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01/09: January 2009

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Building Bridges 3 Conference 2009 We have stepped into 2009, and this is usually the time when people make big commitments and resolutions. We encourage individuals and groups to actively contribute to the development of LGBT sport. In 2009, EGLSF will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. We are very proud of this, and invite you to join us at our anniversary Annual General Assembly in the Hague in March.


Homosport Nederland, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and the City of The Hague, is preparing the ‘Building Bridges 3’ conference on March 6, 2009. A conference about the position of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) in sports is taking place on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF). The event will be held in the Museum for Communication, Zeestraat 82, in The Hague, and is primarily intended for the policymakers of governing bodies and administrators from both LGBT-sports organisations and general sport organisations. The conference can accommodate a maximum of 150 persons. Your registration will be considered on a first-come, first

“The main thing is to care. Care very hard, even if it is only a game you are playing.” Billie Jean King, retired tennis player, women activist

served basis. Costs of the conference are covered.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Program 09:00 – 10:30 Registration for conference and AGA EGLSF 10:30 – 10:40 Opening by Kathelijne Buitenweg, Member of European Parliament 10.40 – 10:50 Welcome by Bert van Alphen, Alderman, The Hague 10:50 – 12:00 • Ms. Anne Jensen, Co-Chair EGLSF: 20th anniversary EGLSF speech • Mr Ben Baks, Liaison Officer for the EGLSF to the Council of Europe: Is there a case for LGBT rights in sport? • Mr. Havard B. Ovregard, Project Manager for “With Sports Against Homophobia”: overview of the project • Mr. Pedro Velázquez, Deputy Head of the Sport Unit, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium • Mr. William Gaillard, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and Senior Advisor to the President of the UEFA, Michel Platini. 12:15 – 13:45 Lunch 13:45 – 15:00 Workshop round I 15:00 – 15:15 Coffee break

Workshop 1 Diversity in Football - Strategies against Homophobia in Football

Workshop 3 Cooperation between LGBT and Regular Sport Clubs: Why and How

Tanja Walther-Ahrens, Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)/EGLSF, Germany and Lucy Faulkner, Equality Manager, The Football Association, United Kingdom

Moderator: Ole Udsholt; Speakers: Tommy Kristoffersen, Director of Sports Programme, World Outgames Copenhagen 2009; Peter Munk, Chairman of Pan Idraet; Henrik Hansen, Board member of DGI-Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Discrimination against LGBT people is far-reaching. Homophobia in the sports world can be considered as merely “part of the game,” take football as an example. Without the help and support of the “straight world” it would be impossible to change the attitudes and intolerance of players, coaches and officials in order to secure the inclusion of all people alike. This workshop gives an overview of the anti-discrimination work in England and Germany.

15:15 – 16:30 Workshop round II 16:30 – 17:15 Plenary session Mrs. Judith Schuyf, chair of Homosport Nederland: concluding remarks from 17:30 Drinks in the City Hall of The Hague

Workshops Please indicate your workshop choices when registering for the conference. We will do our best to accommodate your workshop preferences. The workshops will be repeated in each workshop round.

Workshop 2 Strategy in the Netherlands Lieke Vloet, Senior advisor, NOC*NSF, The Netherlands NOC*NSF Dutch Olympic Committee and National Sport Federation is part of an alliance to improve the social acceptance of homosexuals in sport. The alliance will be presented and discussed in this workshop with emphasis on goals, measures, opportunities, successes and pitfalls. The role of organised sport in this alliance will receive special attention.

The LGBT sport movement has changed tremendously over the years. Sport clubs have grown from being small and community based to having large memberships and offering a variety of sports forming both formal and informal networks and federations regionally, continentally and internationally. Starting out from the experiences in Copenhagen, this workshop will focus on what both the local LGBT sport club and the international federations can gain in working together with regular sport clubs and federations.

Workshop 4 With Sports Against Homophobia Havard B. Ovregard is project manager for “With Sports Against Homophobia,” a collaborative project by The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, The Norwegian LGBT Association, and the Norwegian People’s Aid. Based on experiences from Norway, he will present strategies and tools for including LGBT- awareness and

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

work against homophobia in mainstream sports organisations.

Workshop 5 Campaign Against Homophobia in the World of Sports Speaker: An Gydé, team coach of “Equal Opportunities”, Holebifederatie, Belgium This workshop explains the background and methodology of a campaign against homophobia in the world of sports. The campaign, sponsored by the Flemish government and actualised during the FARE-action week, focused on creating LGBT awareness. A non-discrimination charter was signed by local clubs and large sport federations enabling them to cooperate in this endeavour. But the charter had a larger impact: two Flemish cities used this example, taking it one step further. Signing the charter became a formal requirement for sports clubs to receive city funding.

To register, visit For more details or information, please contact Bas Koppers at baskoppers@ or +31 20 636 2932.

EGLSF AGA 2009 The anniversary 20th Annual General Assembly of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) will take place in the Hague on March 7 and 8, 2009, a day sfter the conference.

Registration The registration has already begun. To register, please visit www.eglsf. info/2009AGA - you are warmly invited to register for the Building Bridges 3 Conferenc at the same time as well. A special arrangements have been made regarding accommodation options; namely special hotel offer and hosted housing. Please note, that both these options are limited, so please register online as soon as possible. The latest deadline to register is February 28.

Membership Issues In order to have your voting rights at the AGA, please make sure that your club fills out the membership form at www.eglsf. info/membership-form.php AND pay the membership fee by February 1, 2009. In case of late payments, your voting rights will be decided on a case-by-case basis at the AGA.

Votings At the AGA, several important votings will take place: MOTIONS Members can propose motions for changes to the Statutes, Bylaws or to make other proposals.

BOARD ELECTIONS Male Co-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Board Members at Large are to be elected. AGA 2010 The place for the next Annual General Assembly in 2010 has to be elected. EUROGAMES 2011 and 2012 There will be no EuroGames in 2009 and 2010, but at the AGA we will vote on the organisers of the EuroGames 2011 and 2013. For additional information, please contact EGLSF or its General Secretary, Mr Lou Manders at

Financial Support EGLSF has closed the call for support (outreach), with which we enable some of our members to participate at the AGA. We are happy to report that the City of The Hague has announced support for participation. With the funding, we wll be able to cover the travel costs of the applicants - either partially or fully. We also appreciate support of our clubs who directl support outrech clubsor individuals, and enable them to participate at the AGA, and also at their own events by offering special outreach programmes.

Board Meetings EGLSF Board met in Brussels January 9-11, where topics of the AGA were discussed, along with some other pertinent issues. In Brussels we were met and hosted by our member club BGS, and we would like to thank them for their hospitality. The board will meet next in the Hague, just prior to the conference and the AGA.

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Members’ Corner This section is dedicated to a brief presentation of our members. If you would like to have your club introduced here, please contact Anne Jensen at anne@

Hot Helsinki are also committed to participate in the future games including Copenhagen, Cologne, etc. Hot Helsinki was founded in 1997, when a group of volleyball players decided to go next year’s Amsterdam GayGames. Since that, it has become a multi-sports club. Hot actually represents all the Finnish gay and lesbian sport groups, but organized sport activities take place mostly in Helsinki at the moment. The club has 280 members, of which almost 40% are women. The goal is to encourage gays and lesbians to do sport. The club offers friendly, equal, happy and sportive atmosphere for everybody, from beginners to competitors. The most popular sports are: volleyball, badminton, swimming and aerobics. The club supports also other sports like athletics, dancing, biking, bowling, floorball, football, skiing etc. During the years, members of Hot Helsinki have participated in every major gay sport competitions; GayGames, EuroGames and Outgames, gathering quite a few medals. From Finland appr. 30-40 people attend the games. From those who participated at the 1998 GayGames, there are still 8 people who have participated every year, and those

At other tournaments, people would like to take part more frequently, but due to high travel costs, (you cannot drive to next city to participate from Finland) it is not always possible. However, we do try to support others clubs who are away from central Europe, and usually we participate to Raballder Cup in Oslo, also this February. And we are waiting that our Swedish mates will also organise some kind of tournament. One of our goals is also to support gay sport in Estonia, but unfortunately we have not yet managed to create permanent connections there. HOT Helsinki will organise the 2nd international tournament on April 18th. After the last year’s success in badminton, we decided to also add volleyball to our tournament. Badminton has three levels, A, B, and C, while volleyball will be played in B-level. Both are for men and women. Hosted housing is available. More information about HOT Helsinki and the tournament at

News Section

News submitted by our members Out sports lesbians wanted 14 January 2009 The Spanish magazine Mundo Joven, printed and edited in Madrid, is preparing an article on LGBT athletes; mainly tennis players, basketball players, soccer players and athletes in other disciplines. They are interested to offer the cover of the magazine to a lesbian woman, and need some pictures to select for the cover. Individuals, clubs or agents please contact

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Sports Events Coming up...

Events submitted by our members

ski holiday in the French snow. We plan to arrive February 21 and stay there for a week at hotel Eclose. The days will be spent in the snow, the evenings at bars and afterski. The nights might be spent at the disco or …? If you and your club are planning for a ski holiday next year, why don’t you come and join us? Pan Idræt has arranges ski trips for many years in Italy, several places I Austria and now France. This year we expect to be at least 40 people tumbling in the snow!

Vienna Valentine ‘09 Vienna, Austria 13 Feb – 15 Feb 2009

Have a great Valentine. We welcome you to the 3rd Vienna Valentine, an international swim competition open to EVERYONE - regardless of nationality or sexual orientation. Vienna Valentine ‘09 promises an exciting weekend in a charming metropolis with new things to discover everywhere. Registration closes on January 25, 2009. Be part of it – register now.

Multisports Multisports


Out To Swim London will be hosting its annual competition on March 7, 2009. Disciplines will include: diving, swimming, synchronized swimming and waterpolo. Please check the OTS website for further details.

3rd Jocs Taronja València, Spain 27 Feb – 1 Mar 2009

Samarucs will host the third edition of Jocs Taronja from February, 27th until March, 1st, in València, including volleyball and swimming competitions. We hope you to come South again!

Wild Wild South 2009 Stuttgart, Germany 13 Mar – 15 Mar 2009 You are cordially invited to join our Wild Wild South Tournament 2009. We expect more than 400 participants form all over Europe for this multisports event. Apart from the sports competition, we will organise a big party event on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday. Have a sports and fun weekend with us in the “wild south” of Germany!


Galibi Cup Prague, Czech Republic 6 Mar – 8 Mar 2009


Pan GaySki 2009 Alpe d’Huez, France 20 Feb – 1 Mar 2009 Pan Idræt, Copenhagen, goes to Alpe d’Huez for a great


Out To Swim Competition 2009 London, United Kingdom 7 Mar – 7 Mar 2009

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation


Braunschweig, Germany 20 Mar – 22 Mar 2009

again) in competitions in the following seven disciplines: badminton, basketball, bowling, football, swimming, table tennis and volleyball. For further information just have a look at our site.


Synchronized Swimming

2009 Black Cat Tournament

Men’s Cup 3

Löwen-Cup 2009

Turin, Italy 27 Mar – 29 Mar 2009

Milan, Italy 9 Apr – 12 Apr 2009

Goud Groningen Lente Tournament Groningen, the Netherlands 27 Mar – 29 Mar 2009


Easter Tournament 2009 Amsterdam, the Netherlands 11 Apr – 12 Apr 2009 Rainbow Squash’s 11th international squash tournament will take place during Easter 2009. Two playing days. All levels welcome.


18th Easter Tournament - International Gay & Lesbian Volleyball Tournament.

European amateur Men’s Synchronized Swimming Tournament.


7th Easter Badminton Tour


HOT Helsinki Badminton & Volleyball Tournament Helsinki, Finland 17 Apr – 19 Apr 2009

Rotterdam, the Netherlands 10 Apr – 13 Apr 2009 Friday 27 welcome and registration, Saturday 28 tournament and party, Sunday 29 farewell brunch.


Duessel-Cup Duesseldorf, Germany 3 Apr – 5 Apr 2009

Ketelbinkie proudly invites you, to register for the 7th great, international Easter Badminton Tournament 2009 for all lesbian and gay people in Europe. The tournament will take place from April 10 - 13 2009. We expect, looking back to the success of 2007, again at least 150 participants and will make every effort to make this tournament successful again.

Volleyball Springtime in Duesseldorf: Welcome to our 3rd edition of the famous DuesselCup. We hope you will join us (once

Häschenturnier Hamburg, Germany 10 Apr – 13 Apr 2009

Feel the warm northern atmosphere and have a nice weekend in Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic Sea! We welcome you to participate in the 2nd HOT Helsinki Badminton & Volleyball Tournament. In badminton we have levels A, B and C in single and double. In volleyball we have one level (B). After the games on Saturday night we will party and on Sunday we continue with the brunch. We try to offer you free private accommodation. We are looking forward meeting you in Helsinki!

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EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation




IV Juegos del Cierzo

8th Brescia Volley Spring Tournament

Barbie & Ken Cup 2009

Zaragoza, Spain 17 Apr – 19 Apr 2009

Elaios will host the fourth edition of Juegos del Cierzo from April, 17th until 19th, in Zaragoza, including volleyball male and female competitions. The registration terms will be available after 19 th January,in the website. We hope you to come South again!


9th ZLG Tournament ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands 24 Apr – 26 Apr 2009 Already our 9th International ZLG Tournament theme this year “Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe” takes places from 24 – 26 April 2009 in a slightly new setting. Participants may compete in Volleyball, Badminton or Aerobics. Highlights will be the Welkom Bol on Friday, of course the sports and party on Saturday and our famous SeeYouAgain Brunch on Sunday. We provide limited hosted housing.


PRAGUE RAINBOW SPRING 2009 Prague, Czech Republic 1 May – 3 May 2009

Brescia, Italy 1 May – 3 May 2009

For the 8th time in a row, Le Iene Volley is happy to invite all italian and european volleyball players to play with us in Brescia! We’ll welcome you in a genuine atmosphere and give you the chance to stay at a wonderful residence on the Garda Lake with very low fares! 20% discount on Inscription fee for OUTREACH COUNTRIES! Levels of play will be A, B+, B- and C. Check Milano (Orio) or Verona airports for low cost flights. Soon more infos on our website! Ciao!


Berlin, Germany 8 May – 10 May 2009

International Gay Tournament, Volleyball Men C Multisports

Sports@Europride 09 Zurich, Switzerland 29 May – 1 Jun 2009

Queensday Tournament Delft, The Netherlands 1 May – 3 May 2009 The cutest tournament around; if you never been there.. come and find out. If you were... you already know:-) And for those who never experienced queensday in Holland, this is the perfect opportunity to make it a long weekend. Celebrate Queensday on the 30th of April in Amsterdam, get sober on the first of May and sweat out the calories on the 2nd of May.


Berlin 2009 Berlin, Germany 29 May – 2 Jun 2009

Berlin is back again! 3 days of competition - men/women - 5 levels - singles/doubles/

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

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01/09: January 2009

mixed doubles Only 50 EUR, Party and Brunch included. Limited to 300 participants.


1st Golf Gay Week Tournament Maspalomas, Spain 7 Jun – 14 Jun 2009


“15th Come-Together-Cup 2009” (CTC) in Cologne. “Closer is impossible” is the theme of the soccer event to promote integration of all minorities. The aim is not only to play soccer against each other, but also to find the time to talk and celebrate together. Organised by volunteers for the 15th time in 2009, the Come-TogetherCup is Germany’s biggest soccer benefit tournament. The audience generally fights for seats to watch the celebrity game, in which many famous names from the world of culture, politics and the general media can’t wait to somehow get the little round thing into the big square thing. So grab your whistles and get cheering!

15th Come-Together-Cup Cologne, Germany 11 Jun – 11 Jun 2009


SummerSportFestival Munich, Germany 11 Jun – 14 Jun 2009 Once again, sports and fun in Munich. 2009 there will be again a Sommer Sport Festival in Munich. We are very happy to invite you all to come to Munich to its 5th edition. You can compete in 10 different sport from the 11th – 14th of June 2009.


Badminton Tournament 2009 Nuremberg, Germany 20 Jun – 20 Jun 2009 Badminton Tournament competition singles / doubles levels c / b- / b+. Registration already online. Fotos: Page 1&2: Homosport Netherland Page 4: Hot Helsinki Others: Public, non-copyrighted

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EGLSF Newsletter 01-09: January 2009  

EGLSF Newsletter: News & Information from European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation