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==== ==== Discover no-nonsense effective ways to enhance your happiness, love and romance life via Feng Shui techniques: ==== ====

Years ago I became interested in and began reading about Feng Shui. I became a believer as I read and tested some of these ideas. I've found that it has improved all areas of my life, especially romance. The idea that by moving objects around in my home could bring friendship and even love into my life intrigued me. We each have different ideas of what is romantic. You decide what is romantic to you and do that. When I was single, my dining room was the relationship area. I hung a large picture of a knight in armor leaning from his horse to embrace a lovely young woman. I painted my bedroom a lovely soft peach and placed a peach hurricane lamp on my bedside table. I called it my Love Lamp and put a heart shaped rose quartz next to the lamp. One day when still dating my now-husband, I was feeling a bit insecure when he hadn't called. I turned on my Love Lamp and the phone rang. "This is really woo-woo" I thought. Woo-woo or not, I tried this several times and it always worked. It's another way of setting your intention and then allowing it to happen. Our relationship area is in the kitchen. What can you do to make the kitchen a romantic spot? My husband and I found a poster of a couple dancing the Flamenco which we have had framed and hung it in the kitchen. Colors for the Love and Relationship area are red and pink, burgundy, or red-orange. We also hung a red metal Chinese love symbol on one wall that we found on a particularly delightful excursion to Cambria, California. In your relationship area do everything in twos, two roses, two people in pictures, etc.  If you want a new romance, use only paintings or photos of two happy people in your relationship area. Do not hang a painting of a lone person no matter how beautiful it is. The bedroom is not a place for family photos- only photos of the two of you taken in happy circumstances. My husband and I have been and continue to be blessed in our relationship. I believe that is because we honor each other's space. Our own bedroom is painted in a warm soft terra cotta. A Himalayan salt lamp lends a soft warm glow to the room. A soft scarf over the chest of drawers and silk and velvet pillows on the bed give a luxurious feel to the room. Our room feels warm, comfortable, restful and inviting to us. That's the way yours should feel to you. We express our personalities in our homes. You are the one who is living there. Make it feel good to you. Make it beautiful warm and inviting to you. Have fun with Feng Shui and see how it can transform your life.

Gail Manishor is the author of From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life, Gail's mission is to help people come to the realization of the Truth of who they really are and guide them through her counseling and writing to a place of peace and serenity. Visit Gail's website at:

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==== ==== Discover no-nonsense effective ways to enhance your happiness, love and romance life via Feng Shui techniques: ==== ====

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