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Candidature for

Liaison Officer for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, incl. HIV & AIDS Eglė Janušonytė Term 2019/2020

Motivation Letter

Dear IFMSA members, Dear NMOs, My name is Eglė Janušonytė, a Lithuanian medical student just finished with the 4thyear of medical school.   My SCORA journey begins almost four years ago in a room full of medical students, anxious and wondering if the decision to attend a sexuality education training in early morning was really a good idea. I  doremember so many LiMSA members who already had so much knowledge about SRHR, however, this was not the case for me – I had actively discussed, disagreed, exchanged various opinions, eventually, Ifound myself surprisingly embracing the change of heart, the development of new perspectives! Step by step I got more and more involved in my local committee projects, consequently holding the positions of LORA, NORA, SCORA RA for Europe, experiencing the committee in truly distinctive, but equally rewarding ways. I am more than sure it is because of SCORA that I have become the person I am today – an empowered woman, not afraid to voice her opinion and be heard, always dreaming big, always ready to give all of her heart for the cause she believes in. And here I am – by the moment I am writing this letter it has already been 4 months since you entrusted me with the position of LRA – the focal point of external representation of our Federation. Well, let me tell you – what a ride this time has been! These 4 months have been an immense experience, challenging me to apply the best of the skills I gathered in IFMSA years full of countless projects, journeys and friendships that have been generously given me by the Federation. Moreover, I have felt immense support from VPE, LOs and SCORA IT, which helped me to jump into the position immediately and use the best of my abilities to deliver my tasks.

Since my election in the March Meeting, I have successfully reestablished all of the SCORA external relations and followed up with all work areas that needed immediate attention. Now, I would like to step up SCORA’s external representation to the next level. I am brimming with excitement and happiness to share with you my candidature for the position of Liaison Officer for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Issues, incl. HIV AND AIDS for term 2019/20. As medical students, we must make significant changes in advocating for breaking down the barriers of sexual and reproductive health and rights that are currently under attack in many countries of the world. We cannot talk about health without reproductive health, and this is no place to be modest in our demands not only to stakeholders but also in ourselves. We must ensure  SRHR global priority is fulfilled to its maximum potential, and now, that I am able to receive the chance to carry out a full term with my own vision as LRA, I am asking for your trust once again. I firmly believe I have the skills, experience and competencies necessary to take on the tasksof this position and fulfill their full potential,  and if some of them had areas for improvement, I can reassure you that 4 months of intense work in the world of external representation has given me all the capacities needed. If selected, I would dedicate all my time and efforts to help IFMSA remain a strong and become even more important stakeholder in SRHR, whose stances are evidence based and supported by its members, whose partnerships are maintained strong and mutually beneficial. I promise to do all I can to bring the external work for the benefit of the internal growth, to help members discover  and actively take all  the opportunities to represent IFMSA, work on policy development and implementation. I would ensure that  our regions are strongly skilled and confident in the external representation and that our delegations to the SRHR meetings are well prepared and the experience is as fruitful for the delegates as it will be to IFMSA and our internal work. I am very committed to the work I take  on, and would like to assure you of my reliability, perseverance, respect of deadlines and huge passion for SRHR, which I hope you have noticed during this short term as LRA. I have always been and am a team player, ready to discuss the ideas and adapt quickly. Let me reassure you that  I am always up for a new and greater challenge, and together with elected SCORA D, LOs as well as SCORA IT I am convinced that we will make IFMSA thrive.    I promise you, dear IFMSA members, to bring my limitless passion, all my efforts, all my sincere dedication in action and fulfill my mandate. Let us redefine our capabilities and recognize our power to successful advocate for SRHR initiatives on every level!   I sincerely thank you for taking your time to  read my candidature  and for your consideration. Should you have any questions, I am always only a letter away (please contact me through my personal email and will gladly answer any inquiries you might have.   Yours truly, Eglė Janušonytė

Plan of Action My proposed plan of action is based on my vision to further advance IFMSA as the key youth







however, it is open to adjustments to go in line with the common vision of the SRHR with SCORA D and the input of IFMSA members.

Global Priorities All the actions outlined in this plan will keep in line with both external and internal goals of the proposed






Reproductive Health and Rights, fulfilling the external indicators and staying in line and aiding the development and achievement of the internal ones.

Term full of global milestones for SRHR Coincidentally, the upcoming term is full of many important anniversaries regarding the global advancement of sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as women’s rights, therefore, we must maintain our advocacy efforts and Federation’s visibility stronger than ever:

Plan of Action ICPD+25 This year marks the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development which will focus on the lessons learnt through the last quarter of century and how to apply them to accelerate the universal progress of SRHR. IFMSA’s presence and pro-active participation is crucial to ensure our position as a lead youth stakeholder of SRHR: - Actively participate and contribute to the UNFPA’s technical working group “SRHR in UHC” where IFMSA applied and was selected as a member this May; - Continue the joint preparation of PMNCH/WHO article supplement of the adolescents SRR dedicated; - Prepare policy briefs and floor interventions to actively advocate on the issues of Universal Healthcare Coverage and Meaningful Youth Participation; - Explore the opportunities to organize joint side-event with our partners.

Beijing +25 Just as ICPD+25, the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women shall mark advancement of global actions towards women’s right including SRHR, thus being equally important to the Federation as ICPD+25: - Active participation in the Beijing+25 Youth Task Force of UN Women; -   Contribute to the network of the young supporters for youth engagement in gender equality on global level; -  Develop new partnerships in the field of gender equity.

AIDS 2020 In July 2020, the 23rd International AIDS Conference will take place in San Francisco, USA, with the theme of “Resilience”. It is a brilliant opportunity to renew collaborations and build on new partnerships opportunities: -      IFMSA strong representation in the Youth Task Force; -      Presence in the panels and capacity building spaces of the conference; -      Development of statements, floor interventions and policy briefs.

64th UN Commission on the Status of Women and 53rd UN Commission on the Development and Population These external meetings are the key moments of external representation for IFMSA during the term, therefore, our delegations must be visible and actively contribute to the outcomes of these meetings. In the light of the 25th anniversaries, these events will be heavily focused on the reviews and follow-ups, therefore, it is essential to ensure: - Linking the IFMSA’s advocacy efforts in the ICPD+25 and Beijing+25 to both of the meetings and exploring the possibility of a joint side event with our external partners; - Capacity building through at least 2 webinars/online meetings covering advocacy basics as well as exploration of the themes of these meetings; discussing and setting clear expectations and goals for each delegate - Effective preparation of the side event and floor interventions delivered by both LRA and the delegates; coordinating the preparation of the advocacy materials and policy briefs. - Social media promotion and presence, coordinating the PR team of the event, providing informative report that would be shared with IFMSA members -   Follow up and evaluation of the events.

Plan of Action Maintaining strong partnerships Partnership for Maternal, Child and Newborn Health - As LRA, I was nominated and started working as PMNCH Board Alternate for the Health










meetings and discussion highlighting meaningful youth engagement and universal healthcare coverage; - Explore collaboration and funding possibilities for the Pre-WHA and WHA including side-event and shared interventions; - Explore the country level grant possibilities for the NMOs and renewal of the mentorships program. Ipas -  Identify solutions to increase the accountability of our partnership; - Suggest organizing side events in the term’s key external meetings and explore possibilities for common statements and policy briefs; -   Continue the development of 1-day access to safe abortion workshop; - Review our commitments to accelerate access to safe abortion and set concrete objectives for their achievement during next term.   UNAIDS - Seek endorsement of the to-be-developed HEAT manual and continue the discussion of the training funding opportunities; -  Apply for the leadership position of IFMSA in the PACT; -  Develop the shadow reports on the response to HIV and AIDS; - Explore collaboration possibilities for AIDS 2020 and World Health Assembly. Sexual and Gender Identity This term, the first efforts to advance IFMSA’s work have been done, however, much remains to be worked on: - Establishing a strong partnership with The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association  – a key player in the field, and attending their World Conference; - Reviewing possible regional collaborations such as IGLYO (first contact established); - Promoting the new policy of “Health of LGBTQIA+ individuals” amongst youth organizations. Family planning   Family planning and access to contraception is an area crucial to SRHR, however, it has not been previously worked on in IFMSA. In response to this and seeing its necessity to actively advocate in ICPD+25 and CPD, I have initiated and finalized the development of the new Family Planning and Access to Contraception policy to be approved in AM. To take our efforts further, I would aim to: - Sign MoUs to establish official partnerships with International Planned Parenthood Federation and Family Planning 2020 (the contact has already been established); -   Actively advocate for Family Planning in the external meetings by preparing policy briefs and using the newly developed policy; - Review collaboration opportunities on the topic with World Health Organization Department of Reproductive Health Research.

Plan of Action Gender Equity I will aim to explore the possible collaboration opportunities to strengthen our role in the global gender equity efforts both in line and outside of the frame of SRHR: -

Have a strong presence in the Youth Engagement Working Group of Women Deliver

and reapply as a member for the next year; - Continue collaboration with Women in Global Health; -   Keep an eye of new partnership opportunities during external meetings; -  Thoroughly evaluate the possibility of the establishment of new Global Priorities focus area of Gender Equity with the elected SCORA D.

Staying in line with internal work and being a team player Regional work During this term, several organizations have reached out to discuss the possibilities of regional collaborations and grants. Therefore, I will assure that: - Contact is established with all regional offices of UNFPA and UNAIDS; partnership opportunities with International AIDS society are explored; -   Evaluation of possible external collaboration opportunities with RAs and RDs and follow up; - Ensuring all the members of IFMSA are aware of external opportunities including participation in delegations; -   Keep the regional representation crucial in regards of selection of delegates and SWG members; -   Actively asking for members input and implementing it into all LRA’s work areas, ensuring the transparency of the attended meetings and work; -   Being always approachable and rapidly requiring to all the inquiries made by IFMSA members. Policy documents   Policy documents are the cornerstone of IFMSA’s strong advocacy action, therefore, I would aim to: - Build capacities of both SCORA IT and IFMSA members by strongly involving them into the drafting process; - Ensure the development of relevant policy briefs for each SRHR external meeting; - Actively explore applications and assist NMOs with the implementation of the policies.

Plan of Action Staying in line with internal work and being a team player Teamwork All of the actions mentioned in this plan are not possible without the involvement of many IFMSA structures, therefore, I aim to: - Always provide valuable input for TO discussions and be present in all TOMs; be active in the common work of VPE and Los and provide any support necessary. - Develop the annual working plan in line with SCORA D and adjust my working plan to our common vision. -   Take pro-active role in the SCORA IT and provide continuous support to the International Assistants.   Availability   Next year I will again participate in the Erasmus program with flexible exam schedule, moreover, this year I have taken additional exams to cover the 5thyears course, therefore, I assure you of my availability to both attend the external and internal meetings as well as presence in all of the teams.

Curriculum Vitae

Eglė Janušonytė 1996 December 14th

International capacity building events:

Relevant meetings attended:

*PreAM ’19 IFMSA Global Health Advocates

*GA MM'19, Slovenia


SCORA Sessions Team – SCORA RA for Europe

Trainer – to be facilitated

*GA AM'18, Canada

*PreAPRM’19 Ipas Women’s Reproductive

SCORA Sessions Team – Support Person

Health Workshop

*GA MM'18, Egypt


SCORA Sessions Team

*PreMM ’19 IFMSA Global Health Advocates

*GA AM'17, Tanzania


SCORA Sessions – Participant


*EuRegMe’19, Russia

*PreWorld Health Assembly Workshop ‘19

SCORA Sessions Team – LRA

Assisting the OC with facilitation of several

Coordination of the theme event

sessions and organizing the advocacy working

*APRM’19, Hong Kong

group sessions

SCORA Sessions Team – LRA

*Pre-Annual Sexual and Reproductive Health

Coordination of the side event

and Rights conference ‘18

*Team of Officials Meeting 4, Lebanon



*NORA Weekend 2018, Romania

*European regional team meeting 2018, Germany

Head of Agenda team, facilitator

SCORA RA for Europe

*SRT Lithuania 2017 IPET Participant

All LiMSA Lithuania NGAs from April 2016 ANEMF NGA WER 2018, France

Curriculum Vitae Positions held: *Liaison Officer for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Issues including HIV and AIDS – March 2019 - now *SCORA Regional Assistant for Europe, October 2018 – March 2019 *National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS September 2017 – August 2018 (LiMSA Lithuania) *Local Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS September 2016 – August 2017 (LiMSA Lithuania) External Representation *Women Deliver 2019 – Vancouver, Canada, June 2019 -  IFMSA representative for the Youth Engagement Working Group *PreWHA and 72nd World Health Assembly - Geneva, Switzerland -    Lead the SRHR in UHC advocacy working group as LRA *63rdsession of UN Commission on the Status of Women as co-head -    Co-head of delegation -    Speaker in IFMSA’s and Ipas joint side-event *WHO 68thEuropean Regional Sessionas IFMSA delegate in Rome, Italy, September 2018 *Annual Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights conference EuroNGOs Ghent, Belgium, November 2018 *Ministry of Health of Lithuania– medical students representative regarding contraceptives reimbursement *Parliament of Lithuania– panel speaker in conference “Contraceptives reimbursement should be available for everyone”. International level policy related experience *Overview and coordination of policy SWGs as LRA: - HIV and AIDS response - Health of LGBTQIA+ Individuals - Family planning and access to contraception *Developed policy briefs for SRHR in UHC for high level meeting and Access to Safe Abortion for the EuroNGOs conference -    Developed and delivered the statements in WHA72 and WHO RC68 -    Group of contributors for the final revision of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Policy adopted iin MM’19 -    Actively contributed to the written IFMSA statements of UN CPD and CSW 2019

Relevant SWGs and OC:


*Code of Conduct Committee Reform SWG Coordinating

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


-      Sept 2019 – June 2020 (a year abroad with Erasmus+)

*International SRHR Day – coordinating IT member

Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

*International Women’s Day SWG

-      Sept 2018 – June 2019 (a year abroad with Erasmus+)

*Maternal Mental Health SWG

Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Lithuania - Medicine

*E-International Peer Education Training SWG

-      Sept 2015 - continuous

*SRT Lithuania 2018 OC

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LRA candidature for term 2019/2020 Egle Janusonyte  

LRA candidature for term 2019/2020 Egle Janusonyte  

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