member clubs tools for their daily work. The structure of EGLSF: In general, the groups wanted to maintain the current structure. However, it was mentioned that the transfer of votes should be changed, that voting should the rethought (the bigger clubs may receive up to 5 votes, or one vote for one club), and that there should be set guidelines for the committees’ work.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Involvement of member clubs: The suggestions for improving the involvement were to publish specific needs on the website, to encourage local advocacy work, and do more for sharing best practices of the member clubs. Apart from that, it was put forward that AGA should start Friday evening with all elections Saturday, motions should be sent before AGA, there should be a bid book for AGAs including evaluation criteria for choosing the AGA host, and there should be a host advisory board. In the evaluation of AGA, the average evaluation of this session was 4,0. More delegates commented on the value of it, others criticized that it was not clear, what the goal was, and that the questions were too many and too open. Such questions have to be sent to the delegates in time, since we need to focus on solutions. If you have any questions or comments on this, please email

Election AGA Chair 2009 As all delegates present at AGA may remember, a rather awkward situation happened when this very last item was presented. As it was agreed beforehand with Bianca Hagenberg and Beppo Brem, respectively AGA 2008 chair and chair assistant, EGLSF co-presidents were expecting to have the floor in order to propose to the Assembly Conny KempeSchälicke and Ben Baks as, respectively, AGA 2009 chair and chair assistant (they both had previously accepted to be candidates at the Board’s proposal). In the heat of the moment, the current chair, Bianca, proposed herself as candidate for AGA 2009 chair. After that, there was some confusion, and after a vote, Bianca was elected. Shortly after the AGA, however, Bianca resigned. All EGLSF members have been informed about this issue via a separate email. EGLSF Board regrets this misunderstanding and all the following

uncomfortable situations for everybody, especially Conny and Ben. The Board has asked Ben to accept his election as AGA 2009 chair assistant, following his election by the Assembly, and to Conny to be again candidate for AGA 2009 chair.

Election Board Members The female co-president Anne Jensen was re-elected, the same applies to Gisela Weil as ordinary board member. Alia Katskika, whose mandate ended this year, decided to step down as a board member, but will remain an active member of EGLSF. Consequently, one seat as ordinary board member remains unoccupied. The Board asked the Assembly to accept a Board with a post unoccupied and committed itself to fulfil its tasks in spite of this. The Assembly approved. A potential candidate presented herself at the AGA, but since her club has not renewed its membership of EGLSF, she was not eligible to run for the position, according to the statutes and by-laws.

Evaluation of AGA 2008 The board was criticized for posting the AGA papers too late, while the average evaluation of the practical organization of AGA was 4,5 (on a 5 point scale with 5 as the highest note). It was commented that AGA 2008 is a good case study for future AGA organizers. With respect to the overall impression of AGA, the average evaluation was 4,5, and many delegates have commented on AGA. Among the comments are: - some people should made their contributions shorter or be interrupted by the chair - more parts of the board’s report should be given orally - smaller discussion groups were great - in general the AGA structure is good, but more parallel sessions on different topics

would be good - a third AGA day instead of a gender conference - motions should be sent out at least a month before AGA, they should not be handed out at AGA - important votings should take place Saturday, because many people have to leave early Sunday, the same applies to motions - the board handled the election of chair for AGA 2009 very badly - everything was great - Barcelona 2008 should have been asked more firmly to their difficulties and the reasons for them - there is still too much political correctness in the air, some clearer words and clearer statements are missing - one of the best AGAs The board will include the results of the evaluation of and comments on AGA in the preparations of AGA 2009. If you want the full recapitulation of the evaluation, please email

Cooperation with FGG and GLISA As has become a tradition, EGLSF board met with FGG and GLISA during AGA, in order to discuss our future co-operation. In both meetings, we stressed that the co-operation should take the form of concrete activities, e.g. participation in conferences, drug policy, outreach policy, scholarships. The board will meet with GLISA during the next board meeting in May in Copenhagen and then with FGG in Paris, also in May. EGLSF may discuss with our members to see what their needs, suggestions and expectations are concerning this issue.

AGA 2009 The bid for AGA 2009 came from Stichting Homosport Netherlands (with partners) with the slogan “The ball is out”,

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

presented by Bas Koppers, Judith Schuijf, and Johan van de Ven. Consequently, AGA 2009 will take place in The Hague 6th-8th of March, which means that the 20th anniversary of EGLSF will take place in the city where EGLSF was founded. In 2009 EGLSF will no longer be a teenager, but a grown-up organization.

Donations We have to applaud some member for taking the iniciative, and have helped other clubs to send delegates to the AGA. At this point, on behalf of the Board and the concerned members, we would like to thank Nat Utrecht, Madpoint and others who have donated. Northern Wave Swimming Club, Open Athletics and Pride Sports, Manchester have organised a special raffle at the AGA, gathering an extra 211 euro donation to our outreach fund. We must not forget to thank the Antwerp EuroGames organisers for their contribution - they have contributed 1500 EUR for the EuroGames outreach fund.

will meet with the Advocacy Committee. If you have any input to any of these topics, please put them forward. You may send them to

Final Reminder on Membership Fees There are still some clubs who have not paid their annual membership fee for 2008. The deadline for payment is end of March. After March, all memberhip benefits will be cancelled. For examble, the participants of Barcelona Eurogames, who represent the club which has not paid the membership fee for 2008, will have to pay an additional 11€ for their participation fee. Members outside of Single Euro Payments Area (mainly UK and Eastern Europe), may also pay their membership fee by credit card or PayPal. If you want to use this, or if you have any other questions concerning the membership fee, please contact EGLSF treasurer Juha Meronen at

Direct donations are still welcomed and appreciated; please find the details below. Beneficiary European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation, c/o NCS Meeuwenlaan 41, Amsterdam, The Netherlands IBAN: NL72 PSTB 0000 7680 40 Bank details Postbank Zakelijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands BIC/SWIFT: PSTBNL21

Next Board Meeting The next board meeting will take place in Copenhagen, 2nd-4th of May. At this meeting the board will focus its discussions on outreach and the promotion of EGLSF, including communication. Apart from that, the board

News Section

cities to submit a Letter of Intent and thereafter a Bid Document. Catherine Meade, chair of the Host Selection Committee notes, “For the purposes of this RFP, a key outcome for GLISA International is the quadrennial hosting of a World Outgames, an international multi-sport games event that will involve at least 10,000 registered participants. The Host City for the Outgames will have the responsibility, and capability, to deliver a financially successful event”. The bidding process for the host of the 3rd World Outgames in 2013 is part of GLISA International’s geo spatial strategic agenda to have consecutive Continental and World Outgames that, if possible, touch different continents in different years. “We invite all cities interested in hosting the 3rd World Outgames in 2013 to contact us and to submit a Letter of Intent and to send in a Bid Document”, comments Daniel Vaudrin, member of the Host Selection Committee who, as President of Equipe Montreal, will bring to the Committee his experiences with the 1st Outgames in Montreal. The timeline for this RFP procedure is set by the GLISA International Board and will result in the announcement of the host for the 3rd World Outgames in 2013 after the 2008 GLISA International Delegate Congress that will be held in the Fall of 2008. The full RFP document and the timeline can be downloaded from the GLISA International website.

News submitted by our members

Bidding process for Outgames 2013 opened

18 March 2008

10 March 2008 To kick off the bidding process for the 3rd World Outgames in 2013, GLISA International issues today the Request for Proposals (RFP), inviting all interested

South Africa to host 2008 FGG Annual Meeting The international Federation of Gay Games (FGG) announces that Cape Town, South Africa has been selected to host the Federation’s 2008 annual meeting over excellent bids from two U.S. cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Palm Springs, California. Traditionally

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

held in the fourth quarter, this year’s meeting dates are 21-25 October. This past October, the Federation celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Gay Games by holding its annual meeting in the Gay Games’ birthplace of San Francisco. In selecting Cape Town to host in 2008, the Federation continues its long tradition of gathering in locations around the world to ensure strong ties within the global Gay Games sport and cultural communities. Cape Town will mark the Federation’s fourth annual meeting in the southern hemisphere. The Federation met in Sydney in 1996 and 2000 and in Johannesburg in 2001 and in other years has met in cities as varied as Lyon, Atlanta, Amsterdam and Vancouver. The Johannesburg meeting drew participants from several African countries such as Nigeria and Namibia and launched a landmark scholarship program to bring African athletes to the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. In Cape Town the Federation looks forward to renewing its existing ties and making new African contacts in advance of the 2010 Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany. “We’re pleased to return to South Africa for our annual meeting”, said Federation co-president Emy Ritt of Paris. “The social and economic challenges in Africa for LGBT sport and cultural organisations are unique and there is no better way to learn from each other than by meeting our Gay Games friends in their own part of the world”.

of participants. The registration process will also be possible during the month of April, but higher late fees will be applied: 70 Euros for EGLSF members and 81 Euros for the rest. During the month of April non-European participants will also have the opportunity to register for the sports if there are still places available. Important: Registrations created before March 31st, will be able to pay the regular fees until April 15th. From this date the late fees will be applied as explained above. Registrations created after April 1st will have to pay late fees directly. On April 1st, the registration server will be closed due to maintenance. We apologize for the inconveniences! The online forum to prepare the contents of the Conference on Human Rights and Homofobia is now open. This space has been created so that people from all continents can express and denounce the discrimination that the LGTB community suffers collectively, and especially in some countries. Come South, Play with us!

Sports Events Coming up...

Events submitted by our members Multisports

Snow Gaymes Tignes, France 1 Apr – 4 Apr 2008


5th tournament Delft Delft, the Netherlands 4 Apr – 6 Apr 2008

Early registration for EuroGames 2008 ends 29 March 2008 Regular registration for EuroGames 2008 participants will close at the end of March. Regular registration has a cost of 55 Euros for participants who are members of sport clubs belonging to the EGLSF and 66 Euros for the rest

The fifth international badminton tournament of Roze Blok will be held on Saturday 5th of April 2008. Competition will be played in singles and doubles, class A, B and C.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation


Raballder Cup Oslo, Norway 11 Apr – 13 Apr 2008

20th April.


Inscriptions will be admitted until 31st March for teams and 5th April for individual participants.

Brescia Spring Tournament

We hope you join us in this tournament and visit our city, which is going to hold the Expo 2008 International Exhibition this summer.

Brescia, Italy 25 April – 27 April 2008


Berlin Swim 08 Scandinavias largest gay and lesbian sports tournament.


Goud Groningen Lentetoernooi 2008 Groningen, the Netherlands 11 Apr – 13 Apr 2008


Golf it Cologne Cologne, Germany 19 Apr 2008


Limone Sping Tournament Limone sul Garda, Italy 25 Apr – 27 Apr 2008

Berlin, Germany 2 May – 4 May 2008

The swim team of Vorspiel Berlin will host an International Masters Meeting in May 2008. We invite you to visit us in the German capital for weekend of fun and sport. Further information available online.


Prague Rainbow Spring Volleyball Tournament Prague, Czech Republic 2 May – 4 May 2008

Friday register, Saturday playing matches + party, Sunday brunch. seperate men and women competition on b + c level.


Volley Games Zaragoza, Spain 18 April – 20 April 2008

Gay Club Elaios-Zaragoza is happy to invite you and your team to the 3rd Volley Games Juegos del Cierzo 2008 which will be held in Zaragoza (SPAIN) from 18th till

A.T.OMo Milano is happy to invite you and your friends to the major outdoor tennis tournament in Italy which will take place along the beautiful frame of the Garda lake. Except for playing you can either relax on the grass or enjoy a boat trip on the lake. Sun shines and good food will do not leave you alone!!! We provide a full programme for players and visitors; all details will be avaiable on our web site soon.


Paris International G&L Badminton Tournament Paris, France 2 May – 4 May 2008

AcroBAD & Goodminton, two Paris Lesbian & Gay Badminton clubs, organize their annual international badminton tournament.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation





Tournament del Mar

Aarhus, Denmark 10 May – 12 May 2008

Ibiza, Spain 16 May – 18 May 2008

Pan Cup

Copenhagen, Denmark 2 May – 4 May 2008


Badminton and Volleyballcup Halle (Saale), Germany 9 May – 12 May 2008


5the International Paris Tournament Paris, France 9 May – 12 May 2008

Once again Danish D-Lite will host the Aarhus Xtra Wide Open tournament. A X W O is not just a sports tournament but also a chance to meet old as well as new friends for a weekend of fun in Denmark. The closing party will take place at a X-travagant venue where we will party till the early hours. Hope to see you in Aarhus.


Hot Helsinki Badminton Tournament Helsinki, Finland 16 May – 18 May 2008


Nottingham Anniversary Tournament Nottinghman, United Kingdom 16 May – 18 May 2008 tournament


Hotlanta Soccer Classic 2008 Atlanta, USA 22 May – 26 May 2008


For the fifth year in a row, the gay and lesbian sports associations in Paris are happy to invite you to the 5TH International LGBT Tournament of Paris 2008. 14 sports and draw about 1,500 athletes and visitors are invited to participate to Paris from 09 to 12 May 2008 for a major sports event backed by the FSGL.

Feel the northern atmosphere and have a nice weekend in Helsinki, the daughter of the Baltic Sea! We welcome you to participate in the 1st international GLBT badminton tournament ever held in Finland. The tournament is open to men and women at levels B and C in categories single and double. After the games we will party and on Sunday go on with the brunch. We offer you a possibility for a free hosting. BadmintonTournament

Löwen Cup - lions cup Braunschweig, Germany 30 May – 1 Jun 2008


2008 COLOGNE International Gay and Lesbian Tournament Cologne, Germany 30 May – 1 Jun 2008 SINGLES and DOUBLES A/B+/B-/C

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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03/08: March 2008



Festibad 7

International Badminton Tournament Zurich

Strasbourg, France 7 Jun – 8 Jun 2008


IGLA 2008 Washington DC, USA 18 Jun – 22 Jun 2008


Madrid Tennis Open 2008

Zurich, Switzerland 27 Jun – 29 Jun 2008

10th International Badminton Tournament Zürich. Between the 27th of June and 29th of June the 10th Gay and Lesbian Badminton Tournament will be held in Zürich. Friday Registration, Saturday Single and Double Games in all categories (A, B1, B-, C+, C-), Saturday Evening Barbecue and Party, Sunday morning Brunch and award ceremony.

Madrid, Spain 20 Jun – 22 Jun 2008 Hola amigos, Here we are ready for you to enjoy one more year our most international tournament, the Madrid Tennis Open 2008, that will take place between June 20nd – 22th at the Casa de Campo tennis courts; this championship is ruled by the G.L.T.A and will be played by both men and women in 5 divisions, Open, A, B, C and D singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Two times a best tournament nominee, the Madrid Tennis Open is one experience not to be missed.

EGLSF Newsletter If you woud like to contrubite to the EGLSF Newsletter, please use the online submission forms at After review, your submissions will be posted online, and in the newsletter. Please note that we reserve the right to edit or not to publish your submissions. EGLSF members’ news and events have priority.

Photos: Page 1: Andrej Pisl Page 2: Gisela Weil Others: Public non-copyrighted

Contact Us European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) c/o NCS Meeuwenlaan 41 NL-1021 HS Amsterdam The Netherlands This newsletter is published by the EGLSF. EGLSF is registered as non-profit sports organisation with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under number V40413152. EGLSF enjoys the participatory status with the Council of Europe.

EGLSF Newsletter 03-08: March 2008  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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